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With a wide range of flexible tour choices and professional guides and expert staff, China Tour Guide is dedicated to providing our customers a genuine experience during tours in China. Your feedback will be an attestation of our efforts as well as momentum of our progress. For people who are looking for a tour in China, the following reviews may be helpful for you to make choices.

Reviews of 2012

Dear Nancy,

Just want to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team. I had a great time in Beijing.

First of all, I got picked up by an English speaking guide. Then he lead me to a driver and told him to send me to my hotel. That was fine except I couldn't say anything to him at all without the English.

Checked it hotel without any problems. Next day, Serina came with a driver and told me I was their VIP guest as I was the only one on that tour. Felt a bit strange but of course she was lovely. She explained all the sites to me and I had a great time. It was snowing so we were not able to go to the Badaling wall but went to another part of the wall instead. It was fine because I still got to climb the steps of the Great Wall of China. Serina was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed her company very much. Second day, I was greeted by Andy and the driver. This time our tour group had another couple from Canada joining me. Again, Andy was excellent and I learnt so much on his tour.

In the evening, Yoyo came to pick me up and took me to the Acrobatics show.

Nancy, your team is great and I definitely would book again with you when I explore China further. Where can I post excellent reviews of your company?

Even though I have thanked my guides, I would appreciate it you let them know as well how much I enjoyed their company.

Congratulations and well done!

Customer:Ms. BalzatUpdate Date:Dec 30, 2012

Destination: Beijing

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Dear Sara,

Thank you very much for working with me on planning and customizing our trip to Asia. Everything was good and smooth.

I will be happy to add you as a friend on a facebook and recommend your services to my friends. We are in love with Asia and would be happy to visit again when we have a chance.

Best Regards,

Customer:Ms. FurmanUpdate Date:Dec 25, 2012

Destination: Hongkong

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Dear Libby,

Thank you for arranging this tour for me and my family. It has been great fun and we enjoyed it very much. Then the tour guide, Peter is wonderful and very professional. He went out of his way to provide us assistance. The driver is great too, so is the van.

The pottery workshop is a let - down though. There was hardly any teaching. The people there just let the kids do their own thing. I know this is not in your itinerary; I had requested for it.

The hotels are ok, generally. We do like the one at Jingdezhen. The room is big and clean.


Customer:Ms. LimUpdate Date:Dec 20, 2012

Destinations: Jingdezhen - Mt. Huangshan - Hongcun Village

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Hi Choury and Sara,

It;s been three weeks after we got back from Guangzhou and Guilin. Just have a time to write you a note to say thank you very much for all your tour arrangement so we could enjoy our trip to Guilin.

The guide in Guilin (I forgot the name) was very nice and helpful. Also the driver is good and helpful..

Customer: Ms. TumakakaUpdate Date: Dec 18, 2012

Destinations:Guangzhou - Guilin

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Dear Libby,

Yes...the tour was good. It was indeed a bit too rush...wish we could have more time.

Ya...all the guides were good....they are helpful and i believe have tried their best to fulfill our requirements.

Overall....no complaints. Thank for your arrangements.


Customer:Ms. TangUpdate Date:Dec 18, 2012

Destinations: Guangzhou - Foshan - Zhuhai

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Dear Libby,

Thank you for the well wishes. I hope to use your company’s services again when I return with my wife in the future. I have recommended your company to all of my friends, and I believe that recently my friends Chel and Racy Llaguno travelled with your guides in Beijing and Xi’an.

Again, thank you. May your New Year be filled with health and prosperity.


Customer:Mr. HamiltonUpdate Date:Dec 17, 2012

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an

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Hi Nancy,

We were both very pleased with our tour and think the arrangements were good.

When we have a little more time we will give you some more feedback but we were very happy and your response has been outstanding and I thank you for that, Nancy.

