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Tiger Leaping Gorge Attractions

Lying on the way to Shangri-La from Lijiang Old Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge is the longest, deepest, and narrowest gorge in the world. The whole scape is divided into three sections with curving road of 25 km (15.6 miles); they are the Upper section, the Middle Section and the Lower section with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to its east and Haba Snow Mountain to the west.

Top Tiger Leaping Gorge Attractions

Haba Snow Mountain
--One of the best preserved    nature reserves in    Shangri-la
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
--Includes one of the    southern most glaciers in    the world
28 Bends on Haba Snow Mountain
--A difficulty on the hiking    way of the gorge
Mantianxing and One Line Sky
--The most special    attractions in the Middle    Section of Tiger Leaping    Gorge
Walnut Grove
--A small village between    the Upper Section and    the Middle Section of    Tiger Leaping Gorge
Upper Section of Tiger Leaping Gorge
--The narrowest section
Lower Section of Tiger Leaping Gorge
--The best place for    enjoying the sight of the    whole gorge
Yak Meadow
--Beautiful landscape and    yak
--See the glaciers
Spruce Meadow
--Dating place for young    lovers
Lijiang Old Town
--UNESCO World Heritage
--Must see attraction in    Lijiang
White Water Terrace
--Natural Wonder
--One of the biggest such    terraces in China

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