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Zhaoxing Dong village

Zhaoxing Dong Village is one of the largest Dong villages in Guizhou. Known as No.1 Dong Village, Zhaoxing has over 800 households and more than 4,000 inhabitants. It lies in a basin surrounded by mountains and has one small river passing through. The serried stilted houses built on the hillside. They are all built of Chinese fir with blue tile roofs.

Zhaoxing Dong village nestls among the tree-clad hills. The tranquil early morning of Zhaoxing village.

The village has a theater stage, singing platforms and grain barns. Drum towers are the village 's special feature. There are five of them here, looking like five lotus flowers scattered in five naturally formed villages.

Zhaoxing village is also a cradle of Dong festivals and dances. The important Dong festivals include Dong New Year, the New Harvest Festival, Sama Festival and so on. There are many kinds of Dong song and dance, among which the Grand Song (Dage in Chinese) is the best known. Zhaoxing is also the place where Dong people gather to perform the Dong drama every year.

Dong people in Zhaoxing still live in their old timber-made houses by the river. A local woman is airing the home-woven fabrics, which are used to make Dong people's clothes.

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