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Terracotta Warriors Pit 2 (Terracotta Army)

Compared to Pit No.1, the combat formations in Pit No.2 are more complex, and the units of armed forces are more complete. Pit 2, is 96 m (315 ft) long and 84 m (276 ft) wide that consists of four units contain various types of troops, including cavalryman, archer, chariots and infantry, which display extremely according to the military formation.

Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Warriors
The wounded warriors and dead soldiers. An extremely fatigued soldier is clinging to the trench after the war.

The most important section is at the eastern end of the pit with 60 archers surround the main force in standing position. The main force in the middle is comprised of 160 kneeling or squatting archers. Archers is a special arms of services for the terracotta figures. Figures engaged in this service armed with bow and arrow and arrayed together. One valuable point in the sculpture art is the fine stitches in the sole of the shoes by the craftsmen, reflecting a strict spirit of realism and giving posterity viewers a strong sense of life. It convinced that tell us how the standing archers and kneeling archers coordinated with each other when the enemies attack.

Standing Archer
It is one kind of the infantryman dressed in an unarmored battle robe. It was unearthed from the exterior of the archer formation in Pit 2. The pose of both hands shows that this figure was ready to shoot. Altogether 172 standing archers were found in this pit.

Kneeling Archer
It is one kind of the armored infantryman. It was unearthed from the center of the archer formation, which is located northeast of pit 2. The pose of both hands evidences that this figure held one crossbow originally. Altogether 160 kneeling archers were found in Pit2.

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