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Our family-oriented China tour packages bring your family to discover vast majestic attractions, stunning sceneries as well as opportunities for kid fun and recreation.

Kid-friendly Experience - Inspire kids' interests by Chinese History & Culture from top attractions like the Forbidden City , Great Wall, and Terracotta Warriors; and open their minds to Eastern world.
Travel at your own pace - Flexible & loose itineraries catering to the needs and demands of the family, especially those with kids and the elderly.
Affordable tour price - Just bring happiness and lifetime memory to your family at the most favorable price.
Activities for Family Fun - Enjoy rich activities together, see the following slides.

Making Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi)

The traditional Chinese food Jiaozi, or dumplings, symbolizes wealth due to its shape which is similar to ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots. It is a must especially for Lunar New Year's Eve Dinner when all family members gather to make and enjoy Jiaozi.
Typically Jiaozi is made of a ground meat and vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. The whole course includes dough & cover making, filling preparing and Jiaozi wrapping.
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Flying Kites

Kites carry men's dream of flying to the sky. Flying a kite was once a traditional ceremony to greet each spring in Beijing. It's surely a bright and cheerful scene when the sky is dotted with thousands of various-shaped and varicolored kites. For families, flying kites is an ideal recreation that the young and adults and enjoy together.

Tian'anmen Square and Temple of Heaven Park are both perfect places for flying kites.
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Painting Beijing Opera Masks

Ever wondering why characters in Beijing Opera (Peking Opera) wear different kinds of facial makeup? Want to know how to paint? Take a chance here!

Learn about the meanings hidden behind each patterned opera faces, and learn how to paint a traditional opera mask under the instruction of professional craftsmen while dipping deeper into this profound Chinese traditional art. It will be very interesting and worthwhile for your Beijing tour.
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Learning Tai Chi

Tai Chi, an internal Chinese martial art with a time-honored history, is practiced for both its defense training and health benefits. This traditional martial art technique combines both hardness and softness, seeking the unity of nature and human beings.

Take a chance to learn this ancient art Tai Chi! It will help you get a fresh start of the day, and help you keep fit if you keep practicing consistently.

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Learning Chinese at Lao She Teahouse

It's without doubt a fantastic try to speak Chinese language! Learn Chinese from the local people at the local featured Lao She Teahouse. Never mind making mistakes. Just learn and speak loud, and have fun!

Lao She Teahouse, built in 1988, is a gathering place for delicacies and tea, as well as various performances like Beijing Opera, folk art, acrobatics, etc. The Teahouse is a namecard of the city and a representative of Beijing local culture.
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Visiting Pandas at Beijing Zoo

Giant Pandas, a symbol of China, is definitely lovely creatures that will draw your interest. It would be a lot of fun whether watching the pandas playing, or eating, or sleeping.

Beijing Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Asia Pacific region and home of these world-renowned giant pandas. Other rare animals housed in the zoo include the golden snub-nosed monkey, South China Tiger, white-lipped deer, etc.

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Learning Paper-cutting

Paper-cutting, in Chinese called Jianzhi, is a folk art enjoying great popularity among Chinese people. The paper-cuttings are also used to decorate windows and doors, so they are sometimes referred to as "Chuanghua", meaning Window Flowers.

Learn this craft from local paper-cutting masters. You may try various patterns like letters, flowers, birds, human figures, landscapes, etc.

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Learning Chinese Calligraphy

Grab a Chinese writing brush, dip slightly into the ink carried in an ink stone, and write on a delicate rice paper... It's a scene as nature as the sailing clouds and flowing water. Have you ever watched that on TV? Have you ever wished to learn this exquisite art? Take this chance to learn Chinese calligraphy under the instruction of professional teachers.

Chinese calligraphy emphasizes motion and is charged with dynamic life. It's one of the quintessence of Chinese culture.
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Chinese Cooking Class

A complete experience on Chinese cooking at Yangshuo Cooking School, from buying materials and ingredients at the local market, to preparing, to cooking and at last tasting. You can not only learn to cook some traditional Chinese dishes, but also local Yangshuo (Guilin) diets.