Kind regards

Customer:Mr. DolbearUpdate Date:Nov 28, 2012

Destinations: Guilin - Longsheng

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Dear Sara,

We are now at the end of a really enjoyable and memorable holiday and we would like to thank you for making it so special. Your organisation was faultless and everything went so smoothly. We now fully realise that this type of trip in china would be almost impossible to arrange ourselves without very specialist knowledge and the help of excellent tour guides and experienced drivers.

Your guides have been excellent and we would particularly like to commend Bobby..Mr Wu and his driver in Guiyang and Guilin who went out of their way to make the trip thoroughly enjoyable and really looked after little details for us. Bobby knew his way Round the Dong and Miaou villages and had a good rapport with the villagers which made us feel very comfortable with him. It was relaxing and fascinating.

The hotels were well chosen and some of them had great character especially the villages Zhaoxing ...The Indigo Lodge and Longshen and Dali and Lijiang. The only exception was the hotel in Shangri La where the quality of the breakfast and the hygiene was very substandard in the dining room. In fact no one had cleared up rubbish from the night before's party! ( We both suffered from altitude sickness and it may be worth warning people about this...may miss this place out when recommending your itinerary to friends.)

However, the scenery was truly spectacular and we loved visiting the older parts of towns and villages to see the local minority people and their ways of living, making handicrafts etc.

We would thoroughly recommend your company to anyone interested in making such a trip.

Best Wishes

Customer:Ms. MolyneuxUpdate Date:Nov 27, 2012

Destinations: Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Guiyang - kaili - Zhaoxing - Longsheng - Guilin - Yangshuo

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Dear Sara,

we were extremly happy with the service of both Tina and Mr Wong. Tina's knowledge of everything we asked was very good. We will recomend your company and Tina to our friends. We will also put our recomendations on the internet for others to see. Thankyou for a well organised tour of Beijing

thanking you,

Customer:Mr. BuntingUpdate Date:Nov 22, 2012

Destinations: Beijing

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Hi Nancy,

We had a very relaxing and enjoyable tour. We visited all the places we had planned for plus insights to local cultures.

Xi'an tour was our first private tour. With this experience, we would be able to design better private tour in the future. Both the driver and tour guide are good. Hotel accommodation and services are excellent. Food or restaurant choices can be improved.

We also appreciate your professional support and services in providing the necessary information and communication for local arrangements. HRC and you will surely cross our minds when we plan for our next tour in China.

With kind regards

Customer:Mr. TeoUpdate Date:Nov 20, 2012

Destinations: Xi'an

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Dear Sara,

Our trip to Xi’an was very good. Hebe was a first class, very knowledgeable tour guide & the driver was also excellent and we would thank them for their work during our visit.

The Hotel was also very good and we enjoyed the stay at the Shangri-La. Accommodations & food was of high quality, but higher cost and more expensive than we anticipated. Xi’an in general we found is a high cost place to visit. Xi’an is a much more commercialized city that we anticipated, but the visit to the Terracotta Warriors location was a fantastic experience for us and the manor of the facilities at the location was very well done indeed. China should be very proud on this 8th Wonder of the World.

Overall we would recommend the trip to Xi’an and China Tours to any of our friends and family.

Only downside to the Xi’an trip was the traffic in the city which is very congested and a bit crazy.

Kind regards,

Customer:Mr. WattUpdate Date:Nov 18, 2012

Destinations: Xi'an

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Hi Sara,

I have appreciated a great deal you professionnalism since November 2011 while preparing the extension part of our trip in China. I was very pleased about the fact that you did all you could to contact us for the Shanghai/Guilin flight time change. Also I was happy talking to you in Yangshuo when we asked for a "western style" meal !!!

Concerning the whole package you organized for us I can say that we were very satisfied about eveything. In Guilin and Yangshuo, Jennifer was very nice with us. She did all she could to please us. In spite of the bad temperature the day of our arrival and the next one, we found Guilin, the Li river, Yangshuo and its countryside wonderful, and the show absolutely extraordinary.

