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With a wide range of flexible tour choices and professional guides and expert staff, China Tour Guide is dedicated to providing our customers a genuine experience during tours in China. Your feedback will be an attestation of our efforts as well as momentum of our progress. For people who are looking for a tour in China, the following reviews may be helpful for you to make choices.

Reviews of 2011

Dear Sara,

Our 2 day trip to Suzhou was excellent and I wish to compliment the punctual service we received from the pickup in Shanghai and the guide and driver in Suzhou. The Scholars Hotel Pingjiangfu was also a very good recommendation.

I specially wish to praise Sydney our guide in Suzhou he was very knowledgeable and friendly I would recommend his services, also the driver was courteous and drove safely.

Thank you again I will definitely use you travel services again o my next visit to China.

Customer:Mr. Lee Update Date: Dec 18, 2011

Destinations: Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai

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Dear Sara,

Thank you for your email. You are so professional.

You made our trip to china above our expectations. We really happy and already started taking proudly about your great country China.

Everything was as per the schedule and I would like to thank you and your team for your great efforts.

If I have to add comments, I would recommend to consider the quality of the Hotels. Especially when you deal with a females coming from the middle east country such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The hotels in general were below our expectation and their Breakfast was not good at all and they are poor in English. Other than that, we have no comments and thank you again for everything.

Best regards,

Customer: Ms. Aljundi Update Date: Dec 11, 2011

Destinations: Beijing-Xi’an-Shanghai-Hangzhou

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Dear Allen,

We were very happy with our tour guides and drivers. They were very friendly and helpful. Some of them really tried to fulfill all our extra wishes. We very much appreciated their professional service. Our visit included Beijing, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hangshou, and Shanghai.

Accommodation has been very good. The food at the family home during the Hutong tour in Beijing was very good too. The other meals we got on group tours, however, were of very low quality. This has been disappointing and in stark contrast to the otherwise high quality of your service. I really suggest you change that. People like to try authentic food of high quality, not bland westernized versions cooked and served with little attention. We have had the chance to get excellent local food - but only when choosing or specifically requesting the restaurants and paying for it ourselves.

As for the tours (especially the group tours), too much time has been spent in promotional shopping venues. This is especially true for Shanghai, where the time spent to witness the promotion of products has been more than double the time for visiting city sights. The tour could have included much more of this interesting city when the visits to the various shops would have been shorter and less frequent.

As for the booking process: For the valuable advice we got while booking, the patience with our ever changing schedule, and the fast and always friendly and very professional response, we'd like to especially thank Sara, our tour operator. She has done a fantastic job.

I don't use Facebook. Never the less we will be happy to recommend your organization to our friends wishing to visit China, or to contact you next time we travel to China.

Best regards,

Customer: Mr. Marcello Update Date: Nov 25, 2011

Destinations: Beijing - Guilin - Hangzhou - Shanghai

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Dear Nancy,

Good day! I would like to thank you for all your speed helps and services. You look are working with a professional manner. I am dealing with Chinese for a long time and I had a bad experience dealing with them, but recently I met with some Chinese people look like you, are highly professionals, I was surprised, because I didn’t find it all over the world. I am proud satisfied dealing with such people.

My warmest regards,

Customer: Mr. Bassil Update Date: Nov 23, 2011

Destinations: Shanghai

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Dear Allen,

Sunnie was a perfect guide, we all loved her. The driver was excellent, and his car was most comfortable! You all were so kind to change our pick up to the airport in Guillin rather than the Shangri La hotel!

The show was spectacular! We loved every minute of it! I will not forget the sights and sounds.

I have clients coming to China in May and I h address and information. Yes, I am on Facebook. Thank you again for your email and for your assistance with a wonderful adventure.

Customer: Ms. Borden Update Date: Nov 22, 2011

Destinations: Guilin

Related Tour: Impression of Liu Sanjie

Hi Sara,

We enjoyed our trip to China very much and would have difficulty finding fault with that part of our trip you organised. We had spent two enjoyable weeks Volunteering at the Bifengxia Panda Base prior to commencing your itinerary. We will make comments about the different components of that part of our trip your company organised for us, which you may find useful.

