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Yunnan Impression Show | Dynamic Yunnan

General Introduction

Dynamic Yunnan
Yunnan Impression Show, also called Dynamic Yunnan, is a grand and unique dance musical that richly depicts the strong flavor of the life of ethnic minorities in Southwest China. It tells audience about the universe, nature, culture, the pursuit for the origins of life, the praise of life and the wish for everlasting life.

The Yunnan Impression Show strikes an extraordinary contrast between the past and present, tradition and modern life. The performance captures the essence of original rural songs and classical folk dances by means of the artistic director's reorganization and recreation, combining beauty of Yunnan ethnic minorities dance and songs with the power of modern stage exhibition. Therefore the richness of the culture of Yunnan minorities is born again on stage with startling effects. The audience will be amazed at the vibrant colors, vivid costumes, flowing dances, and ancient tunes.

This is the first production produced, directed and choreographed by the famous dancer, Yang Liping, one of China's best-known dancers. Twenty years ago, Yang Liping won first prize in a national dance competition by performing her solo dance "The Spirit of the Peacock". Since then she is universally regarded as the "Peacock Princess" in China. She gathered over 60 highly capable aboriginal dancers and singers from the lost corners of the world over several years. These aboriginal performers dance for life. They use the enthusiasm from their hearts, dances from the union of their bodies with nature and natural vigor for celebration to create a powerful artistic force.

Dynamic Yunnan

Dynamic Yunnan
Solo Dance ---- "Moonlight" Ethnic Groups Songs and Dances

Yunnan houses a variety of ethnic groups of Southeast China, with breathtaking natural wonders, colorful arts and cultures, and precious historical heritages. The primitive life of more than 10 ethnic groups, including Yi, Va, Tibetan and Hani, is gradually unfolded on the stage of Yunnan Impression Show (Dynamic Yunnan), by means of exuberant body movements, abstract scenes and delightful music. Rooted in the land inhabited by 26 ethnic minorities, Dynamic Yunnan shows an exquisite original ecology painting combining beauty of tradition and modernity.

Dynamic Yunnan Dynamic Yunnan
Performers of Yunnan Minority Mask Dance

Seventy percent of the performers are local residents of ethnic minorities, aged from 6 to 70. Compared to professional performers, the original actors, brimming with vigor and vitality, sing and dance more purely and genuinely, expressing the distinctive folk customs of various ethnic groups, from which you can enjoy a real flavor of Yunnan and experience the passion of primitive life.

Dynamic Yunnan show, with a total length of about one hour and forty minutes, includes seven main scenes: the "Prelude (Born of the Earth)," "Sun," "Earth," "Home," "Fire," "Pilgrimage," and "Epilogue (The Soul of Peacock)," . These scenes present the hardworking and simplicity and Yunnan’s minorities, the worship of nature and the love of life, blending the essence of primordial country dance and music with modernized artistic forms. Dynamic Yunnan provides not only a highly entertaining evening, but also a learning experience to get a taste of the history, philosophy, and everyday life of the local people in Yunnan.

More than 600 sets of hand-made costumes, 180 unique ethnic style masks, and 68 original drums have been collected from the villages of Yunnan for use in Dynamic Yunnan in an effort to preserve authenticity. Many of the stage settings like bullheads, Tibetan praying stones (Mani stones), and Buddhist praying wheels are also genuine. All of these add to the appeal of Yunnan Impression Show.

Yunnan Impression Show


Notice: Due to the Spring Festival, Yunnan Impression Show is temporarily closed from 19th January to 3rd February, 2020.

Dynamic YunnanAddress: Yunnan Yingxiang Theatre, East Gate of Sea World, Sunac Land (No.2999 Biji Road, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province)
Show Date: Every Monday - Saturday
Show Time: 20:00 - 21:30
Highlights: Yunnan ethnic minorities dances & songs with modern stage exhibition
Acrobatic Show Name: Dynamic Yunnan

Yunnan Impression Show (20:00 - 21:30)
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Yunnan Impression Show (Dynamic Yunnan) Programme List

The large-scale dance drama "Dynamic Yunnan" has been an outstanding innovation on the Chinese stage in recent years. Primitive, unsophisticated folk dances and a fresh artistic concept converge in the programme, giving audiences a unique "Yunnan Impression."

