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Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land is located in the town of Xintian, 40km southwest of Kunming City, near the milepost named "Flower Stone". The area covering over hundreds of square meters is the most concentrated, typical and unique red land on the Yunnan red land tableland. Besides the red land in Rio de Janeiro, the spectacular red land of Dongchuan is healed the most magnificent red land in the world. Comparing to red land in Brazil, the scenery here is even more beautiful.

Heading to the north from Kunming, you'll be always on rugged winding roads. Overlooked from mountains, white plain formed by debris flows will be in your visual field. Dongchuan has been healed "the museum of debris flows". You can never imagine such amazing scenery without having been to Dongchuan.

Because of the humid and worm climate, the iron elements in the soil have been depositing year by year after oxidation, and then the glaring color is formed after centuries. Dongchuan has also been called "natural copper capital" since the ancient time. Glaring red land, green vegetable plot, unique shape and beautiful figure are set off by the blue sky, white cloud and capricious ligh, which is the whole dream-like picture is just like the colorful paintings, making you feel dizzy.

Basically Dongchuan Red Land in Kunming is an all-year-round destination. But the time periods from September to December, from January to February and from May to June are highly recommended.

Mild and wet-dry clear climate forms in Dongchuan district because of its unique location and geographic conditions. The period from September to December is a good time for visiting the Kunming Dongchuan Red Land, especially for taking pictures. During this period, potatoes and buckwheat grow ripe gradually, and winter wheat comes up to start growing, polar gets yellow and lacquer tree gets red: strong and charming color contract; January to February is also an idea choice when the wheat is growing and the Moon Field are filled with waters; while in May and June, rape flowers are in full blossom and wheats get matured, creating a rich-colored sight. Perfect for photo shooting! You can choose to visit Dongchuan Red Land in other time, and it would never let you down.

Dongchuan Red Land Dongchuan Red Land
Elegant lines and colorful crops form gorgeous bright-colored oil pictures Enjoy the marvelous sunrise of Dongchuan Red Land

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