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Qing-Tibet Railway

This is the first railway connecting the Tibet Autonomous Region with the rest of China. The launching of this altiplano railway on July 1st, 2006 has captured the world's attention. Many tourists also have caught the fever and enjoyed a rail adventure for the ages. The Qing-Tibet railway is certainly something to rave about - from being the world's highest and longest plateau railroad to being an engineering marvel with technological breakthroughs in railway construction; almost half of the total track was built on permafrost (frozen soil).

The scenery you can take in along the ride through the Tibetan plateau is simply breathtaking - snow capped mountains, miles and miles of vast wilderness, yaks and antelopes roaming the grasslands, highlands with nothing except permafrost,and beautiful lakes. The railroad is probably the quickest and most efficient way to take in Tibet in all of its natural beauty.


Qing-Tibet Railway Qingzang Railway
Qing-Zang Raiway traversed large area where has no people live in. Lhasa River Railway Bridge is located outskirt of Lhasa city and near to the Lhasa Railway Station.

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