In Hong Kong, we had a marvelous time also. Benny, our guide, was funny and very dedicated to us. In fact, like I discussed with you, we arranged with him to go to Aberdeen. He did not even asked to be paid. Afterward,he brought us is a local restaurant for a Dim Sum lunch that was so yummy. We paid for his lunch since he was so nice with us. He was less shy than Jennifer. I suppose that in Hong Kong they are more used to deal with tourists. even though we have not been a very long time with Benny, we have rapidly developed a certain friendship with him.

Be sure Sara that I will stay in contact with you and, as a matter of fact, I might do it soon for some friends who would like to visit China in 2013.

Best regards,

Customer:Ms. CouturierUpdate Date:Nov 18, 2012

Destinations: Guilin - Yangshuo - Hong Kong

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Hi Nancy,

Thank you for being helpful along the way. It was great working with ChinaTourGuide.

Our guests has enjoyed themselves despite the bad weather in Zhangjiajie. Frank and the zhangjiajie tor guide has took great care of our group.

The bus driver, Mr Tian, is very polite and the bus used is clean. You may want to check with frank on this new transport operator. He has put in extra effort to maintain the bus which is commendable.

The guide, Gladys Bao, is very knowledgeable and made the whole group entertained throughout.

Regarding the hotel chosen. The Zhang Jia Jie International hotel is slightly old and the hotel did not maintained well as we still see stains on the bath tub. Jiang Han Hotel is good, however, the hotel do not on the heater for the first night. Vaya Hotel is very good and we all loved it.

Regarding food, it is okay. The guide has done her best to make sure the dishes has lesser oil,salt,spices.

Apart from these, i must say the trip is nice and well managed by the guide.


Customer:Mr. TanUpdate Date:Nov 14, 2012

Destinations: Zhangjiajie

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Hi Nancy,

We were very satisfied with the services of your agency. Here are my comments:

- The driver, Mr. Ke, was very friendly and helpful. He suggested things to see that we had not thought of, places to eat, always good and inexpensive. We understood each other well enough for practical purposes, but not for any lengthy explanations. He's a very good and experienced driver.

- The hotels were simple but satisfactory.

- I appreciate your having recommended shortening the distance travelled per day, this was very good advice.

We were especially happy to have gone all the way to Zhaoxing, probably the most beautiful, authentic and interesting place we have visited in China.

I will recommend your services to my friends and acquaintances in Zhuhai.

Best regards

Customer:Ms. BaumelerUpdate Date:Nov 13, 2012

Destinations: Guiyang - Kaili - Rongjiang - Congjiang - Zhaoxing - Sanjiang - Guilin – Longsheng – Zhaoxing – Yangshuo

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Dear Allan,

In Beijing we met Nancy, one of the best travel guides we have ever had. She was extremely friendly, supportive and helpful. She knew we have a big language barrier and made everything she could in order to make our stay in Beijing as pleasant as she could. She used to give us recommendations of where to eat in our spare time and even made an effort to write to us in Chinese helpful words as vegetarians etc. since we cannot eat meat. As for her actual role as a travel guide she did everything to make the trip perfect: her English was very good. Very easy to communicate and understand her. From checking the status of traffic and amounts of visitors in each sites she knew how to reorganize the itinerary and recommend us where to go first and what to keep for last. And really, in most places the traffic was quite good and the visitors could have been much worse if she hadn’t done so. Most important than all we could visit every site from the itinerary and together with that have some time of our own.

Please send her our regards and make sure you give her our good feedback for her excellent job!!! She should be your first choice when you need a perfect guide in Beijing.

Kind regards,

Customer:Mr. HanochUpdate Date:Nov 6, 2012

Destinations: Beijing

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Dear Sara,

Our tour group greatly enjoyed our trip to Huangshan and Jingdezhen. The weather in Huangshan was perfect and the views spectacular. We also enjoyed the hotel (great location and good food) and the crowds were OK in the early morning and the evening, so staying the night was the right decision.

