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Guizhou Shopping

The rich minorities of Guizhou allow for the abundant handicrafts and local products with ethnic features. Its handicrafts include wax-printed cloth, flutes, lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument), lacquer ware, ink stones, embroideries and carvings. An ethnic minority doll and a totem mask as small as a walnut shell would be unusual gifts to take home. Small gifts like these are widely popular among tourists. What 's more, Maotai liquor and green tea in Guizhou enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.

Local Products

Maotai Liquor
Maotai Liquor, the world-renowned wine in China is brewed in Guizhou province and honored the National Treasure in its kind. Maotai Liquor is as famous as Usquebaugh of Scotland and Aquavit of France--the three are renowned as the Three Famous Wines in the World. Maotai Liquor belongs to catsup fragrance style, tasting pure, sweet and refreshing. It is made from jowar and barley. The brewage of the liquor will go though eight times of ferment and nine times of distillation. The whole process lasts one year. After the process, the liquor will be stored for years. The specific techniques of brewage make the strong liquor suitable for drinking and beneficial to the health. You won't feel dizzy even if you drink too much.

Batik is China's ancient folklore textile crafts. Batik technique was lost in Central China, but it has been handed down from generation to generation among the ethnic people in Guizhou. Some professionals believe the batik cloth art was preserved by the Miao people along with their migration to southwest China. Batik cloth art is widely spread in Miao, Buyi, Shui and Gejia minorities. Generally speaking, Guizhou batik cloth is blue and white, except for Anshun and Puan areas, where red, yellow, blue may also be added. With particularly ethnic style and unique charm decorated with minority people's lives, Guizhou batik has won more and more the favorite at home and abroad.

Di (Ground) Opera Mask
Di (Ground) Opera is a traditional Chinese folk opera popularized in the middle and west area of Guizhou. The town of Anshun is known as the home of Di Opera and its masks, which have become a tourist attraction and reflect much of the local style. Made o f white poplar and meticulously carved and colorfully painted, Di Opera masks are vivid and sometimes exaggerated and mysterious, fully expressing the folk art's frank style. These exquisite and lifelike marks make interesting gifts and valuable collector items for travelers.

Yuping Flute
Made in the east of Guizhou, the Yuping flute was first produced by a music lover in Yuping surnamed Zheng more than 400 years ago, according to historical records. The flute made by the Zheng family was so well accepted that it was presented to the Ming (1368-1644) emperors as an article of tribute. With the greater need of the flutes in late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Zheng family began to receive apprentices and enlarged flute production. Yuping Flute is now known throughout China for its quality and has won international awards. These elaborately carved flutes made of local bamboo, which has longer solid joints of even thicknesss, produce a clear and beautiful sound.

Guizhou is one of the best areas for growing tea in China. The province has more than 600 types of tea plants, making it one of the richest among China's provinces in terms of variety. In addition, the advantages of a sound climate, fertile soil and an ecologically balanced environment have infused Guizhou's tea leaves with rich material content, lasting fragrance and freshness, as well as the capacity to produce a brightly colored drink.

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