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Guizhou Tour Guide

guizhou dong village Located In the southwest of China, Guizhou province is in the center of the world 's largest karst landscape. Mountains and hills take up over 97% of Guizhou and dotted with valleys, ravines, crags, and cliffs. This unique landscape is attractive to hikers and photographers who want to see the scenery firsthand. Guizhou is also a province where various ethnic groups live in compact communities. In addition to the Han majority, there are many minority groups including Dong, Miao, Bouyi (Buyi, Buoyei), Yi, Gejia, Shui, Hui, Gelo, Zhuang, Yao, Manchu and Bai. Different minority groups account for one-third of the province's total population of 39 million. Unique natural scenery, rich ethnic traditions, splendid culture heritages, and a pleasant climate appeal to a great number of tourists.

Facts about Guizhou

Full Name: Guizhou Province
(Abbreviation: Gui or Qian)
Chinese Name: 贵州(Guì Zhōu)
Language: Southwestern Mandarin
Area of Guizhou: 176,100 km2 (68,000 sq mi)
Capital and Largest City: Guiyang
Population of Guizhou : 34,746,468 (2010)
Location: Latitude: 24° 37' to 29° 13' N
Longitude: 103° 36' to 109° 33' E
East: Hunan, South: Guangxi, West: Yunnan, North: Chongqing city and Sichuan;
Ethnic composition: Han - 62%, Miao - 12%, Buoyi - 8%, Dong - 5%, Tujia - 4%,
Yi - 2%, Undistinguished - 2%, Gelao - 2%, Sui - 1%
Climate: subtropical humid monsoon climate
Temperature: 15°C (annual average); 3-6°C (average of the coldest January);
22-25°C (average of the hottest July)

Guizhou Tourism

With diversity in ethnic cultures, natural beauty and a friendly climate, Guizhou has a distinct advantage in tourism resources. As one of poorest province in China, Guizhou has always poised to become international tourist destination to shake off the poverty. ChinaTourGuide.com aims to take everyone from home and abroad who is interested in chinese minority cultures and splendid natural sceneries to discover this mysterious land. In the following map, the destinations with Red icon are highly suggested to visit by us, especially Kaili and its surrounding areas display multiple minority cultures that definitely please your eyes in various Miao or Dong villages.

Guizhou Tourist Map

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Guizhou Tour
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