We enjoyed our visits to Xidi and Hongcun, one well developed and commercial, the other in a more "natural" state, so a good contrast. We could have done with more time, as our visits were a bit hurried.

Jingdezhen was interesting, particularly the old kiln and museum and we had a great time shopping. The hotel, KaiMenZi (which I chose) was not good. Poor food, poor service and no possibility of buying either a drink or a coffee after 6pm. The location also meant we could not wander around the town in the evening which we would have liked to do. I'm not sure what the alternatives were. The visit and lunch at SanBao Ceramic Centre was the highlight.

The driver was excellent and the coach comfortable. Our guide's English was good and we had no trouble communicating. He was also very open to our suggestions and flexible enough to change plans. His food ordering was excellent, as we had specific requirements for lots of vegetables!

Kind regards,

Customer:Mr. ScarfUpdate Date:Oct 28, 2012

Destinations: Jingdezhen - Mt. Huangshan - Hongcun Village

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Hi Nancy,

My Mother and Bettie made it home in fine fashion....first class all the way!

They had such a wonderful time and you guys made me look like a king to them for taking such good care of them, but you deserve most of the credit. They really were impressed with your selection of activities, and they thought the tour guides were awesome. They really couldn't be happier, which makes me so happy too.

Thank you and Libby for your expert advise and Nancy your personal touch made such a big difference!

I know that the ladies and myself will most certainly recommend you and your company to all of our friends.

Take care and stay in touch,

Customer:Mr. HohenseeUpdate Date:Oct 27, 2012

Destinations: Beijing –Xi’an – Guilin – Yangshuo – Chengdu - Shanghai

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Hi Christine,

We are now in Chengdu and went to see the pandas today, they were just gorgeous and we have enjoyed this very busy city. Thank you for your help with the Yangtze cruise, it was wonderful and so spectacular. The crew on the ship were friendly and made us welcome, we were the only 2 English speaking on the cruise, but this was not a problem at all. The Chinese people were very kind and friendly.

We loved Gui Lin and the day cruise on the Li River was really great, we were picked up on time and dropped off on time, the guide was lovely. I would recommend you and your company, you have been most helpful. We are loving China and are surprised how beautiful it is.

Kind regards,

Customer:Mr. HodgeUpdate Date:Oct 25, 2012

Destinations: Guilin - Yichang – Yangtze Cruise – Chongqing – Chengdu

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Hi Libby,

Thanks for a great trip to Beijing! We had a great trip with Arthur, and can't say enough how great of a guide he was- truly felt welcome in a foreign land. He was very informative and professional, and at the same time fun and flexible. Some of the government-run shops that were not on the schedule were a little much and felt like tourist traps, but otherwise everything was great- nothing negative to say about the car, driver, or food.

I will certainly recommend your service to friends traveling to China, and send my personal thanks and regards to Arthur for us!

Thanks again,

Customer:Mr. JahneUpdate Date:Oct 21, 2012

Destinations: Beijing

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Hi, Allan!

My husband and I had a great tour to the Panda Breeding Base and Leshan. We would definitely recommend your tour to any friends who visit Chengdu. Tina, our tour guide, is great! We truly enjoyed our time spent with her.

I would make one suggestion for your driver when he picks up guests at their hotels. It may be helpful to fix the sign with the name on the van window so it is visible at all times. I went outside the hotel at my designated pickup time. I saw him sitting in the van, but with no sign showing my name. Several minutes later, my husband went outside to check again and this time the driver was holding the sign in his hand. I would have seen him the first time if the sign was visible.

Our comments on the food - it was OK. We had the chance to eat many different dishes while we were staying in Chengdu. The dishes we had for lunch were OK. Perhaps you may want to suggest different dishes to the restaurant.

Customer:Ms. ChangUpdate Date:Oct 18, 2012

Destinations: Chengdu

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Hi Libby,

Thank you very much for arranging our Hangzhou trip. We enjoyed our visit.

