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Tibetan Home Visiting

When travel in Shangri-La, you will have an intimate contact with Tibetan village and you will eat and spend the night at the home of a Tibetan family. You can communicate with the family and find out more about the way of life for these children and adults.

Traditional Tibetan houses are as much a part of the landscape as monasteries and stupas. Wood, stone and earth combine to create structures that harmonise with, instead of dominating, their surroundings. Although they may seem humble in comparison with religious buildings, they are part of the Tibetan cultural heritage part of the Tibetan cultural heritage and are equally worthy of study and preservation.

During the visiting in the Tibetan family, drink buttered tea is must-do. Buttered tea as well as the coffee in Western countries is an important part of Tibetan's life. Tea drinking and its accompanying rules have a long and important history tied directly to respecting others. Therefore it is wise to ask advice from your tour guide about the proper etiquette for your specific situation.

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