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Shangri-La Dining

The scenic area provides a peaceful backdrop for tasting various local food and drinks. Tibetan Cake, Zanba, Pipa Meat, Saimi Lamb, Guoben Hot Pot, butter tea, yogurt, and barley wine are amongst the most popular. Zanba is the Tibetans ' staple food, made from highland barley flour. Usually, the locals like to eat Zanba with butter tea. Pipa Meat, a non-greasy preserved form of pork, is considered to be a local delicacy and normally kept for entertaining guests.

Featured Cuisine
Barley Wine
Sometimes called "Tibetan Beer," Barley Wine is a favorite of Tibetans and a necessary part of festivals, marriage feasts, and other important occasions. It is similar to yellow rice wine, which appears light yellow and tastes sweet, with a slightly sour zing to it. The Tibetans toast barley wine to show their respect for honored guests. Many of these toasts are quite elaborate and feature singing as well as a plethora of blessings and good wishes. The person who is being toasted drains their cup when the song is finished.

Zanba is nutritious and easy to carry about. It is the most convenient food for Tibetans living on the plateau. When they go on a long journey, they bring a bowl, Zanba, butter, and dry milk powder. No matter where they go, they can use water to make a fragrant meal of Zanba without lighting a fire to cook. To eat it, pour a little buttered tea (or water) into a bowl, add some butter, milk powder, and white sugar. Then put the Zanba flour into the bowl and mix it all together. Slowly, small balls will form perfect for a bite size snack.

Buttered Tea Buttered Tea
Butter tea is a traditional Tibetan drink. It is an everyday drink, but is also used for entertaining guests. Butter tea is very nutritious and suited to the cold, high-altitude region. It keeps the body warm and the blood circulating, while quenching thirst and overcoming fatigue. It 's the Tibetan 's all-in-one energy drink. To make it, put a suitable amount of butter and salt(if you are using milk, egg and walnuts may be better) into strong tea and then pour it into a specially made round wooden pail .A special stick is used to beat the tea and help the butter dissolve fully. Finally, it is slowly heated to a boil and poured out hot.

Pickled Vegetables
When visiting a Tibetan home, the host will likely entertain you with soup made from pickled vegetables. Pickled vegetables can regulate appetite, protect against the cold, help the whole body system, and, best of all, taste good!

Milk Product
Tibetans have a lot of dairy farms that are famous for their nutritious milk. From spring to winter, the pails of herdsmen are full of fresh milk. People use this to make a number of dairy products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt.


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