All were well chosen at the level of accommodation we were expecting. All were well located. The hotel food was good. The restaurants & food chosen by our guides was very good and gave us a good appreciation of Chinese cuisine.

The level of cleanliness in the overnight soft sleepers varied from poor to good. The train staff were excellent, both helpful and courteous. A major difficulty was negotiating the numerous platform stairs with bags weighing 18-20 kgs. & their storage in the limited space of the sleeper. Fortunately we were fit and managed OK. As this was our choice of transport we would not offer these comments as criticism This form of transport would be best suited to young backpackers with small packs.

Your company is always very professional and helpful with sound suggestions regarding our itinerary. Of particular help was the prompt reply, within 24 hours, to e-mails. This was much appreciated.

Generally we has a great China experience meeting the polite helpful local people and learning a little of your culture & cuisine. We would certainly use your company for our next China trip which we hope will not be too far away.

A special thanks to you Sara.

Customer: Mr. & Mrs. Bentley Update Date: Nov 20, 2011

Destinations: Chongqing - Xi'an - Pingyao - Datong - Beijing

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Hi Sara,

We have a great time in China. The trip was one of the best we have ever experienced. The food and accommodations were very good and met our expectations. Your services were excellent and we will definitely use them again when we travel to China.

Best regards,

Customer: Mr. Michael Update Date: Nov 11, 2011

Destinations: Xi'an

Related Tour: 3 days Xi'an Family Tours

Hi Sara,

I am back home in Qatar safe and sound & I had a great time whilst in China thank you! I thought that the organisation of the tour was very thorough and well executed. All the tour guides were friendly and knew a lot about the places we visited, in particular I like Selena (Beijing), Melody (Xi'an) & Chris (Shanghai) the best. Melody also arranged for me to attend the theatre in Xi'an in the evening which was very kind of her. I was met & picked up at every airport/train station on time, with no waiting around - which was nice & reassuring for me being a lone traveller. The sleeper train from Beijing to Xi'an was very comfortable and I would readily recommend that as a good way to travel that leg of the journey.

All of the hotels I stayed in in were fine, the best by far being the Magnificant in Shanghai. Breakfast was ok, but not much choice at any of the hotels for Western travellers & also on many of the days the pick up time was either when breakfast started or just after, making it either impossible or very tight to have any at all. Lunch was generally ok, it was definitely better on the days I was in a group rather than when I was on my own, as there was more choice etc, that is apart from the last day of the tour when I had the best lunch out of the entire week! (Shanghai)

Only one of the hotels I stayed in (also the Magnificant) had computers readily avaliable for its guests to use which I at, times as a independent traveller found hard. Usually this would not matter as there would be a choice of internet cafes to use, however there were not in any of the places I stayed & this made keeping in touch with family etc very difficult.

The transport used to travel in was ok, some better than others, however the drivers were good, knowing the routes and being avaliable all of the time.

Generally I enjoyed all of the places we visited on the schedule, however the zoo in Beijing was a big disappointment and I would even go as far as saying not worth seeing, as there were very few pandas to actually see and the ones we did see looked quite unhappy, which is not pleasant to witness. Also as interesting as it is to visit the jade, silk & pearl factories - once is enough! I think I went to at least 3 jade & 2 silk places during my 8 days!

Thanks once again

Customer: Ms. Watson Update Date: Nov 13, 2011

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights

Dear Sara,

Thank you for your prompt mail. Yes as a whole we are quite satisfied with our tour and will soon comment on the lines mentioned by you. Although I am retired, I am being presently held by my professional activities as few problematic issues have cropped up during my absence and undertake to revert soon.

Best regards & best luck during that peak season.

Customer: Mr.Dualurent Update Date: Nov 4, 2011

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights

Hi Nancy,

we are now back at home in Canada this week. We want to say thank you for the beautiful trip in the Huangshang mountains. We want to highlight the exceptional work done by our guide Ms. Rose Jiang. She is a very good guide and a nice person to travel with her for two days. We can suggest her anytime for guide in the Huangshan. She have a very good knowledge of her region and she like it.

