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Ancient Folk Music and Dance

Due to the barriers created by tall mountains and raging rivers in Yunnan, the changing forces of time that have so impacted China 's coast lose their intensity when they reach this land. Many ancient rituals, chants, music, and dances of the distinct indigenous peoples have been remarkably preserved here, glimmering with the brilliance of ancient cultures and exposing the traditions of more primitive times when the simple enjoyments of life were more appreciated.

Tourists wanting to experience the ancient folk performances firsthand should visit the the Yunnan Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studio. Its performance is comprised of expert artists from the Yi, Wa, and Hani ethnic tribes scattered throughout Yunnan Province. This studio aims to preserve, present, teach, and document the indigenous cultural traditions of the villages where the artists live and work.

Ancient Folk Music and Dance Kunming Ancient Folk Music and Dance Kunming
Playing an ancient pipe music instrument Performance of Yunnan primitive folk dance

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