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Culinary Delights

As the cosmopolitan center of the region, Kunming is the melting pot for dishes from all over Yunnan. The diversity of the cuisine never fails to satisfy travelers searching for those local specialties. Some of the most popular native dishes you will want to try include main dishes Steam Pot Chicken, Braised Mushroom (Jizong) in Soy Sauce and Kunming Bitter Duck, and local snacks such as Across Bridge Rice Noodles (Guoqiao Mixian) and Xuanwei Ham.

Fresh wild mushrooms are the class of Kunming 's many tasty dishes. The several hundred varieties of edible mushrooms native to the province are liberally used as side dishes, seasonings, stock bases, and meat substitutes. Be sure not to miss the Wild Mushroom Hot Pot. Wild mushrooms are taken directly from the field, prepared carefully by master chefs, and finally served up together with a steaming soup, the sheer aroma of which alone will start your mouth watering. For more detailed information, please check our "Kunming Dining".

Culinary Delights Kunming Culinary Delights Kunming
Steam Pot Chicken Across Bridge Rice Noodles being served

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