Ngari, a godforsaken wildness place, boasts unique natural plateau landscape, abundant lakes and snowy mountains, various distinctive wild lives and the all-embracing state of different religions, which houses the ruins of Guge Kingdom, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, pre-historic culture site, etc. In here, you can make a pilgrimage to one of the most mystical and remote comers of the world, join the crowds at holy Mt Kailash for the Saga Dawa festival, explore the ruins of ancient Guge kingdom, and spot the outlines of prehistoric engravings in the cliffs near Rutok…

Situated in the western Tibet and the northern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, bordering India and Nepal, Ngari covers a total area of 34,500 sq km with the smallest density of population, housing the Himalayas, Kangdese Mountains, Tanggula Mountains, etc. Ngari consists of seven counties, which hold 30 districts, 106 townships, and 359 administrative villages. Its capital is Gar County, while the biggest town is Ali where Xinjiang-Tibet Highway passes.

Ngari Ngari
Ngari, a wild stretch of land, sparks endless imagination Snowy mountains are reflected in the unbelievably clear lake

Ngari is adorned with holy Mt. Kailash, the main peak of the Kangdese Mountains (also called the Kailash Range), and Manasarovar Lake, one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet. Both of them are admired by different religions. It also has a good reputation with more than 60 lakes and 80 rivers scattered all over the area like stars on the sky, offering abundant water resource and a paradise for various birds like Black-necked cranes, Red Beak Gull, white swan and so on. The extensive grassland provides an advantageous living condition for the wild lives, where herds of yaks play with wild asses, horses, long horned sheep etc.

The best time to visit Ngari is in May, June, and from mid September to early October, when the climate is mild and good for travel. Also, you can tour it between late October and early April to appreciate the extensive snowy world with endless imagination.

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Tibet MapNgari Map


Top Must See Attractions in Ngari

Mount Kailash
--Sacred Mountain
--The Peak of Kailash Range
Manasarovar Lake
Manasarovar Lake
--Holy Lake, Regarded as religious center
--The most transparent Freshwater Lake
The Ruins of Guge Kingdom
--The old Summer Palace of Tibet
--Precious Cutural Relics

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