Customer: Ms. Potvin Update Date: Nov 1, 2011

Destinations: Huangshan(Mt. Yellow)

Related Tour: 3 Days 2 Nights Classic Huangshan Mountain Tour

Dear Nancy,

Just a brief note to thank you for the Tour in Chengdu, I had a good time with Fantasy and Scott. I felt like traveling with some friends. Fantasy was not only describing the sites and places but making sure that I have a good time and safe time. Scott make great choices in local food, so I ate the best local food, Scott knows the best places and plates.

The Cooking Experience was good, although I do not think I will pass the entrance exams for the cooking school...

I look forward for my next trip to China. Thanks and best regards

Customer: Mr. RinconesUpdate Date: Oct 30, 2011

Destinations: Chengdu-Chongqing

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Dear Sara,

We had a wonderful time in China. We were very impressed with how well organized it all was. The guides were great, informative,helpful and a pleasure to be with. Every guide was there waiting for us at the different places and all made sure we were safely on to our next place.

The only problem was the train trip to Xian - I was put in a compartment with 3 men and my husband was in a different one and was given an upper bunk bed, which he was physically not able to get up to. We did not sleep all night and would not recommend this part of the trip for more mature travellers .

We really enjoyed China and hope to return ,there is so much more to see. Thank you so much.

Customer: Ms. Sventzouris Update Date: Oct 26, 2011

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Yichang - Shanghai - Hong Kong

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruise

Dear Sara,

The places were excellent and we really enjoyed the show! We have recommended your site on Israeli tourists recommendations website called lemetayel

Thank you for your warm care!

Customer: Adi Segal TaksyakUpdate Date: Oct 23, 2011

Destinations: Shanghai

Related Tour: Shanghai Acrobatics Show

Dear Nancy,

We are back from our China trip.It was thoroughly enjoyable.I commend you for the arrangements you made for us.The whole thing went very smoothly..Please accept our heartfelt thanks.

All the hotels,guides & travel arrangements were excellent,except for one hotel,viz the one in Shanghai,all the other were very comfortable.The Shanghai hotel was flashy,no doubt,but the service was not upto the mark.

Regards & best wishes.

Customer: Mr. Ray Update Date: Oct 19, 2011

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights, 9 Days Golden Triangle Tour

Dear Sara,

Thanks for the Tour in Beijing, Going to Confucius House was a very interesting visit. I always wonder how a discussion between Confucius and Socrates in regard how to live a good life, would have been. Although I can not (Yet) read the Analects, walking in the house and the garden, was a trigger to day dreaming in regards Knowledge and how it should be apply in Life.

Walking in the forbidden city, as well as feeling the Magnificent of the Great Wall, was a great time. I could not stop thinking in how the execution of such a complex project was done. Which Technique were used for Project Control? The actual ideas of Critical Path and Constrain Theory, would have a hard time to carry on such a project.

Again thanks for coordinating the Tour.

Customer: Mr. RinconesUpdate Date: Oct. 17, 2009


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Dear Sara,

Thank you for your assistant. We have a great experience during our travel in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.

You have all best Tour Guide, Stephen, Cristal, and Jenifer. The best tour guide you have is Stephen. He is really a nice person and know alot about China history. He is also very helpfull during the travel when our daugther feel not to well. He is trying hard to find the suitable medicine for her.

Thank you and we will sure recommend your company to our friends.

Customer: Mr. PrawiraUpdate Date: Sep 8, 2011

Destinations: Beijing - Hangzhou - Shanghai

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Dear HRC,

We are extremely happy that we decided to travel to beautiful China. We had a wonderful & amazing experience of a lifetime in traveling to Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin & Hongkong from the 22nd July 2011 to 4th August 2011.

And we want to thank Ms Nancy from HRC Worldwide Hotel & Travel Service who has made it possible. She cleared all our doubts through number of e-mails and answered all our queries gave us an itinerary to the minutest detail which made our holiday in China something to remember as long as we live. The complete planning of our trip was done by her and everything she arranged with utmost care and for our comfort.

1) Selection of all hotels are excellent prime locations in the heart of the city.

2) Breakfast in the hotels and lunches served in different locations were all excellent we came across one vegetarian family who joined our tour in Beijing and they too were taken care of, which was really amazing.

