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Guilin Tours | Guilin Travel

Guilin, one of the most celebrated tourist cities in China, never fails to convince people that it is blessed with all the merits to top the list of must-visit cities for every traveler around.

The whole city Guilin is an immense exhibition of unbelievable work of nature. Through millions of years of mighty karstification, the main attractions on which we can fully feast our eyes have been created to light up the world: Reed Flute Cave, the vibrant carnival of all the colors possible with the curtain of mysterious limestone cave; Elephant Trunk Hill, whose funky shape goes beyond the max of your imagination; Seven Star Cave, which gives a strong statement of the force of nature along with Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River, along which you seem to wander around a breathtaking gallery where pictures of towering mountains, magical caves and crystal-clear streams are all rolled.

Sophisticated landscape of Guilin opens travelers to varied options of activities. Thousands of limestone mountains show rock climbing fans great experience of climbing. Countless colorful Karst caves inspire photographers and painters to work for their next masterpieces. Picturesque Li River cruise breathes new hope to every frustrated soul. Unpolluted Yangshuo countryside furthermore makes cycling the highest entertainment.

Surprisingly Guilin today still keeps the happy original local lifestyle unstirred. There you can never find bustle and rustle of metropolis or monotonous skyscrapters, instead, you will have lovely Longsheng in your vision and feel excited about the custom of exotic minority villages, West Street where Oriental culture blends into Western tone. That's why Guilin is recommended to all the travelers for millions of times. So why not come to Guilin and treat yourself a vast visual feast?

Top Guilin Attractions

  • Li River: The centerpiece of any trip to Guilin. Appearing like an artist's masterpiece with the eye-feasting landscape and country scenery, a cruise on Li River will never disappoint you.
  • Elephant Trunk Hill: Shaped like a huge elephant dipping its trunk into the Li River to quench its thirst, the hill is a classic of karst landscape and regarded as the symbol of Guilin.
  • Reed Flute Cave: A marvelous vision that our great Mother Nature creats and the most visited cave in the world. A large variety of natural rock formations are sure to challenge your imagination.
  • Impression Liu Sanjie: an outdoor performance set in real mountains and rivers in Yangshuo County, combining an awesome natural stage with excellence in theatrical production.

Guilin Local Tours & Extension Tours

This is the most care-free package for Impression Liu Sanjie Show seeing. Breath-taking light show themed on the local fairy Liu Sanjie, together with considerate guide and round-trip driver, is promised to you.  
The brief 1-day tour gives you two essential attractions, Li River Day Cruise and Impression Liu Sanjie Night Show. Both feast your eyes greatly and fill your memory with beautiful landscape, legend, art and folklore around Guilin and Yangshuo.  
Brief yet classic, the tour uncovers the Ancient Zhuang Minority Villages and the magnificent Ping'an Rice Terraces for you. You'll tour as if you were in a wonderland where everything ,from minority culture to the grand rice terraces, is so amazing.   
The 2-day hiking tour pulls you to incredible scenery of rice terraces in the classic Ping'an Rice Terraces and less-known-yet-more-beautiful Jinkeng Rice Terraces. What's more, the tour gets you closer to Zhuang and Yao Minority Villages that scatter within the vast rice terraces. Their interesting custom and unstirred lifestyle will enlighten you.   
The 3-day Guilin tour collects all what it takes to make the picturesque Guilin for you. Towering karst mountains, limpid rivers, eccentric caves and awesome stones, which compose four wonders of Guilin, show their charm to the utmost in front of you.   
Every inch of Yangshuo gives off ray of romance. It's most pleasant to cycle with your sweetheart along even country roads, feasting on unstirred idyllic life, or raft arm in arm along jade-green Yulong River. Plan to please him/her with a peculiar souvenir? Stroll to West Street, send him/her an adorable handicraft and strengthen your love!   
The vast scroll of Guilin panorama is not merely about lovely Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River and Reed Flute Cave. When it stretches into Yangshuo county, there are more gorgeous attractions waiting for you. Seated on the bamboo raft on Yulong River, you'll find it as thrilling as Li River cruise. Feasting on stunning view inside Silver Cave, you just can't help marveling at such an ultimate version of eccentric caves around Guilin.   
Guilin is not all about natural attractions. The tour is meant to open the pages of Guilin travel and show you ethnic custom and less-known lifestyle of the locals and featured handicrafts. With such an extensive tour, your understanding of Guilin will be complete and your love for Guilin will be much stronger!   
The tour arranges all the entertainment you can come up with in the water city Guilin. You'll have full fun cruising down Li River, rafting along Yulong River, boating around Two Rivers and Four Lakes Area downtown and appreciating traditional cormorant fishing. What's more, the tour pulls you closer to history of Guilin via visiting its ancient city gate and town.   
Compared with world-famous classic Guilin attractions like Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Li River, Longsheng scenic area seems quite understated. However, it is Longsheng that surprises the world with gorgeous rice terraces and vibrant ethnic custom like long-hair Yao women. This tour will give you a brand-new Longsheng wonderland besides attractions in downtown Guilin.   
Hiking and cycling can't be more terrific other than in Yangshuo! The breathtaking landscape of Yangshuo will be fully displayed when you hike across Li River and raft around Yulong River. To discover more of idyllic life in Yangshuo, cycling on country roads is the best choice. Hiking, cycling, rafting and sightseeing are all rolled into such a cool tour.   
Get your energy & enthusiasm ready for a journey to Guilin, a city whose mountains, caves and waters have their own stories. Combine hiking & cycling activities into your sightseeing. Also come face to face with giant pandas & learn to cook Chinese dishes!   
Within 6 days classic attractions of Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng are all presented right before you! Apart from much celebrated spots like Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Li River and Yangshuo West Street, the tour adds flesh pages to your memory of Guilin landscape and custom. Assorted forms will be applied to give you more profiles of those wonders.   
You can say hi to Guilin landscape via Li River Cruise, the most regular way. However, can you just cycle all the way around Guilin and hold its natural attractions in your arms? The tour is right here to offer you such a gorgeous opportunity. Besides, you'll learn more about Guilin by cooking local dishes and visiting local minority villages.   

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