Halfway Hostel

Located on the only way of Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking, Halfway is a hostel on Haba Snow Mountain at the height of 3500-3600 meters (2.17-2.24miles). It has more than 50 beds, 8 Twin Rooms but more Tripe Rooms and Quad Rooms.

Only public but clean toilet is provided by the hostel. Solar energy is used for the hot water. The hostess is from Swiss and the host is a local. Hikers from different countries get together in the hostel which makes it like a small U.N. No matter what country they are from, they all have the same interests.

Halfway Hostel Halfway Hostel
Halfway is a hostel on Haba Snow Mountain The gate of the hostel

One of the biggest attractions of Halfway is that you may come across the friend of your whole life here. In order to satisfy the increasing tourists in Halfway, the host built an apartment of modern style. However, the tourists prefer the local style wooden floor lived by the host family instead of the apartment. Finally the host emptied the wooden floor out for the tourists and moved to the apartment. The toilet of Halfway is regarded as the place with the best sight in the world. It has a name of"the top 1 toilet in the world". The outside wall of the toilet is only half-person tall, so you can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is just in front of you when you are in toilet. It seems that you can touch the mountain once opening the window. Another nice place in Halfway is the flat roof with wooden seats. Backing on the stone-formed wall and sitting on the wooden seats, drinking beer with friends, tasting the authentic western-style food provided by the hotel while enjoying the opposite snow mountain, you will find the life is enjoyable in the hotel.

  • Map of Halfway Hostel
  • Halfway Hostel
    Map of Halfway Hostel (Click to view larger photo) The restaurant of Halfway

    The international wall in Halfway is also a nice place for photo. There is a tradition in Halfway that every customer who lives here should leave his /her country's national flag here. Up until now, Halfway now has a huge wall of different countries' flags which memorize the footprints of tourists from different countries. It takes about 3 hours to walk to Tina's.

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