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Suzhou Entertainment

Suzhou is not only a charming ancient city, but also a modern metropolis full of excitement. You may join the revelry teams that celebrate the folk custom festival, go to the gardens to enjoy Kunqu opera, listen to Suzhou Pingtan in a tea shop, go to the bar for drinks. Suzhou is also famous for its high quality silk. In Suzhou, it is a good chance to learn something about the elaborate silk producing process. There is always a good way to entertain yourself in Suzhou.

Festivals & Events
Try to catch a temple fair if you're in Suzhou at the right time like the Tiger Hill Temple Fair that showcases folk arts, puppetry, traditional music, acrobatics and wrestling in celebration of the harvest season. Spring sees a slew of flower festivals in Suzhou city and in the surrounding water towns.

Vibrant Suzhou Nightlife

Master of the Nets Garden
Night Garden Show at Master of the Nets Garden
Master of the Nets Garden is recently well known for its special Night Garden traditional art performance. The most original Suzhou local art, like Suzhou Pingtan and Kunqu Opera, will be performed at the several halls and pavilions of the garden. The night show are usually available from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, mid March to November.
Grand Canal Night Cruise
Grand Canal Night Cruise
The majority of Suzhou attractions can be linked by the Grand Canal. There-fore it's quite amazing to have a cruise along the canal, especially a night cruise. Scenic spots within the canal web are Pamen Gate, Changmen Gate, Pingjiang Road, Hanshan Temple, Shantang Canal section, Old Site of Soochow University, No.1 Silk Factory, etc.
Music Fountain Suzhou
Music Fountain
The Music Fountain is located in Jinji Lake (Golden Pheasant Lake) Area, the venue of modern leisure in Suzhou. It's titled melody of flying water, featuring movies, music, fire and laser lights. Visitors can see how gorgeous it gets from 20:00 to 20:30 (Friday, Saturday nights and holidays). Besides, the arrays of Western bars alongside the Music Fountain are quite attractive.
Suzhou Amusement Park
Suzhou Amusement Park
This is the largest-scale theme park in eastern China. It's not only the paradise for youth but the venue for many a sumptuous local festivals, for instance, the March Tulip Flower Show, the Revelry Program on Children's Day, the August Beer Festival and the Christmas Music Festival.

Abundant Suzhou Local Festivals

Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill Temple Fair
The grand temple fair, which lasts nearly one month, shows off lively folklore shows with the background of the time-honored Tiger Hill. It's nothing short of a feast of Suzhou folk customs and cultral tradtions.
Humble Administrator's Garden
Flower Festivals at Humble Administrator's Garden
The considerable area of lakes and greenery at Humble Administrator's Garden provides the best venue for blossoms. Visiting the garden in springtime may meet the Azalea Festival, and in summer the more amazing Lotus Tourism Festival.
Hanshan Temple
Hanshan Temple Eve Bell Ringing
Hanshan Temple has been famous for the ancient poem "Mooring to the Maple Bridge at Night". To the memory of the poet Zhang Ji who worked out the oft-quoted poem "I anchore near the Hanshan Temple out of Suzhou City, heard the bell ringing from my boat in the midnight", the temple has kept the tradition of ringing bell on the New Year Eve.

Top Museums in Suzhou

Suzhou Silk Museum and Suzhou Embroidery Museum
Suzhou Silk Museum&Suzhou Embroidery Museum
Suzhou Silk Museum is China's first silk museum. Among the exhibits are traditional silk looms, fragments of silk from various dynasties, bolts of ancient silk, ancient garments, and a large number of samples of modern silk products. As regards Suzhou Embroidery Museum, visitors can find a dazzling number of China embroidery works inside.
Kunqu Opera & Ping Tan
Kunqu Opera Meseum & Pingtan Museum
At these two prefessional museums visitors can catch a clear clue of the development of the two authentic Suzhou local art performances. Apart from affluent exhibits, regularly scheduled Suzhou Pingtan and Kunqu Opera shows are highlights.
Suzhou Museum
Suzhou Museum (New Suzhou Museum)
The renovated Suzhou Museum (completed in 2006) is the most recent masterpiece of the famous architect I.M. Pei. It's built on the old site of the Mansion of Loyal Prince of Taiping Rebellion (1851-1864), neighboring Humble Administrator's Garden. The whole classic-looking museum boasts a large collection of Suzhou curios, the most celebrated of which are the works of Tang Bohu, an ancient local artist and calligrapher.
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