Everything was okay except for the hotel, which we understand because it was a weekend and we know its hard to look for a hotel during weekends.

Rest assured that we will contact you when we plan to go to other cities of China. Thank you very much for accomodating us.

Thanks again.

Customer:Ms. AngUpdate Date:Sep 10, 2012

Destination: Hangzhou

Related Tour: 2 Days 1 Night Classic Hangzhou City Tour

Dear Sara,

For sure, we enjoyed very much our holidays in your country, everything were under as planned and whole people involved were very kind and helpful, specially your permanent contact whenever was needed.

No doubt that we recommend your company to our friends. Thanks again.

Customer:Ms. OrtizUpdate Date:Sep 5, 2012

Destinations: Beijing- Xi’an - Chengdu – Guilin – Longsheng - Yangshuo – Shanghai – Hong Kong

Related Tour: 12 Days China Experience Tour ,12 Days China Discovery

Dear Choury,

Thank you for your assistance with this tour. IT was a lovely day, and I enjoyed it very much. Joey was very nice and all went well. Thanks again.

Customer:Ms. EllingwoodUpdate Date:Sep 3, 2012

Destination: Chengdu

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Hi Nancy,

We finished OK our tour this morning, In general, we are satisfied with the service your company provided, except for the train trip, the change of tickets in Xi'an and lunches in Shanghai everything went fine.

Thanks so much,

Customer:Ms. GuellUpdate Date:Sep 3, 2012

Destinations: Beijing – Datong – Pingyao – Xi’an –Shanghai – Zhouzhuang - Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days Beijing Datong Pingyao Tour ,12 Days China Paradise Tour by Train

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your email. We are actually in huangshan right now! We go back to shanghai on Thursday and then return to Sydney next Monday. We have had a great time travelling in china and our trip to datong and pingyao was a highlight!

Your service and response to my queries has been impeccable so thank you for this. Once on the tour, our guides were both very knowledgeable and John from pingyao was clearly very passionate about his job, and a very enthusiastic guy.

Accommodation and drivers has also been fine.

Thanks again, and if we have any friends coming to china we will recommend you to them!

Customer:Mr. YeeUpdate Date:Aug 14, 2012

Destinations: Datong - Pingyao - Taiyuan

Related Tour: 4 Days 3 Nights Fabulous Datong and Pingyao Tour ,5 Days 4 Nights Amazing Pingyao Taiyuan Datong Tour

Dear Sara,

Thank you Sara for all your help! We found the coach and are on the cruise now! I really appreciate all your help. Very thorough and I will highly recommend your services to friends.

Customer:Ms. MerrittUpdate Date:Aug 9, 2012

Destinations: Shanghai - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Yichang

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Dear Sara,

we are at the end of our trip and would like to express our thanks to you for planning such a lovely trip. We greatly enjoyed the beautiful areas in china. We would liike to inform you about the guides-some of them were fantastic, had a good english and weree knowledgable like mary in pingyau, Levy in Dali -who knew a lot and especially Angeel in Ligangg who went out of her way to help us and was very knowledgable. As to Dulma in Shangri La she had good will but more English and not enough knowledge. As to Suny, little knowledge and incomprehensible english but had good will.

Again thank you.

Customer:Mr. SmadarUpdate Date:Aug 3, 2012

Destinations: Beijing-Xi’an-Taiyuan-Pingyao-Taiyuan-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangri-La-Kunming-Guilin-Yangshuo

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Dear Nancy and Libby,

We enjoined our trip in Shanxi, the van very good, the driver and the guide good.

The food: In cities the breakfast were very good.

The breakfast in the Flower hotel in the mountains is still before the cultural revolution.

The food is fair, but the atmosphere and the dining time (6:00 to 08:00).

The breakfast in Pingyao bad. The lunch in Datong very poor, dish of earth egg with rice (10 RMB per lunch?)

