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Green Lake Park (Cuihu Park)

Located on the west side of Wuhua Mountain in Kunming, Green Lake Park is an urban park designed and created all the way back in the 17th century.

Two long banks divide Green Lake into four parts. The banks are covered with an abundance of willow trees and dotted with a variety of vibrant lotuses. This contrast between the pale green of the willows and the array of colors in the lotuses makes the park a popular destination for nature lovers. One can almost feel the freshness from the air. The serenity and beauty make it an excellent place for a picnic, a morning stroll, or a simple a time to sit and reflect. This lush world is hence extolled as a "Kunming 's Jade".

The best season to visit Green Lake is the winter. During the winter months, the Kunming daytime is still warm and sunny and Green Lake attracts red-pecked seagulls from Siberia who migrate there to escape the arctic chill. They entertain the crowds of visitors as they swoop and dive across the lake. This charming scene, in which man, birds, and nature mingle in such harmony has added to the allure of Green Lake.

Green Lake Park Green Lake Park
The lake is covered all over with lotus plants in Summer. Lovely red-pecked seagulls are resting on the brige over the Green lake in winter.

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