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Tang Dynasty Show

For travelers, what matters most is to visit the extraordinary archaeological wonder - Terra Cotta Warriors, and then? If you can not recall anything else, let us take you on a magical tour to discover the rich heritage of China's Tang Dynasty - Tang dynasty dinner show, which is a thrilling cultural banquet, definitely nourishing your nightlife in Xi'an.

What is Tang Dynasty Show?

Tang Dynasty Show, boosted by Xi'an Tourism Board and daily operated in major theatres, combines two parts: the fabulous music and dance performance and chinese dumpling banquet, both indulging your eyes and tongue!

Fabulous Music and Dance Performance

For lasting a precious treasure of Tang dynasty cultural heritage, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is developed as a blend of ancient melodious music and inspiring dances, along with various Chinese instruments, and it features presenting lots of interesting historical stories to audiences, such as the story of the Monkey King's master - Monk Xuanzang. The performance, enhanced by English subtitles and fascinating visual effect, aimes to make more people know about chinese history and cultures.

Tang Dynasty Show Tang Dynasty Show
Revealing chinese ancient soldiers Perfect Coordination - Thousand Arms Buddha

Authentic Tang Dynasty Dinner - Chinese Dumpling Banquet

Before the show, it traditionally prepares a wonderful banquet to entertain our noble audiences. The main source of the dinner is Chinese dumplings, which also named Jiaozi, typically consist of a ground meat and/or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. These dumplings features its unique favor, different colors and various shapes, being healthy and nutritional.

Delicious Chinese dumplings await for your taste. Well-prepared table for dumpling dinner

In recent years, as a must-see activity, Tang Dynasty Show has gained high reputation and popularity from home and abroad, expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Being worthy of a visit, it is destined to come into the sights of world in the future.

Discover the Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty, with its capital at Chang'an (today’s Xi'an), the most thriving city in the world at that time, is commonly regarded as a peak in Chinese civilization. In this era, economy of China developed dramatically, along with Silk Road expanding communication with other foreign regions. Therefore, Chinese culture featured a kind of open cosmopolitan culture, gradually absorbing essences of past dynasties and other ethnic groups. Especially plenty of songs, dances, and musical instruments from foreign regions had become popular in China, thus the music and dance show of Tang dynasty combines distinctive characteristics of Northwest China, central Asia and western Asia.

Music and Dance in Tang Dynasty

Generally, music and dance show was presented for celebrations or festivals in royal court or mansions of government officials. (e.g. The below left picture showing Tang dynasty court is entertaining diplomatic envoys with a grand music and dance show, while the right famous painting, Hai xizai Evening Banquet Chart, presenting a Tang official of high rank, called Han xizai, are holding a luxurious evening banquet at home to host his colleagues.) Graceful dancers and skilled musicians, producing exciting dances and wonderful music and songs, cooperated impeccably to please noble guests on the spot. As a main entertainment, it was indeed spiritual wealth for ancient people.

Tang Dynasty Show Tang Dynasty Show
An old painting presents cheerful celebration scene of Tang Dynasty. A glance of famous painting Han Xizai Evening Banquet Chart

Where did the show come from?

Actually, the real tang dynasty music and dance show, as an art form, had come into the ash of history long long time ago. Until 1980s, in order to boost Xi’an tourist industry, Xi’an’s Shannxi provincial Song & Dance troupe finally decided to re-appear music and dance show of Tang dynasty to modern people as a tourist attraction for promoting Chinese ancient Tang Dynasty culture to the world. Later many Chinese artists made great efforts to recreate the Tang dynasty music and dance show through a year of studying existing heritages about Tang dynasty culture, such as old written books and faded paintings as well as numerous frescoes, sculptures, carvings of Dunhuang, Luoyang and Yungang. In 1982, a modern Tang dynasty music and dance show come into the eyes of people, and immediately won great reputation from home and abroad. Proved to be very successful, it was also highly praised by a delegation from UNESCO. By now, it has toured many cities of China as well as several foreign countries such as Japan, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, etc.

Tang Dynasty Show lets you travel through the time, back to take a glance at the glory and prosperity of that Golden Age...

Where to See:

The theatres where is capable of holding an authentic Tang dynasty show in Xi'an are few, and the Tang Dynasty Palace (Tang Yue Gong) Theatre is the perfect one with high publicity. Located along the north-south axis of Xi'an and adjacent to the city center, the Tang Dynasty Palace (Tang Yue Gong) Theatre shows you the grandeur of ancient Xi'an with its magnificent Tang-style music and dance performances.