The lunches on Friday 13.7 and Sunday 15.7 very good. The lunch in Pingyao on Monday 16.7 poor (10RMB?). The lunch in Pingyao on Tuesday 17.7 fair (15 RMB?).


Customer:Mr. AtzmonUpdate Date:Aug 2, 2012

Destinations: Beijing-Datong-Wutaishan-Taiyuan-Pingyao-Taiyuan-Beijing

Related Tour: 8 Days Beijing Datong Pingyao Tour , 6 Days Fantastic Datong Wutaishan Taiyuan and Pingyao Tour

Hi Choury and Sara,

I just wanted to send a little email to thank you both so much for helping us with the tour. We had an amazing time in Beijing, even though we were there for just two and half days. We could not believe what we managed to squeeze into our time there thanks to all your excellent planning.

Our guides ‘Tina’ and ‘Andy’ were wonderful and the drive out to and walk along the JinShan Ling section of the Great Wall were as wonderful as I had dreamed of. The visit and tour around the Hutong was wonderful, the Acrobatics concert in the city was incredible and world class entertainment, the tea tasting was fun, the Temple of Heaven and Price Gong’s Palace both beautiful to visit, Tianamen Square and the Emporer’s Palace and surrounds were breathtaking in scale. The motel was better than I had hoped for and close to city food and entertainment for walking in our free time in the evenings.

I would recommend your company to anyone and everyone who is interested to go to China.

Many, many thanks again,

Customer: Ms. LambdenUpdate Date: July 23, 2012


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Hello Nancy,

I am having a wonderful trip! I truly appreciate all that you have arranged for me. THANK YOU!

Customer:Ms. NicholsUpdate Date:June 11, 2012

Destinations: Shanghai - Beijing

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Hi Sara and Choury,

Mother and Sister had a great time. I am copying my sister so she can share with your some memories and photos.

My mother had a great time with the school kids twice they wanted photos with her, maybe due to her age and size (pettit). I am attaching one photo.

Sara your tour guides are very professional and special people. Again thanks to you for the nice time that they had .

Customer: Mr. RinconesUpdate Date: June 5, 2012


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HI Sara,

Thank you very much for your professional help and service.

We enjoyed our short time in Beijing very much. We were very happy with your tour guide Yoyo. She was very friendly and her knowledge of every place we visited and her timing was perfect.

When we visit again, hopefully with more time, we will be sure to ask for her services again. We can recommend her anytime.


Customer:Mr. PretoriusUpdate Date:May 31, 2012

Destinations: Beijing

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Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your E/mail on our arrival home to Australia. We both enjoyed Yunnan Province very much. Dali, Lijiang and Shangri La are very beautiful Cities with so much to see & do. Your Tour Guides were all very good, especially Joan at Lijiang. Driver Mr Young, from Lijiang to Shangri La was excellent.

All the hotels were Good but next time we will upgrade each room from standard to Deluxe. All meals except Lunch at Dali, were excellent. The lunch at The Stone Forest tour was the Meal we enjoyed the most in China. It was Excellent. The One thing we will definitely change next time is to have a rest day in Dali & Lijiang to ourselves to do some shopping. We can now understand why you use The Landscape Hotel in Dali, It is so much in a better location as to enjoy The Old Town.

Thank you for your Excellent Service as our tour operator, we do not have any complaints, & will Recommend You to our family & friends if they plan to travel to China.

Kind Regards & Best Wishes

Customer:Mr. ManningUpdate Date:May 29, 2012

Destinations: Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - ShangriLa

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Dear Libby,

Regarding our trip in China, I want to say that it was very successful on all scales. It was very well organized from your side and all the people (drivers, tour guides) were very helpful and nice. You all did great job.

The only problem we had is that we had to pay for an extra night in the Hotel in Beijing (Days Inn Hotel) because nobody asked us to checkout and it is not mentioned in the itinerary that we have to check out. The one who reads the itinerary, will understand it differently actually. The company should have had informed us to check out one day before. Anyway this was not a big problem and it did not stop us from enjoying our trip with you.

