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Suzhou Dining

While visiting Suzhou, Suzhou cuisine is what you should not let go of. Suzhou cuisine is renowned for its unique sweet flavor, color, and aroma, and it is always beautifully presented. The emphasis of the course is on the use of quality ingredients, tender meat, fresh vegetables and care in preparation. The Taihu Lake (Tai Lake) nearby provides abundant fresh sea food for the amazing variety of Suzhou dishes.

Featured Suzhou Cuisine

Suzhou Cuisine Suzhou Cuisine Suzhou Cuisine
Songshu Guiyu Xiangyou Shanhu Qingtang Yuchi

The fish and vegetable dishes of the area are well known throughout China and you should try some of the best local dishes: Drunken Shrimp, Songshu Guiyu (Mandarin Fish, stewed and fried), Qingtang Yuchi (braised shark's fin in a clear soup), Xiangyou Shanhu (stewed shredded eel) and Xigua Ji (young chicken buried in watermelon rind and steamed).

Suzhou's snack is also very tasty and worthy trying. The land of Suzhou is very suitable for the growing of fruits, so Suzhou is blessed various fruits like the plum, peach, waxberry, apricot, loquat and golden orange. It provides rich raw materials to the production of confects. Other famous snacks also known to households nationwide, such as the sweet dried bean curd, pine nut candies, rose-flavored melon seeds, sesame cake with mashed dates. After enjoying the pretty gardens in Suzhou, tasting the local snacks is something visitors would not want to miss.

Suzhou Restaurant Streets

Suzhou dining and restaurants Suzhou dining and restaurants Suzhou dining and restaurants
Deyuelou Restaurant Songhelou Restaurant Fenghuang Restaurant Street

Fenghuang Street (凤凰街 in Chinese): Neighboring the famous shopping zone Shiquan Street and one of the representative classic gardens Master of the Nets Garden, Fenghuang Street has developed into a whole assembly of over 40 character restaurants.

Taijian Lane (太监弄 in Chinese): The 200-meter-long lane at the south side of the prosperous Guanqian Street collects a surprising number of local and other regional Chinese restaurants. many of the restaurants here, such as Deyuelou Restaurant and Songhelou Restaurant, come with history of over 100 years and offer the most authentic Suzhou cuisine. After exciting shopping at Guanqian Street, entertaining your stomach at Taijian Lane is a brilliant option.

Leegongdi Causeway (李公堤 in Chinese): The waterfront causeway features amazing Jinji Lake views and high-class international restaurants as well as Suzhou local restaurants.

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