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China Train Tours

Tired of flights? On a tight budget? Try our China Train Tour Packages, which link up the most classics of China by railway with concerns to budget saving. The High-Speed Train & Maglev Train are even more fantastic! Go with us now!

Terracotta Warriors

6 Days Beijing Xi'an Essence Tour by High Speed Train

Destination: Beijing - Xi'an
Hit on the essence of Beijing & Xi'an - Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors... High-speed Train saves you more time to discover China's culture & history. Various delicious local snacks are also prepared for you!    » Read Details
From $540
Mutianyu Great Wall

6 Days Beijing Shanghai Highlights by High Speed Train

Destination: Beijing - Shanghai
Catch the highlights of Beijing and Shanghai in a short time with this package! You'll discover the profound Chinese culture of Beijing and the changing face of China via Shanghai, as well as experience popular activities such as Tai Chi and taste delicious local snacks.    » Read Details
From $597
Shanghai The Bund

3 Days Shanghai Impression Tour with Maglev Train

Destinations: Shanghai
Attend this tour and have a close look at Shanghai's vibrant night color, elegant traditional garden, interesting market and temple together with the state-of-the-art skyscraper and maglev train experience.    » Read Details
From $205
Happy Shanghai Tour

4 Days Shanghai Family Tour with Maglev Train

Destination: Shanghai
The tour arranges so many activities around the famous Shanghai attractions to fit various age in a family- strolling, cruising, overlooking, valued animal watching, utmost speed experiencing. Bring your beloved family and spend 4 days happy together in Shanghai!    » Read Details
From $318
Pingyao Ancient City

8 Days Central China Reminiscence Tour by Train

Destinations: Beijing - Datong - Pingyao
A history immersion to China - Beijing offers you a closer touch with both the imperial and grassroots' culture, Datong greets you with the marvelous World Heritage Yungang Caves and other Buddhist sites, and Pingyao embraces you with all its all-around histocial sensations.    » Read Details
From $782
Shanghai Acrobatics Show

9 Days China Top Destinations Train Exploration

Destinations: Shanghai - Xi'an - Beijing
Gradually stretching and deepening your recognition of China, this train tour features splendid historic sites and cultures, fascinating metropolitan prosperity and colorful variety of Chinese customs by traversing the amazing attractions of three cities - Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing    » Read Details
From $832
Hutong Tour by Rickshaw

9 Days China Golden Triangle Tour by Train

Destination: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai
A perfect triangle when these three cities link up! Each leg contributes equal highlights to this most expected tour we prepare for you. You'll be face-to-face with not only a group of grand representative architecture but also the lifestyle and custom of local folks.    » Read Details
From $752
Summer Palace

11 Days Ancient China Central Kingdom Probe by Train

Destinations: Beijing - Datong - Pingyao - Xi'an
Take a tour to meet with the Central China as it were in the ancient dynasties – Beijing, Datong, Pingyao and Xi'an. History has gone with the wind, yet it left its traces all around these ancient hubs - you will see through the lanes, the buildings, the antique figures to find the past glories ...    » Read Details
From $935
Tongli Water Town

12 Days China Paradise Tour by Train

Destinations: Beijing - Datong - Pingyao - Xi'an - Shanghai - Suzhou - Tongli Water Town - Shanghai
A perfect choice for those interested in Chinese architecture and train adventure. Explore the majestic imperial relics & appreciate the smaller ancient towns and exquisite gardens as well.    » Read Details
From $1497
Potala Palace

13 Days China Impression Tour

Destinations: Shanghai - Lhasa - Xi'an - Beijing
Visit the most classic cities of China. Experience the stunning diversity and contrasts of ancient tradition and modern fashion, discover the charm of ancient history, and get up close some of the most beautiful scenery under heaven!   » Read Details
From $1911
Temple of Heaven

14 Days Imperial Cities Tour

Destination: Beijing - Datong - Pingyao - Xi'an - Luoyang - Shanghai
A top choice for you to explore the mysterious royal life and the populace culture of China first hand, as we take you to 3 major ancient capital cities (Beijing, Xi'an and Luoyang), the well-kept ancient town Pingyao and the most modern city Shanghai.    » Read Details
From $1522
Tibetan Buddhist Debate

14 Days China Dreamland & Tibet Train Exploration

Destinations: Beijing - Lhasa - Xi'an - Shanghai
This tour will offer the dynamic experience to you in China, that is regarded as a wonderful epitome of dazzling China. Highlight - an exciting train tour for an exploration to "hit" the Roof of the World - the picturesque and mystical Tibet.   » Read Details
From $2018
Xi'an Great Mosque

15 Days China Paradise Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Datong - Pingyao - Xi'an - Shanghai - Suzhou - Tongli
A perfect choice for those interested in Chinese architecture and custom. Explore the majestic imperial buildings, ancient military fortifications and Entombed Warriors, and as well appreciate the smaller ancient towns and exquisite private villas and gardens.    » Read Details
From $1574

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Beijing West Railway Station Beijing Railway Station Shanghai Railway Station
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Xi'an Railway Station Lhasa Railway Station Datong Railway Station
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