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Kung Fu ShowIf you have never heard Chinese Kung Fu before, you must come from another planet! Thanks to lots of international Kung Fu movies and stars, Kung Fu, as a national treasure of Chinese culture, has been spread all over the world and become a universal attraction. Now, when talking about it, thousands of fans can blurt out several names, like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Kung Fu and Wu Shu, as Chinese national treasure, are popular terms that have become synonymous with Chinese martial arts. The origins of Chinese martial arts can be traced to self-defense needs, hunting activities, and military training in ancient China. Hand to hand combat and weapons practice were important components in the training of Chinese soldiers. It reigns as one of the most traditional and popular national sports in China, practiced by the young and old alike. Eventually, Chinese martial arts have developed into an important element of Chinese culture.

It includes hundreds of different styles and is undoubtedly the most versatile martial art in the world. Some of the Chinese martial arts styles still practiced today are in the Kung Fu family and include Bagua, Drunken Boxing, Eagle Claw, Lau Gar, Monkey, Praying Mantis, White Crane, and Tai Chi Chuan, etc. Some styles are copied from the movements of animals, while others are inspired by Chinese philosophical thoughts, myths, and legends.

Kongfu Show
Kung fu Show
For girls, practising Martial Arts can be used for fitness and self-defence. Shaolin Kung fu is a key branch of Chinese Kung fu.

Depth-Introdution to Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese martial arts can be classified in two major categories. They are External (soft) and Internal (hard). Sometimes, they are divided by location, Northern & Southern. Each category is distinct in style and technique. Apart from general classification, modern contests or performances are divided into six categories. These are empty-handed forms, weapon forms, choreographed forms, group practice, sparring competition, and power demonstration. Four general steps can describe all the various techniques of these arts; kicking, throwing, striking and controlling.

As forms have grown in complexity and quantity over the years, the emphasis of modern martial arts has shifted from combat to performance. It is practiced for improving health, self-defense skills, mental discipline, or recreational pursuit. The styles primarily aimed at exhibition and competition often include more acrobatic jumps and movements added for enhanced visual effect compared to the traditional styles.

Kung Fu Show
Chinese Kung fu, as a national treasure, spreads to the whole world through medias.

Chinese Kung fu is usually very mysterious to outsiders, also being very attractive.

Where to see:

Do you want to see the real Kung Fu on spot? Do you want to discover the mystery of Kung Fu and understand the spirit of it?

Lucky you! A splendid show CHUN YI: The Legend of Kung Fu, running daily in Red Theater of Beijing, definitely will hit you with the fantastic and authentic Kung Fu.

Beijing Red Theatre Kungfu Show

Beijing Red Theater Kungfu ShowAddress: No.44 of Xingfu Dajie(Avenue), Chongwen District, Beijing
Show Time: 5:15-6:35 pm and 7:15-8:35 pm Daily
Highlight: Traditional Chinese Kungfu Show
Performance Name: CHUN YI: The Legend of Kung Fu

Red Theatre Kung Fu Show (5:15-6:35 pm and 7:15-8:35 pm)
Ticket Class Upstairs & Green Zone Blue Zone Red Zone Purple Zone VIP Seats (Yellow)
Price USD26 USD34 USD42 USD58 USD100
Pay by

Tips: Blue Zone is the Row 17 - 22, Red Zone is Row 1 - 4 and 12 - 16, Purple Zone is Row 9 - 11. Please see the below image for seat arrangement.

Red Theatre Kung Fu Show Booking Tips

After you select a ticket class in above table, later you shall select show date&time and submit your information, then make payment online by Paypal, then you will get a ticket confirmation voucher in 12 hours.
Ticket Confirmation Voucher: How to get show ticket(s)?
After make payment online to us, the Ticket confirmation voucher will be sent to you via email. You will get show ticket(s) just by displaying our ticket confirmation voucher to our staff April who is waiting for you outside the theater at 7:00pm. With the ticket - the theatre staffs will help you to find the seat.
If it is fully booked, what can we do? 100% Refund Guarrantee:
With a long-term contract with Red Theatre, we can hold seats till 6:00 pm every show day. If it is already fully booked on the required day, we will inform you via email as soon as possible, ask if you need to change a show day, or need 100% refund. Thousands of our clients have paid through PayPal to book tickets in this way. In case when we find out the tickets have been sold out on the day you required, we guarantee to send 100% refund to your Paypal account immediately.
Urgent Booking: How to go to the theatre?
You can directly contact us by Email or call 0086-20-37251788 to make a urgent booking. Please see the transportation guide below. Also the theatre address has been written in Chinese on the confirmation voucher so that you can print it and display it to the taxi driver.
Want to cancel the booking? Want to change the show date?
No cancellation fee if you change or cancel the booking 48 hours prior to the show day. We will send the refund to your paypal account minus the transaction fee.
If you cancel the booking in 48 hours, there is no refund to you, because the theatre will charge us 100% of the ticket cost.
Please inform us 48 hours prior to the show day, we will check the availability for seats and contact you as soon as possible. But if we can not change to another day you required, we will recommend another day, or send the refund to your paypal account as required.
For more question about this show, please contact our trip advisor.

Red Theatre Transportation Guide

Address: No.44, Xingfu Avenue, Chongwen District, Beijing, China
Location: Near Tiantan Dongmen (East Gate of Temple of Heaven)
Surrounding: Temple of Heaven, Wenzhang Hutong, etc.
Bus Route: 716, 320, 323, 355, 365, 300, 8, 12, 23, 57, 715 (get off at Beijing Gymnasium Stop or Xingfu Dajie Stop)

CHUN YI: The Legend of Kung Fu

CHUN YI: The Legend of Kung Fu, operated by China Heaven Creation Company, is the only commercial production with combines the elements of Kung Fu, story-telling, acrobatics, modern dance and original music to celebrate the philosophy and skill of martial airs. This show has been performed over thousands of times all over the world, it is highly praised by audiences and considered to surpass the famous Irish dance drama River Dance, hence, you can not miss this excellent show!

The show tells the story of a young boy, Chun Yi (literally means the pure one), who in order to pursue spiritual and physical harmony is apprenticed as a monk to learn kung fu. Along the way he overcomes obstacles, is distracted and tempted, but ultimately achieves the designation of master who will enlighten the younger generations.

Main performers of this famous show You can take photos with these performers after the show.

You can appreciate the wonderful Kung Fu and grasp the real spirit of Chinese Kung Fu via this show. Keep a secret here about this show's details. Tell you what, a exciting thing is that you can have a precious opportunity to contact these performers directly after the show, to take photos with them, or even to learn Kung fu from them!

Close to Masters Let's play Kung fu!
Keep a smile for your memory at this unique Kung Fu night. Ah huh~~~~~~,Let's play Kung Fu!
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