Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the oldest and longest canal in the world. It flows from the northern Beijing to the southern Hangzhou with hundreds of thousands of ferries for over 2,500 years. The 1,794-kilometer-long water conservancy project, is regarded one of the two greatest ancient project in China (together with the Great Wall). So far it's still the artery of China's economy and culture between the northern part and the southern part of China.

Grand Canal in Suzhou serves as the most convenient traffic web that covers the whole city. The majority of Suzhou attractions can be linked by the Grand Canal cruise. Therefore it's quite amazing to have a cruise along the canal. Water areas differ much. You can boat into a delicate water lane or an open lake. Scenic spots within the canal web are Pamen Gate, Changmen Gate, Pingjiang Old Street, Hanshan Temple, Shantang Canal section, Old Site of Soochow University, No.1 Silk Factory, etc.

Grand Canal Suzhou Grand Canal Suzhou
The Grand Canal at dusk The Grand Canal makes Suzhou Venice of the Oriental.

The Grand Canal may be the best way to explore lifestyle of Suzhou locals. You can have the scroll of water town life stretch up before you. You'll see not only the typical elements of South China water town like stone bridges, boats, cormorants on boat, waterside houses, etc, but also the elegant life pace of Suzhou people.

Grand Canal Suzhou Grand Canal Suzhou
The vintage cruise boat on the Grand Canal Leisurely life at the waterside street

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