Programme Theme Activities
Prelude Birth of the Earth Devine Drum Song, Drum Performace
Scene I Sun Sun Drum, Manggu Drum, Elephant-foot Drum, Devine Drum, Copper-cymbal Dance
Scene II Earth Solo Dance, Songs and Dances of Yi People (Huayao Song & Dance, Umbrella Dance, Daughter-world Songx)
Scene III Home Tobacco-pack Dance, Dage Song
Scene IV Fire Gourd Pipe Dance, Hair Dance, Mask Dance, Bull's Head Dance
Scene V Pilgrimage Tibetan dance, "Praying Stone", "Praying Wheels" and "Mani Stone"
Epilogue Soul of Peacock "Peacock" Solo Dance and Group Dance

Prelude: Birth of the Earth

There is no sun or moon when the heaven and earth are one and the world is in chaos. In the darkness a lightning bolt from the east lights up part of the stage, and another illuminates the west. Then, everything comes to life.
------ Devine Drum, a traditional sone originated from Lvchun County

The show kicks off with a traditional song and an astounding drum performance. Drum is not only a musical instrument, but also a totem symbolizing the maternal in Yunnan. There are all kinds of drums made of different materials, such as stone, leather, copper, wood, etc. Different ethnic groups categorize drums as Sun, Manggu, Reba and Dabei drums. The Va Ethnic Group has "male" and "female" wooden drums and a sacrificial ceremony usually precedes the making of a drum.

Scene I: Sun

Yunnan Impression ShowSun Drum (Jino people of Xishuangbanna Prefecture)
The Sun drum is the most sacred instrument for the Jino people of Xishuangbanna. It is said that the drum once saved the lives of Jino ancestors. The Sun drum dance is the most representative dance of the Jino people, which can only be played on important occasions, such as New Year’s Eve.

Manggu Drum (Hani people of Jianshui County)
The Hani people beat the Manggu drum to communicate with god. It is believed that Manggu Dance can purify village, drive away evil and guarantee a good harvest and traditionally performed to celebrate the Angmatu Festival for Hani people.

Elephant-foot Drum
As its name suggests, the Elephant-foot drum resembles the foot of elephant, popular in Dehong, Xishuangbanna, Lincang in Yunnan and the countries of Southeast Asia. It is a kind of civil drum dance for Dai people to celebrate the significant festivals and greet guests.

Devine Drum (Yi people of Lvchun County)
The Devine drum is popular in Lvchun County. But there is only one woman who can master all 24 playing methods used on a wide range of occasions, including sacrifices, procreation, harvest, marriage and other social ceremonies.

Copper-cymbal Dance (Hani people of Xishuangbanna)
Copper-cymbal Dance is used for Aini branch of Hani people in Xishuangbanna prefecture to speak to God. Two pieces of copper cymbals produce a vibrant sound by beating with each other.

Scene II: Earth

Solo Dance: Moonlight
This part is hightlighed by a solo, which was generally performed by the well-known dancer Yang Liping. Yang thought that women shared some common features with moonlight. Using abstract body language, the performer expresses their parallel sentiments with the help of the imagination.

Yunnan Impression ShowSongs and Dances of Yi People
The girls of the Huayao tribe of the Yi ethnic group learn embroidery and needlework from the age of 11 or 12. It usually takes four to five years for a girl to finish a garment used in marriage ceremonies. All of the performers in this part wear handmade suits to present their song and dance "Seaweed Aria" - is one of the most beautiful yet complicated folk songs and dance forms in Yunnan.
It also contains a number of other songs and dances for young people seeking true love., such as Umbrella Dance and Daughter-world Song.

Scene III: Home

Ancestors of Yunnan people are followers of animism - the belief that nature and inanimate objects have souls -- and there are many sacrificial ceremonies to different gods every year. This worship of nature has greatly helped preserve local ecology and environment. It is therefore dedicated to the devastating environment in which we live.

Scene IV: Fire

Gourd Pipe Dance
This ancient dance prevails among a number of ethnic minorities like the Lahu, Va, Naxi, Yao and Miao. On the 2,000-year-old bronze drum unearthed in Yunnan in 1958 is an image depicting the Gourd Pipe Dance.

Hair Dance
Since most of the women of Va ethnic group have very long hair, swaying one's hair has become a common gesture in their daily lives. Gradually, the custom has become a dance form expressing the women's strong inner sentiments and to symbolize fire.

Mask Dance
The mask dance was originally a sacrificial ceremony used to drive away evil spirits. Ancestors wore masks to ward off demons and disease. The mask dance gradually developed into the Nuo Opera, which is still popular in some parts of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan province.

Bull's Head Dance
The bull was a source of worship for the ancient people of Yunnan. Dancers holding bulls' heads first appeared on a fresco in a stone cave in Yunnan. The bull's head usually symbolizes power and fortune.

Scene V: Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage to the divine mountains symbolizes nature worship among some ethnic minorities. This part of Dynamic Yunnan incorporates the essence of Tibetan dance, "Praying Stone", "Praying Wheels" and "Mani Stone", to reveal the hopes and dreams of these people.

Epilogue: Soul of Peacock

For Dai people, the peacock is a symbol of love called "sunbird." Therefore Yang Liping has created a series of dances about it. Dynamic Yunnan is ended with a "peacock" solo dance and group dance, witb new sound and lighting adding great appeal to the audience.

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