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Hiking in Cangshan Mountain

For tourists traveling to Kunming, Dali makes for a great side trip. Hiking up its Cangshan is a memorable expedition perfect for the adventurous at heart.

Cangshan Mountain is on the west side of Dali Old Town and is composed of a cluster of 19 soaring peaks. These snowcapped peaks form a natural screen on the west bank of Erhai Lake. Between each of the 19 peaks a tinkling stream flows down and finally pours into Erhai Lake. This natural wonder is known as the "Nineteen Peaks and Eighteen Streams of Mt. Cangshan." Clouds hovering over the peaks are yet another aspect of the striking site. When the sun shines, the clouds, seemingly wrapped around the mountains, colorful reflect the sunshine. Mt. Cangshan is home to more than 3,000 plant species as well as various wild animals. A botanical garden and zoo have been built to display some of the local wildlife found there. For nature lovers, Cangshan is a paradise you won 't want to miss.

Cangshan Mountain  
Mt. Cangshan enjoys great reputation for its snow, clouds, springs and marble.  

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