It's a hands-on experience with Chinese cooking rather than sheer watching. Under the guidance of English-speaking tutors and show off your talents!

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DIY Terracotta Warriors Models

A superb chance to DIY your own Terracotta Warrior Models! Hands-on experience rather than just watching.

Ever wonder why the Terracotta Warriors is honored as the eighth wonder of the ancient world? On meeting with this legendary site, will you be curious about how they were made? The Xi'an Art & Ceramics Lacquer Factory will show you the whole process of making a terracotta copy, and at the same time offer you a fantastic try to DIY your own one!

Cycling around Yangshuo Countryside

Take a refreshing bicycle tour around the countryside of Yangshuo, a beautiful county near Guilin city. It's a perfect way for not only savoring the serene pastoral sceneries, but also getting closer to the local life.

Leisurely keep on cycling along the countryside trails, passing the thriving rice paddies, farm houses and green limestone hill. Enjoy the fresh open air and idyllic landscapes of Yangshuo countryside!

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Making Chinese Knots

Have you ever been curious about how a string or strings can tangle, twist, or string into such a beautiful thing? Do you know that Chinese knots not only serve as decorations or ornaments, but also carry auspicious wishes that the maker prays for its receiver? They may used for blessing happiness, longevity, prosperity, harvest, success, and much more.

Learn this traditional craft and make a Chinese Knot with best wishes in your heart, and give it to your beloved ones.


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9 Days Eye on China Family Tour

Eye on China with visits to these three major cities - Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai. This is a tour of knowledge and joy, combining cultural attractions, like Great Wall, Forbidden City and Terracotta Warriors, and interesting activities like Chinese Kung Fu Show, Acrobatic Show, DIY terracotta models and Shadow Play.    » Read Details
From $1228
China Family Tour

10 Days All about China Family Tour

Learn and play! Visit historical sites like Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors... And take activities like making dumplings, learning facial makeup of Beijing Opera, Chinese Kung Fu Show, Shanghai Acrobatics Show, cycling, hiking, etc.    » Read Details
From $1510
China Family Tour

11 Days China Family Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

Encounter with both culture and entertainment explosion. Top attractions, like Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Yangtze River, are packaged together with activities like Chinese Kung Fu Show, Acrobatics Show, and DIY terracotta warriors' models.    » Read Details
From $1655
China Family Tour

4 Days Beijing Fascinating Family Tour

Get ready for a fascinating trip in Capital Beijing - visit top landmarks like Mutianyu Great Wall and Forbidden City, and enjoy fascinating activities - Chinese Kung Fu, DIY Beijing Opera masks!    » Read Details
From $362

5 Days Beijing Relaxing Family Tour

Relax and have fun with your family in Beijing. Top landmarks - Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square, Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall and Hutongs await your visiting. Cheerful activities Kung Fu Show and visiting giant pandas in Beijing Zoo are also on your list.    » Read Details
From $404

4 Days Xi'an Funny Family Tour

Take both culture immersion and funny activities in Xi'an - Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall and Shaanxi History Museum, as well as DIY terracotta models, cycling, shadow play...    » Read Details
From $233

5 Days Guilin Energetic Family Tour

Get your energy & enthusiasm ready for a journey to Guilin, a city whose mountains, caves and waters have their own stories. Combine hiking & cycling activities into your sightseeing. Also come face to face with giant pandas & learn to cook Chinese dishes!    » Read Details
From $423

Declaration of Terms: "Infants" and "Children"

In our price quotations for tour packages, "infants" referred to those aged under 2 (not including 2 years old), while "children" reffered to those under 12 (not including 12 years old).


Prices for Infants and Children

Prices for infants and children are usually lower than those of adults, and will vary from itinerary to itinerary, because tickets to some attractions may be free or have discount for them. Details will be explained in our tour plan and quotation documents sent to you by our trip advisors.


Rooming Arrangement

Connecting rooms or apartments (2 rooms and 1 living-room) are available for rooming options. Infants or children can sleep with the parents or have extra beds. Please inform our trip advisors if you have any requirement.


Meals Arrangement

Meals included in our tour packages can be arranged according to different needs of the family. Please inform our trip advisors if you have any requirement.

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