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Gyantse Dzong

Like most Tibetan towns, Gyantse radiates old-world charm when its whitewashed buildings are viewed from on high. So the stiff 20-minute climb to the top of the Gyantse Dzong is worth the effort for the great lookouts. In addition to Gyantse, clear views are afforded of the entire fertile Nyang-chu Valley and down into the compound of the Pelkor Chode Monastery.

Gyantse Dzong Gyantse Dzong
Gyantse Dzong is built on the hill Radiating old-world charm under sunshine

Many of the 14th-century fort's buildings and rooms are open for exploration, and a few have interesting murals and friezes, though most are bare. There's a kitschy attempt to re-create the old tax office behind the ticket booth, and a little further on to the left you'll find a dungeon, chapel and torture room with dioramas that leave nothing to the imagination. Bring a torch to explore the spooky lower chambers beneath the chapel.

Entry to the Dzong is via a gate, just north of the main roundabout. Land Cruiser can drive up about half way to the top.

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