Woody Guest House

Located at the cross road of the Middle Section of Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Lower Section of Tiger Leaping Gorge, Woody Guest House faces the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and backs on the Haba Snow Mountain with the Tiger Leaping Gorge at its foot. The cliff of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain facing to the hostel has some natural flower grains on, just like the Painted faces in traditional Beijing Opera, hence its name Woody Guest House.

Woody Guest house
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    After the sunset, sitting on a wooden seat, drinking a cup of tea and enjoying the Snow Mountains at the sight seeing platform. The sound of the river in the gorge will accompany you to your dream.

    Woody Guest house Woody Guest house
    Trees and flowers are planted in the hostel facing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

    The main facilities are standard rooms and ordinary rooms with more than 50 beds; a sight seeing restaurant which can hold 60 people; 3 opening platforms and all-day hot water. 2 small passenger cars are offered by the hostel.
    The host of Woody Guest House, Woody and his wife Jenny are locals of Walnut Garden. They are modesty and hospitable. Lots of villagers drop around to Woody Guest House every night.
    On the second day of your trip, you can choose to live in Tina's or Woody Guest house. The view of Woody Guest House is better than Tina's but food in Tina's is better served.

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