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  • Thanks for arranging our wonderful 28 day holiday to China in September. The blend of your arrangements and the few customised stops that we added with extra days, worked very well for us. All the agents did a good job and we thank them all.
    -- From Mr. Jones, Oct. 9, 2013
  • Indeed we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to China and came back with very fond and delightful memories of the trip. We were very impressed with the quality of service provided by China Tour Guide. With military precision your English speaking Tour Guides and private car drivers were aavailable at each and every airport and cruise embark and disembark points, holding our names in their hands. They helped us at the airports by getting us boarding cards and at tourist sites by organising tickets etc.
    -- From Ms. Kirpalani, Sept. 14, 2013
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Yunnan Maps

Yunnan In China Yunnan ( literally means "South of the Clouds" ) is a province in most southwestern China, sharing a border of 4,060 km(2,523 mi) with Burma in the west, Laos in the south, and Vietnam in the southeast as well as the Chinese provinces and regions of Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan and Tibet. From snow-capped mountains to true tropical environments, the average altitude of Yunnan is 1,980 m(6,496 ft). The mountains are highest in the Northwest where they reach more than 5,000 m (16,404 ft). The highest point in the Northwest is the Kawagebo Peak(main peak of the Meili Snow Mountain) in Deqin County, which is about 6,740 m(22,113 ft) high; and the lowest is in the Honghe River Valley in Hekou County, with an elevation of 76.4 m(251 ft). Due to the wide different on geography in such a short distance about 850 km (528 mi) from east to west, a wide range of flora and fauna can be found in this area, therefore the province has been called a natural zoological and botanical garden.

Yunnan Province Map

Yunnan Tourist Map

Yunnan Travel Map

Yunnan Travel Map

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