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Traditional Puer Tea Experience

For tea connoisseurs interested in Puer Tea, Yunnan is the place to go. Puer Tea is grown only in China 's Yunnan Province. At the heart of Yunnan 's south west is the town of Puer, the base of the province 's ancient tea market, and the region from which "Puer Tea" derives its name. From Puer, tea was distributed to Tibet and South East Asia on "tea horse trading roads." The rough terrain of Yunnan demanded efficiently packed tea, so compressed cakes of tea were wrapped and tied into stacks of seven and enclosed in a bamboo shell. For this reason, certain Puer cakes are commonly labeled "Seven Piece Cake". Carrying tea through the humid rain forest over the long, grueling trading routes may have encouraged natural fermentation.

Puer Tea is made into tea bricks after being steamed and compressed for easy storage. The taste changes according to the length of time it 's stored; the longer it 's stored, the better it tastes. Mild in nature, the tea does no harm to the stomach, but actually has some health benefits as it aids in digestion and losing weight. Thus, Puer Tea is healthy and tasty!

Puer Tea Puer Tea
Compressed brown-black Puer Tea cake Drinking Puer Tea is more than an art, which has been part of the Chinese culture for more than a thousand years.

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