Haba Snow Mountain

Haba Snow Mountain (Haba Xueshan) is lies on the northwest side of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China. It rises opposite the higher Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Xueshan), and towers 3,500 meters (11,500 ft.) above the river. It boasts glaciers, lakes and waterfalls, and contains one of the best preserved nature reserves in Shangri-la.

The main peak of the mountain is 5396 meters (17703 ft.) above sea level and is capped with snow all year round. The mountainside is adorned with crystal-clear glaciers while the surrounding valleys are dotted with numerous lakes, the most beautiful of which is Heihai Lake. Each year between June and August millions of azaleas, come into bloom. It is said there are so many flowers one can walk on them without crushing them!

Beautiful Baha Snow Mountain Stunning Haba Snow Mountain seen from the foot of it

The area also contains many spectacular waterfalls. Tumbling down the northeastern side of the mountain is Haba Waterfall, also known as the Great Hanging Water, which is more than 200 meters (650 ft.) high and slams down with amazing speed and force. Many animals also live in the wild land around the mountain including: Yunnan golden monkeys, rhesus monkeys, wild boars, snow leopards, pandas and black bears. Rare plants and medical herbs also thrive here, including orchids, lilies and Chinese caterpillar fungi. Haba Snow Mountain is a spectacular sight filled with abundant life and beauty that you wont want to miss.

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