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Longtang Shanghai

You can never imagine such a way of living once you set foot in Shanghai, the No.1 metropolis in China. Longtang impresses you with its slummy shabby crowdy looks, which is in sharp contrast of the prosperous luxurious high streets like Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road that make Shanghai Paris of the East.

Longtang Shanghai Longtang Shanghai
Typical appearance of Longtang A small market at the entrance of a Longtang

Houses in a Longtang are usually rather small yet they hold a surprisingly large number of dwellers. All the life details of the locals take place in Longtang. They are not a bit deluxe, high-starred or elegant, nonetheless, they form a most sincere and vivid folk painting that touches your soul. It's fun to see these people spend their life in these Longtangs and look so happy and satisfied. Unlike the commercial bustle and rustle in new town of Shanghai, the Longtang life shows old-fashioned liveliness, hospitality and mutual assistance which may fade away as the rapid expansion of state-of-the-art buildings in the city.

Longtang Shanghai Longtang Shanghai
Spending low-speed life in Longtang Grow up and old in Longtang

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