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Guizhou Attractions

More than 15 minority groups settled in Guizhou and most of the amazing scenic areas are located in these settled minority areas. In addition to enjoying the scenery, visitors can discover the rich and varied folk cultures of the different minorities. The strong but simple and unsophisticated customs, architectures with unique style, exotic and colorful costumes, and numerous festivals throughout the year, will make tourists feel everything is new and fresh. Hereby we offer the attraction details in the following intended to help the tourists to arrange their trip. We can also customize the tour with any extension destination you desire.

Top Attractions in Guiyang

Guiyang Jiaxiu Tower
Jiaxiu Tower
-- Landmark of Guiyang    city
-- Also called the First    Scholar's Tower
Guiyang Qianling Park
Qianling Park
-- Situated on Qianling
-- Homes Hongfu Temple    (largest temple of Zen    Buddhism in Guizhou)

Top Attractions in Kaili (Qiandongnan)

Kaili Museum
Kaili Folk Museum
-- Distinctive Museums of    China
-- An insight into the    heritage of Miao & Dong
Jidao Miao Village Women
Jidao Miao Village
-- Long Skirt Miao
-- Has Upper village and
    Lower village
-- With hospitable Miao
Qingman Miao Village
Qingman Miao Village
-- Short Skirt Miao
-- Built up to the mountain
-- 14 miles to the    southwest of Kaili City

Top Attractions in Leishan County (Qiandongnan)

Xijiang Miao village
Xijiang Miao Village
-- One thousand    Household Miao village
-- A living fossil for Miao's    history and culture
Langde Shang Miao people dancing
Langde Shang Miao Village
-- Known as Miao's Ethnic    Village Museum
-- One of most picturesque    Miao village in Guizhou
Datang Mini-skirt Miao Group
Datang Mini-skirt Miao Group
-- Famous for its distinctive    short skirt
-- Ethnic dancing    entertainment
Paika village
Paika Village
-- Home of Lusheng    makers
-- Observing traditional    Lusheng making
Shiqiao Village Paper making
Shiqiao Village
-- Learning the traditional    way of paper-making


Top Attractions in Rongjiang County (Qiandongnan)

Gaoyao Rice Terrace Guizhou
Verdant Rice Terraces of Gaoyao
-- One of the most beautiful     rice terraces in Guizhou
-- Lies near Gaoyao Miao     village
Chejiang Dong Village Girls
Chejiang Dong Village
-- 5 km east of Rongjiang
-- Has a group of big aged     Chinese Banyan trees

Top Attractions in Congjiang County (Qiandongnan)

Biasha Miao village
Biasha Miao Village
-- China 's last tribe of    gunmen
-- A primitive slash and    burn lifestyle
Tangan Dong Village
Tang'an Dong Ethnic Eco-museum
-- Founded by China and    Norway
-- China's first ecological    museum
Drum Tower of Dong Minority
Drum Tower of Dong Minority
-- Symbol of the Dong    minority
-- Societal center of Dong    village

Top Attractions in Liping County (Qiandongnan)

Chengyang Wind & Rain bridge
Chengyang Wind & Rain bridge
-- Most famous of its kind
-- Artistic treasure of
   Chinese wood    architecture
Zhaoxing Dong village
Zhaoxing Dong village
-- Largest Dong village in    China
-- Cradle of Dong festivals    and dances

Top Attractions in Anshun

Huangguoshu Waterfall
Huangguoshu Waterfall
-- One of China's most    famous waterfall
-- The largest one in Asia
Dragon Palace Cave
Dragon Palace Cave
-- In the western suburbs of    Anshun
-- The most famous
    limestone caves in    Guizhou
Tunpu Villages
Tunpu Villages
-- Ming era village fortress
-- A real kingdom of stone    & Old Han Chinese
-- Ancient primitive lifestyle
Di opera masks
Di Opera
--One of the oldest operas    in the world
-- With valuable collected    wooden masks

Guizhou Exotic Lifestyles

A relatively secluded geographical environment resulting from high mountains and deep rivers has made it possible for the ethic minorities of Guizhou to prserve their primitive folklore. The minorities live much in the same way they have for hundreds of years, worshiping their totems, wearing exotic costumes, keeping their strong traditions alive, and holding elaborate ceremonies to welcom visitors with warm hospitality.

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