Tour guides: they were all very nice and friendly. We liked them all.

Drivers: the same. they are nice and friendly.

Accommodation: in general, they were also fine. there are some very small issues but they do not matter. In the end they are all 3 stars hotels.

Of course it was a pleasure to talk with you and with your colleagues and in fact I would love to visit china again. When I come next time I will definitely call you and I will also recommend my friends, who want to visit china, to make their tour through "China tour Guide".


Customer:Mr. MalaebUpdate Date:May 25, 2012

Destinations: Hangzhou - Suzhou -Shanghai

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Hi Choury,

We thoroughly enjoyed beautiful Suzhou. The guide was there to meet us at the train station. I do have a comment to make of Mike, our guide. On the first day, he was not very chatty, he said he had a late night out the previous night before. He was not familiar with my itinerary, and had to read through it and still miss out the canal cruise. I had to point that out to him.

On the second day, Mike made up for everything. He was a lot more chatty and took us to a proper restaurant. He and the driver were very accommodating to take us to a couple of extra sightseeing places and drop us off at the station.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The accommodation at Pan Pacific is excellent.

Once again, thank you for a very pleasant experience with China Tour.


Customer:Mr. TanUpdate Date:May 16, 2012

Destinations: Suzhou

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Hello Sara,

Our trip in Xi'an was excellent. The guide, Derrick, was very good and professional. I highly recommend you use him as a guide. Also, the driver was excellent.

Thank you again.

Customer:Ms. StrainUpdate Date:May 13, 2012

Destinations: Xi'an

Related Tour: 2 days Xi'an at a Glance , 1 day Terracotta Warriors Tour

Dear Sara & Cherry, we enjoyed Huangshan very much and our guide, Peter, was excellent, so thank you for his services. The accommodation was fine and the food was also very good. We felt the tour was value for money and would travel with you next time we are in China.

Customer:Mr. TeohUpdate Date:Apr 30, 2012

Destinations: Mt. Huangshan

Related Tour: 4 Days Huangshan Cultural Heritage Tour

Hi Cherry,

Your time and service is very much appreciated. We had a great time in China with no difficulties in the far away land. All the booking turned out exactly as per your scheduled with no complications.

Your country and your people were most welcoming everywhere we went and every one we met in China.

Customer:Mr. SquissatoUpdate Date:Apr 28, 2012

Destinations: Chongqing – Yangtze River - Yichang

Related Tour: 4 Days Chongqing and Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Hello Cherry,

In Shanghai we have Matthew (Mr Fan) as tour guide and he is also a great tour guide! He looks after us and making sure we are not conned by the taxis and also other things to look out for. He makes sure the driver drives safely and also not to talk on the mobile phone while driving. Many minor things are well taken care by Matthew. It seems minor but it means a lot to us! He has good knowledge of Shanghai and we will recommend you to use him often as a tour guide for your other customers! Matthew is also very initiative tour guide as he always avoids using the route where there are many other visitors and we can have fun and taking our time to enjoy every moment!

The Shanghai Acrobatic show! We enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you for the beautiful seats they are right at the front of the theatre!

Customer:Mr. MonoriUpdate Date:Apr 22, 2012

Destinations: Shanghai

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Hello Choury,

Suzhou is a beautiful place and we have great tour guide, Mike and the driver is great! We totally enjoy Suzhou and the tour guide Mike (Chen Ping) really looks after us. He is a typically tour guide that I have seen over these 10 years to china. He is worth a praised! Because of Mike, we have enjoyed Suzhou so much that we are planning to go back soon. Mike has a great history background of Suzhou and he even made an effort to find out more history of the Great Canal that we are visiting via his wife who is a history teacher. We are impressed with his initiative and the love he has for his work! He swapped our itinerary due to the time of the week and making us feel special as there are many occasions that the places we went at that time do not have many other visitors and we can enjoy the place leisurely and comfortably. We will recommend you to use him often as a tour guide for your other customers.

