Xintiandi is a car-free shopping, dining and entertainment area of Shanghai. The look and feel of the place resembles a bit of Covent Garden in London, minus the eccentric street performers. This is the place where lots of expats and even local executives hang out. First time goers will definitely be awed with its welcoming atmosphere with fountains and all. It features an area of restored traditional shikumen ("stone gate") houses on narrow alleys, purely old Shanghai style and very nice to see. There is a modern shopping mall with a posh cinema, too. Nightlife flourishes there, though romantic settings are more common than loud music and dance places. Xintiandi is a must-visit 'hang out' place in Shanghai. Also suitable for honeymoon vacations.

Xintiandi Shanghai Xintiandi Shanghai
An open-air bar of Xintiandi at night The featured Shikumen building at Xintiandi
Xintiandi Shanghai Xintiandi Shanghai
Open-air coffee shop at Xintiandi Dining at Xintiandi

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