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Colorful Folk Festivals in Guizhou

Guizhou Miao FestivalGuizhou plays host to hundreds of festivals every year. Guizhou people live a simple life, but they, in particular the Miao and Dong, always seem to have something to celebrate. Thus if you plan to visit Guizhou, you should make sure to hit at least one of the traditional festivals. A good starting place for festival glance is Kaili, a profusion of festivals is held in nearby villages. Some of the larger and more popular annual festivals include the Lusheng Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Sister's Meal Festival. And these festivals are held on auspicious lunar dates and therefore vary from year to year in Roman calendar. You can see the details in the below list, and choose suitable date to plan your Guizhou travel itinerary.

Major Festival Calendar of Minority Ethnic Groups in Guizhou

(Festivals in red are the most important and popular in Guizhou.)

Important Festival Minority Date in 2014 Date in 2015 Location Celebrate Activities
New Year Festival Dong Jan.31-Feb.2 Feb.19-21 Liping Worship ancestors, antiphonal singing, Dong Opera
Tiaohuapo Miao Feb.9 Feb.28 Liuzhi Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
Lusheng Festival Feb.18 Mar.9 Villages of Zhouxi Town, Kaili City Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing, bullfight.  Details
Tiaohuapo Mar.15 Feb.28 Shuicheng Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
Sister's Meal Festival Apr.14-16 May 3-5 Shidong, Taijiang Sister's meal, wooden drum dance, festival market.  Details
Siyueba May 6-8 May 25-27 Huangping County, Songtao County Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
Dragon Boat Festival Jun.22-24 Jul.10-12 Shidong Dragon boat race, local market
Liuyueliu Buoyi, Buyi Jul.2 Jul.21 Zhenfeng Singing competition, play bamboo leaves
Lusheng Festival Gejia Nov.18-20 Nov.7-9 Chong'anjiang Antiphonal singing, Lusheng dance, festival market
Lusheng Festival Miao Nov.18-20 Nov.7-9 Gulong Antiphonal singing, bullfight, Lusheng dance
New Year Festival Nov.30-Dec.3 Nov.26 Leishan Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing.  Details

Other Featured Festival Calendar of Minority Ethnic Groups in Guizhou

Other Festival Minority Date in 2014 Date in 2015 Location Celebrate Activities
Tiaochang Festival Miao Feb.8 Feb.27 Tongmuling Village, Huaxi District, Guiyang City Lusheng Dance
Dixi Festival Buoyi, Buyi Feb.14 Mar.5 Villages of Huaxi District, Guiyang City Sing Local Opera
Fangu Festival Miao March March Qinglang Village, Qingman Town, Kaili City Beat Wooden Drum, Blow Lusheng
Sanyuesan Dong Apr.2 Apr.21 Baojing Town, Zhenyuan County Antiphonal Singing, Lusheng Dance
Caigetang Festival Miao Jul.2 Jul.21 Jinbao Town, Zhenyuan County Antiphonal Singing
Paoma Festival July July Guading Town, Kaili City Horse Race, Antiphonal Singing
New Rice Festival Jul.7 July Villages of Panghai Town, Kaili City Eat New Rice, Celebrate Harvest
Papo Festival Jul.15 Aug.3 Xianlu Mountain of Kaili City Lusheng Dance, Antiphonal Singing
Chabaige Festival Buoyi, Buyi Jul.17 Aug.5 Chabai Town of Xingyi City Antiphonal Singing,
Play Yu-kin, Dance
Qiyueban Miao Aug.8 Aug.26 Outskirts of Kaili City Lusheng Dance, Horse Race, Bullfight
New Rice Festival August November Zhouxi Town and Qingman Town of Kaili City Eat New Rice, Assemble
Double Ninth Festival Oct.2 Oct.21 Qingman Town of Kaili City Blow Lusheng, Bullfight, Horse Race
Bullfight Festival October October Yongxi (A Miao Village) Antiphonal Singing & Dance, Bullfight, Horse Race.  Details
New Year of Miao November November Zhouxi Town, Guading Town, Kaili City Blow Lusheng, Bullfight, Horse Race, Beat Drum
Duan Festival Shui November Sept. - Nov. Sandu County, Dushan County, Dujun City Ancestor Worship, Horse Race, Celebrate Harvest
New Year of Dong Dong Mid. to End of Dec. of 2012 Feb.18-Mar.8 Rongjiang County Lusheng Dance, Bullfight, Lantern Fair

Recommended Guizhou Festival Highlights & Tours

Festival Date: Mar 15 of Chinese Lunar Calendar (May 3 of 2015)
Tour Departure Date: Apr. 30 of 2015
Miao Sisters' Meal Festival is regarded as the oldest oriental Valentine's Day, held in Shidong area of Guizhou in March 15 of Lunar Calendar.
During the festival, every Miao's family should eat the sisters' rice - dyed and steamed five-color glutinous rice, and many funny activities are held. Let us have a date with the grand cheerful Miao event in 2015 !
Festival Date: Oct. of Lunar Calendar ( Dec. 6-10 of 2014 & Nov. 26 of 2015)
As one of the most important folk festivals of Miao people, Miao New Year is held to offer sacrifices to the Miao's ancestors and to celebrate a bumper harvest in Qiandongnan Miao areas. Many sports such as bullfight, horse race, chess-playing contest are held during the festival.
In this tour you will be led to Leishan county to join in this annual grand event!
Festival Date: Sep 27-29 of Lunar Calendar (Oct. 19-21 of 2014 & Nov. 7-9 of 2015);
It is the most ceremonious traditional festival celebrated on the grandest scale at Zhouxi, Kaili City, and the Gulong Village in Huangping County. It is both an exhibition of prosperity and a competition of skill and wisdom.
In this tour, you will visit Chong'anjiang and Gulong to attend their Lusheng Festival, and sing and dance with Miao people.

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