Tang Dynasty Palace (Tang Yue Gong) Theatre Xian Tang Dynasty PalaceTheatre
Features: Of high publicity and word-of-mouth; Built to international professional standards while incorporating Chinese Tang-style decor.
Location: No.75, North Chang'an Road in Xi’an, China (opposite to Xi'an Hotel)

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show
Ticket Class Chinese Dumpling Banquet + Tang Dynasty Show Only Tang Dynasty Show
Time 18:00 - 20:30 19:30 - 20:30
Discount Rate USD58 USD34
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The Tang Dynasty Palace (Tang Yue Gong) Theatre

With high publicity, the Tang Dynasty Palace (Tang Yue Gong) is the perfect theatre for watching the Tang Dynasty Show. It's a comprehensive establishment that combines cultural entertainment and dining, with its most renowned feature being the "Song and Dance Theatre Restaurant". Since its opening in 1988, the Tang Dynasty Palace (Tang Yue Gong) has received about 300,000 guests every year, and has become a must-visit place for tourists.

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What we see from the Tang Dynasty Show?

Tang Dynasty, from the year 618 to 906, was the most open and prosperous dynasty throughout Chinese history. The capital city Chang’an was the biggest and most beautiful city in the world at that time. Please follow us to this enchanting Tang Dynasty through the performance.

Greeting Ambassadors

The Tang Dynasty developed this endless silk road as a way to communicate with the rest of the world. As one of the most prosperous countries, Tang Dynasty was leading the world at that time. Ambassadors came here frequently for visits and cultural exchanges. The dance shows the formal rituals of receiving guests in the royal palace.

Tang Dynasty Show Greeting Ambassadors

Singing to the Moon

Xun, the oldest musical instrument in China, appeared 6000 years ago when villagers in Banpo imitated the sound of birds and beasts by playing this kind of wind instrument. This Xun solo describes the deep nostalgia when standing under the beautiful moonlight.

Tang Dynasty Show Singing to the Moon

White Sleeve Dance

Originating in Wu Kingdom, as early as 256AD, this white sleeve folk dance was popular in Tang Dynasty. Elegance is fully presented by the beautiful long sleeves made from ramie. The back ground music “On the White Ramie?was written by the famous Tang Dynasty Poet Li Bai.

Tang Dynasty Show

Monk Xuanzang

Monk Xuanzang spent his life going to India alone and translating the Buddhist Scriptures he brought back into Chinese. This dance presents the whole life of this sage who overcame all difficulties and contributed greatly to Buddhism in China.

Tang Dynasty Show

Spring Outing

In early March, a group of young girls return from a spring outing. This classical traditional dance describes the wishes young girls hold for a happy future.

Tang Dynasty Show Spring Outing

Emperor Meeting His Army

Emperor Taizong was one of the most respected kings for his victories in battle and for the management of the country. This dance pictures the way he meets and trains his army.

Tang Dynasty Show Emperor Meeting His Army

A Beautiful Dream

This dance, based on the love story of Emperor Xuanzong and his favourite concubine Yang, is the most popular in Tang Dynasty. Emperor Xuanzong was good at music and poetry. He had a dream one night of a palace on the moon where fairies, dressed in rosy clouds, sang in the sky. After he woke up, he composed a piece of music based on this dream and asked concubine Yang to create a dance to this music.

Tang Dynasty Show A Beautiful Dream

Colors of the Autumn

Suona is a kind of trumpet. This Suona solo describes the joyful scene of people picking and collecting dates in autumn, enjoying the happiness of a good harvest.

Tang Dynasty Show Colors of the Autumn

Grand Dynasty

This splendid dance reveals the unprecedented glory of the Tang Dynasty. The essence of this oriental dance and music is fully represented in this closing performance.

Tang Dynasty Show Grand Dynasty

  • huge drum
  • White Sleeve Performance
  • Monk Xuanzang
  • Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine
  • Gorgeous Dance
  • Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine
  • Tang Dynasty Circle Dance
  • Tang Style Modern Dance
  • Tang DynastyArmy Dance
  • Tang Spring Outing Dance
  • Tang Yang Concubine's Dream
  • Tang Autunm Dance - Pipa Girls
  • Tang Long Sleeve Dance
  • Tang Solo Playing Guzheng
  • Tang Dynasty Male Dance
  • Thousand Arms Buddha
  • Old painting of Dancing scene
  • Han zaixi Evening Banquet Chart
  • Well prepared table of banquet
  • Dumpling Banquet - Welcome Basket
  • Dumpling Banquet - Fortune Dumplings
  • Dumpling Banquet - Monkey Dumplings
  • Dumpling Banquet - Vegetable Soup
  • Chinese Dumpling Dinner

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