Thank you,

Customer:Ms. MontarroyosUpdate Date:Apr 21, 2012

Destinations: Suzhou

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Hello Nick,

Lijiang was a wonderful place and we loved it very much... thanx Nick, your choice for hotel, at the Crowne Plaza was an excellent choice ... the Suite was fantastic and beautiful scenery from the hotel... great place...thanx for the recommendation !

we were glad that the city was great and good food was served... we had a good time !!!

thank & cheers,

Customer:Ms. Sarintira Update Date:Apr 10, 2012

Destinations: Lijiang

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Hello Star,

thanx for the wonderful trip that my family and i had in Kunming & Lijiang. I must thank you and your team for being always there for any help along the way !!

Kunming: I must say that Jackie was an excellent guide and was very professional all the time when being with us, he is very understanding and forward thinking of what we need all the time ...... excellent person !!

Tiffany, though very brief meet was a very nice and warm girl who my daughter was quick to like her..... though she seems to have no experience as yet of where the Counters in the international airports are but it was not difficult to find. A very nice person and hope she will be more exposed to being a guide.

All the drivers in Kunming were very safe and good drivers .... thanx to them too !!

We also enjoyed the Green Lake hotel very much and it was good..... i have written a review about the hotel in Trip Advisor.

Customer:Yahna SG Update Date:Apr 9, 2012

Destinations: Kunming - lijiang - Kunming

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Hi Nancy and Winnie,

Many thanks for all help on my business and holiday trip to China, I was very pleased with all the arrangements and although we had a little problem with my wife being picked up at the airport I was impressed at the way it was sorted and in our refund for the taxi. You guides and drivers were a credit to your company and I have no complaints. Certainly should we need to return to China I would not hesitate in using your services again.

Customer:Mr. Minton Update Date: Apr 7, 2012

Destinations: Shanghai – Changzhou – Suzhou - Shanghai

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Hi Allan,

We just got back home from our Asia trip, and I just wanted to complement your agency for outstanding service! Tina was an exceptional guide, we appreciated her help and professionalism. Please pass on my compliments regarding Tina - she was a highlight of our month-long vacation - very knowledgeable, friendly and exactly on time!

Customer:Mr. Morris Update Date: Mar 30, 2012

Destinations: Shanghai

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Dear Sara,

I had a great time, regarding comments the guides were all great, I would like to mention the guide in the Old City his information complemented very well the visits.

I would write another mail with more details, however please take a look at the attached photo, by the way her father did not approve the petition. Cheers.

Customer: Mr. RinconesUpdate Date: Feb 2, 2012

Destinations: Xian - Pingyao - Shanghai

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Dear Sara,

Thank you! We are so delighted how our visit to China was! We didn't know at the time that it was our driver in Shanghai who was providing us with bottled water until we had other drivers, who didn't. He was our favorite driver.

Here's what I said on Facebook:

"We went to China for 10 days! What a treat to make the Chinese New Year Spring Festival our debut! We saw all the sights on our personal itinerary, and were delighted. There wasn't one hitch or snag the whole time! The people, music, food, and scenery were marvelous! We flew from Shanghai - Yi Chang to catch the Century Cruises 4 day Yangtze River cruise to Chongqing..., then flew to Guilin and back to Shanghai. It was much cleaner than we expected. We envied their roadways for the perfect condition and surprising expense in the landscaping, even the streetlights and overpasses had form and function.

The people are much more free, they come and go, there wasn't even a customs inspection, in or out. They say they are a socialist country led by the Communist Party. They consider North Korea a Communist country."


Customer:Ms. Danan Update Date: Feb 2, 2012

Destinations: Shanghai – Suzhou – Yichang – Yangtze River – Chongqing - Shanghai

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