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Daguan Park (Grand View Park)

Daguan Park is located in the southwestern section of Kunming City. It is found within walking distance from the Western Hills and lies on the shores of Dianchi Lake. The park grounds were established in 1368 and large-scale construction was carried out in 1696, complete with flowers, trees, ponds, causeways, pavilions and halls.

The highlight of the ancient architecture found in the park is the three-story Daguan Pavilion, which is decorated with flying eaves and splendid paintings. With a spectacular view across the sailboats of sparkling Dianchi Lake to the distant tree-covered Western Hills, the pavilion lives up to its name Daguan Pavilion, meaning "grand view pavilion".

While the gardens and pavilions offer plenty of natural beauty, Daguan Park's pride is the famous 180-character long couplet written by wandering poet Sun Ranwang during the Qing Dynasty. A copy of his couplet can be found on two 5-meter-long tablets, which have been hung on Daguan Pavilion's lakeside facade. This couplet is reputed as the longest couplet in China. The upper scroll depicts the beautiful scenery of Kunming, while the lower scroll contains the author's comments on some important historical events in Yunnan.

Daguan Park Daguan Park
Climbing on the Daguan Pavilion, tourists can have a grand view of the park. This beach park possesses both the natural landscape and elegance of an ancient garden.

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