Shudu Lake

Located to northeast of Shangri-la, Shudu Lake is 43 km (26.5 mi) from the city. Now it has been turned into a highland pasture resort. The lake is 3705 meters (12,155 ft.) above sea level and is one of the biggest lakes in Diqing Prefecture. The lake water is so clear that you can see the fish swimming around. One special fish in the lake is called the cracked-stomach fish for the crack line strangely running across its stomach.

Shudu Lake Shudu Lake
Mirrorlike lake surface of Shudu Lake. Shudu Lake is good for boating.

Around the lake, there are dense forests of fir spruce and birch. These are filled with wild animals such as musk deer, bears, leopards, golden cats, and pheasants etc. Every spring and summer, herds of yaks and goats graze beside the lake while shepherds shelters can be seen as spots sporadically dotting the grassland. The sound of flutes can sometimes be heard drifting along with the breeze. Next to the lake one can feel the quiet and leisurely life of high-land people.

Shudu Lake pasture resort provides people with guides for hiking around the lake. Tourists here can choose from a number of outdoor activities including: horseback riding, taking in the wild fauna and flora of the primitive forest, and fishing in the lake, etc.

Shudu Lake Shudu Lake
Flowers are in full bloom and tree is rotted in Shudu Lake. Tibetan girl and her goat in Shudu Lake.

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