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Yunnan Ethnic Village

At the foot of the Western Hills and bordered on the south by the Dianchi Lake, Yunnan Ethnic Village is a theme park of sorts--an ethnographic display of the architecture and ways of life of Yunnan's minority population.

Visitors, both Chinese and international, always find it difficult to cover the whole province and catch all the sights during a limited and often short stay. In order to solve this problem the Yunnan Ethnic Village was created to bring the history, culture, and customs of 26 different Yunnan minorities together into one exhibit. The setting of Dianchi lake and the Western Hills makes it that much more attractive.

Each of the 26 ethnic minorities has a village built on the premises, of which the three largest are the Bai, Dai, and Yi ethnic villages. A central square has been built to symbolize unity among the various ethnic groups. In addition, there is a folklore museum, a museum of ethnic waxworks, and a theater for the performance of ethnic songs and dances.

The village is not only celebrating ethnic minorities, but it is also designed to give the world a snapshot view of both the natural scenery and cultural importance of Yunnan including: precipitous hills and beautiful lakes, parks, woods, old and modern treasures. Now the community has become a must-see for domestic and overseas visitors to Yunnan.

Yunnan Ethnic Village Yunnan Ethnic Village
Colorful minority songs and dances performance staged on the square The White Pagoda or Bamboo Shoot Pagoda of Dai minority

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