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Featured Hotels in Pingyao Ancient City

Within a well-preserved ancient city , you do hope everything around is in accord with the vintage tone. Luckily your dream will come true when you step into hotels in Pingyao. Those hotels, unlike super luxurious towering hotels in big cities of China like Beijing and Shanghai, go with the surrounded traditional houses every inch. If not for the brand engraved with the name of the hotel, you can hardly tell a hotel apart from the masses of elegant residences in Pingyao.

Featured Hotels in Pingyao Ancient City Featured Hotels in Pingyao Ancient City
Traditional external look of a featured hotel Chinese restaurant in a featured hotel

Standout are three hotels, Deshenglou Hotel, Hongshanyi Hotel and Changyifeng Hotel. Take Deshenglou Hotel to illustrate, it meets all you expect from hotels in Pingyao. Located in Mingqing Street, which was once the most flourishing commercial district of Pingyao and now is home to the biggest antique market in Shanxi Province, Deshenglou Hotel adorns itself up with all the featured ingredients of traditional Pingyao dwellings like red lanterns, folding screens with Chinese ink painting, rosewood furniture and sophisticated courtyard layout. Moreover, even the beddings in each room are of traditional tone. Hot water and tasty local dishes are all available to serve you too. You can enjoy the best rest in such a hotel and go on with your tour around Pingyao the next day.

Featured Hotels in Pingyao Ancient City Featured Hotels in Pingyao Ancient City
Elegantly adorned corridor in a featured hotel Vintage room furnishment in a featured hotel
You can even dip into custom of ancient Pingyao in these lovely hotels. If you spend a Chinese Spring Festival in Hongshanyi Hotel, you will have a lot of fun, taking part in the celebrating activities the hotel holds for you. You can either DIY some handicrafts like paper cut, writing spring festival couplets or watch outdoors the dazzling lantern show, firework. If you want to explore more, the staff of the hotel will escort you to Pingyao Confucius Temple. You can dress yourself like a Zhuangyuan (the No. 1 scholar of imperial examinations) and march towards the temple to give thanks to the great Confucius along the path created for Zhuangyuan.

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