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China Discovery Tours

China is such a vast land that there are countless things for you to explore. From the imperial palaces of Beijing to the ethnic villages of Yunnan, from the ancient grandeur of Xi'an to the modern prosperity of Shanghai, from the rugged mountains along the Silk Road to the crystal-clear Li River of Guilin... Our staff has carefully compiled a wide variety of tours for your China discovery tours.

Forbidden City

8 Days China Highlights

Destination: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai
This 8 days China Highlights tour is recommended for the first time visitors to China. This trip covers the China of yesterday, today and tomorrow. You will discover the most important historical and modern cities in China - Beijing, Xian & Shanghai.   >>Read Details
From $1071
Yangtze River Cruise

11 Days China Explorer & Cruise

Destination: Beijing - Xi'an - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Yichang - Shanghai
Explore an ancient China through tours to the famous ancient capitals Beijing and Xi'an, a natural China by taking a cruise journey along the majestic Yangtze River, through the splendid Three Gorges, and a modern China with a visit to the sleepless metropolitan Shanghai!   >> Read Details
From $1484
Great Wall

11 Days Soul of China Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai
Ever pictured what China like in your mind? Take a tour to see what she really looks like! Ancient capitals Beijing & Xi'an, metropolitan Shanghai, peaceful Guilin and its pastoral Yangshuo county...will lead you to a tour of history, of modenity, and of natural beauty.    >> Read Details
From $1528
World Financial Center Skyscraper

6 Days Beijing Shanghai Highlights by High-Speed Train

Destination: Beijing - Shanghai
If you aim to tour the highlights of Beijing and Shanghai within 6 days, this package is tailored for you utterly! You'll discover the profound Chinese culture of Beijing and the changing face of China via Shanghai,as well as experience popular activities such as Tai Chi and taste delicious local snacks.   >> Read Details
From $597
Potala Palace

14 Days China Dreamland Tour and Tibet Train Exploration

Destinations: Beijing - Lhasa - Xi'an - Shanghai
This tour will offer you a epitome of dazzling China - Beijing with its architecture wonders, and an exciting exploration to "hit" the Roof of the World - the picturesque and mystical Tibet, as well as Xian, an even older imperial capital, and fast shot for open and dynamic Shanghai.   >> Read Details
From $2018
Temple of Heaven

9 Days Golden Triangle Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai
Each city will display itself as multifaceted complex. Face-to-face with not only grand representative buildings but also the less-known subtle profile of local lifestyle and customs. Through such a big-and-small intertwined playbill you can pull appreciation and relaxation together.   >> Read Details
From $751
Forbidden City

8 Days China Heritage Tour

Destination: Shanghai - Xi'an - Beijing
Come and catch the core of China's cultural heritage in three representative cities - Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing. Start from the delicate adorable South China and have your eyes wide open with the lofty majestic Northern ancient capitals.    » Read Details
From $1117
Summer Palace

9 Days Essential China Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai
This tour opens you to the cores of Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Suzhou, four best-known cities of China. You'll marvel at the immense parade of historical architectural wonders while feeling amazing flavor of cozy life of the locals breathing past you.   >> Read Details
From $1190
Great Wall

9 Days China Train Exploration

Destinations: Shanghai - Xi'an - Beijing
The three famous cities will be connected by rail in a cost-effective and worry-free way to lead you into a fantastic train adventure in China, where Terracotta Warriors awaits your discovery, Great Wall pursues your exploration, and the specialties expect your enjoyment, etc.   >> Read Details
From $832
Forbidden City

12 Days China Signature Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Hangzhou - Shanghai
This tour will take you to discover all lures of China. Explore past glories of China's Ancient dynasties at Forbidden City & Terracotta Warriors, then experience natural beauty of Li River & West Lake, and dive into the exciting modern life of Shanghai.    >> Read Details
From $1769
Mutianyu Great Wall

6 Days Beijing Xian Essence Tour by High Speed Train

Destination: Beijing - Xi'an
When it comes to Beijing and Xi'an, which tourist attractions will hit you? The Forbidden City, or Terracotta Warriors? ...This is a selection of Beijing and Xi'an highlight scenic spots that one can enjoy in full 6 days with the experience of taking the high-speed train (only about 5 hours from Beijing to Xi'an, helping you squeeze more time for sightseeing).   >> Read Details
From $540
Yamdrok Yumtso Lake

12 Days Amazing China Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Lhasa - Shigatse - Shanghai
This particular itinerary covers from grand imperial palaces of the Capital to distinctive religious temples in Lhasa, and end the trip at Shanghai, an intoxicating blend of ancient culture and an ultra modern city, to experience a truly stunning variety of architecture views in China.    >> Read Details
From $2107
Li River

12 Days China Landscape Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Guilin - Shanghai - Huangshan
The land of China is made up of miraculous landscape, mysterious folklore and marvelous manmade wonders. During the 12-day-long tour you'll dip yourself into the standout works of nature by mountain climbing, river cruise, countryside strolling and cable car ride.    >> Read Details
From $1751
Li River

9 Days Photography China Tour

Destinations: Guangzhou - Kunming - Mile - Jianshui - Yuanyang - Kunming
It is a journey for sightseeing and photography in the South China. You will dip yourself in all the amazing sights and experiences, from iconic landmarks to must-try eats, from flourishing cities to primitive ethnic villages, the most charming of which is a series of stunning terraces, unceasingly tempting you to lift up your camera.   >> Read Details
From $1065
Terracotta Warriors

12 Days China Discovery

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai - Guilin - Hong Kong
The tour considerately arranges the most valuable spots! You'll wonder at the ancient architectural wonders, melt into the lovely natural world through river cruise or bay sunbathing and feel astonished at the development of these cities from their museum and exhibition center.   >> Read Details
From $2137
Guilin Reed Flute Cave

12 Days China Experience Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Guilin - Shanghai
This is a tour where you'll spend 12 full days experiencing all kinds of UTMOST on the miraculous land of China, say, the utmost history-rich cities, the max developed city, the extreme picturesque city and the paramount city to appreciate Chinese national treasures.   >> Read Details
From $1774
Mt. Huangshan Pine Tree

13 Days China UNESCO Tour

Destinations: Beijing -Huangshan -Wuzhen -Hangzhou -Shanghai -Suzhou
Visit UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites in China - Great Wall, Forbidden City, Mt. Huangshan, West lake & Suzhou Classical Gardens, etc. Learn their beauty and cultural charms and as well taste the modern metropolitan life. You will never be disappointed!   >> Read Details
From $1441
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