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Guizhou Community Service

Why organized Community Service in Guizhou Rural Areas ?

guizhou rural village kidsAs one of poorest province in China, Guizhou has 2.55 million people living in absolute poverty (with an annual income under USD $85). Lots of children are living in an extreme poor conditions. They just need our help to fight for a brighter future. ChinaTourGuide's community service to Guizhou, as a charity activity in nonprofitable purpose, aims to call for more and more capable people to help poor people and to organize them to experience a real life in rural villages as well as visit breath-taking mountainous countryside sceneries, inspiring young people and teenagers with a new world outlook.

Light Up their Future with Your Care and Help !

We express the deepest gratitude to the following groups that join in this community service:
college & high school students, social community, charity teams and other interested groups. It would be best to have 20 - 30 members in a group, less than 40.

  • How to join in
  • Daily Itineraries
  • Food and Accommodation

Just Five Steps to join Guizhou Community Service with ChinaTourGuide:

Submit your request (including group size, special requirements) to our trip advisor if your group want to do it, please contact us as early as possible, better six months in advance;

We will contact the local rural villages to see which program in which dates at which village is suitable for your group, this process needs several working days;

Reply you with details about your group's community service: trip dates, support programs, costs and so on;

Work together with you to perfect your group's itinerary and detailed arrangements,
Confirm the whole program details (itineraries, costs, donation and other information) with you;

Make payment, at last Start your trip.

What will your guys experience if volunteering in ethnic village of Guizhou ?

guizhou wooden house buildingMost of us are living in a modern city, seldom thinking of the meaning of life and other poors. This tour is a little bit tough for city people though, while after you finish this program, you will find that everything is worthy. ChinaTourGuide will organize your group to visit remote minority village and help local people in many fields, truly you can have lots of meaningful experiences:

  1. English teaching to local children;
  2. Light farm work;
  3. Road repair or canal digging to help local people;
  4. Rural school exchange, have fun with kids;
  5. Overnight homestay;     Guizhou beautiful sceneries visiting;
  6. Opera workshop, Traditional paper making and Textile embroidery workshop, etc.

5 Days Kaili Rural Village Community Service

Everyday Itinerary Highlights & Remarks

Day 1

Arrive in Guiyang; Transfer to Kaili. Have a Dragon Boat lesson and competition. Miao fish hotpot welcome dinner. Stay in Kaili (include Dinner) ;

guizhou village dragon boat lesson

Dragon Boat Lesson

Day 2

Drive to hiking trailhead, hike to Miao village. Welcome ceremony by the local people and lunch in the village. Start community service activities in the afternoon. Village home stay (include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner);

guizhou village school children

School exchange

Day 3

In the morning we will do some farming work and continue our community service activities. School Exchange with village students in the afternoon. Enjoy a bonfire celebration in the evening. Village home stay (include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner);

Day 4

Wrap up community service project in the morning, Bid farewell to our Miao hosts and hostesses. Hike to main road, board bus and depart village. Return to Kaili in the late afternoon, visit a local night market after dinner (include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner);

guizhou village school children

With villagers together

Day 5

Visit Shiqiao village, paper-making learning with the villagers. Drive to Guiyang Airport. Trip ends (include Breakfast).

guizhou shiqiao paper making

Paper-making Learning


The costs of the community service can be divided into two parts: tour price and program donation (raw materials and hardwares). The tour price depends on group size and tailor-make arrangements; the material donation is up to different served programs and your party's will. Kindly understand that this is a charity activity, and the second part of your costs is used to help the local poors directly.

Food and Meals:
You can taste lots of delicious local food during this trip. In Kaili city, we will take you to eat famous Miao Fish Hotpot. And in village, for appreciating your help, the local people must do their utmost to satify your group with the best food that they can offer.

The toilet in village, in very poor condition, is squat style and without water tank.

Kaili Hotels:
You can choose to stay different hotel in Kaili:
The best 4 Star - Kaili Heaven-Sent Dragon Hotel
4 Star - Kaili Crown Plaza Hotel
3 Star - Kaili JK Regency Hotel

Homestay in rural village:
You will be stay at local village house to experience their real lifes. The condition can not reach the standard of an average hotel, but we ensure the cleanness and comfort that will not disappoint you.

Photos in Guizhou rural village:

guizhou village buffet breakfast guizhou village buffet lunch guizhou rural homestay
guizhou village toilet guizhou rural toilet inside guizhou village fields

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