3) Travel by air (domestic), the cruise (Li River and Yangtse) and all cars were in very good condition, clean, comfortable with helpful, well mannered and cooperative drivers.

4) All the Tour Guides provided at every place were well behaved, polite,full of knowledge, caring and helpful. They were always on time, we never had to wait at the hotel or airport etc. We were also on time for visits in every location. The timings of all visits were utilized properly therefore never missed any of the items from the itinerary.

We were never given a single opportunity to complain in fact the entire tour was well organized. Ms Nancy has handled everything so well that I got an opportunity to learn a lot from her instead – though I am a Senior Sales Executive of my organization from the past 30 years.

To summon up our wonderful tour in one word it was Awesome and this kind of excellent service I have not experienced in my previous tours to few of the other countries we had an opportunity to visit.

With all my above experience I have come to the conclusion that the main motto of M/s HRC Worldwide Hotel & Travel Service is “Customer Care & Satisfaction”

Customer: Mr. SoansUpdate Date: Sep 1, 2011

Destinations: Beijing-Xi’an-Shanghai-Guilin-Hong Kong

Related Tour: 11 Days Soul of China Tour

Dear Laura,

first of all tank for your kind mail. I would like to thank you and Sara for all the support given along this enjoyable tour.

ORGANIZATION / TOUR GUIDES / TRANSFERS / CAR SERVICE / LUNCH. Everything was working perfectly !!

HOTELS :All the accommodations were absolutely good with perhaps the one in Luoyang a little below the expectations.

TRAIN: The transfer from Kaifeng to Shanghai is not particularly comfortable.

SCHEDULE: In my personal opinion the stop in Luaonyang and Suzhou could be reduced and Shaolin temple and Kaifeng avoided. These two / three days more could be used for another destination. But this is an improvement of course.

it shall be a pleasure for me to recommend your Agency to all my friends or to use your service for job issues inside my Company.

Customer: Mr. MuggiascaUpdate Date: Aug 24, 2011

Destinations: Beijing-Xi’an-Luoyang-Kaifeng-Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou-Hong Kong

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Hope you are doing well. We finally came back from our August trip. Everything went well. Our guide in Lhasa was super nice but her English was a little limited.

I would like to make some slight modifications, let me know what you think.

Customer: Mr. GiovannaUpdate Date: Aug 23, 2011

Destinations: Lhasa - Shangri-La

Related Tour: 10 days Beautiful Landscape of Southwest China Tour


Thank you for a fantastic trip! We returned on Sunday night with a big smile in our faces.

Pls do treat my cousin Anne as well as you treated us. Anne, her husband and their son also live in Hong Kong and would like to visit Beijing with some friends of them in September. I leave them in your capable hands.

Your tour guides were really nice people, particularly Leo. He is definitely an asset to your business. I will write you more detailed feedback later. Thanks!

Customer: Mr. RuizUpdate Date: Aug 2, 2011

Destinations: Beijing

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Hi Nancy,

Please accept my apologies for this belated reply. I have immensely enjoyed the trip: everything went nice and smooth and it's all thanks to your sympathy, patience, and excellent organization. I stand very impressed and I would do it again and again and again. I do value your friendship and I would have been honored if I had a chance to meet you. Please keep in touch.

Once again thank you very much for all did to make my China trip most enjoyable.

All the best!

Customer: Mr. HassaneUpdate Date: Jul 24, 2011

Destinations: Beijing-Xi'an-Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights, 9 days Golden Triangle Tour

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for helping me with the tour in GZ. We had a great time with the tour. Also We like to commend on the tour guide that we were given.

She's Iris. She's a fantastic tour guide even though she's new to this job. She's very thoughtful, resourceful and caring too. On the day when we are at Bai Yun Mountain, I was not well at all and Iris find all different way to make sure I was ok and she even tried to find unexpected transport for us going down to the mountain. Iris has make our trip enjoyable and also great!

We like to make sure she's commended for all her great work and we believe she will be a great tour guide with all her effort put in her job!!!

Customer: Carrie and RobertUpdate Date: Jul 22, 2011

Destinations: Guangzhou

Related Tour: 3 days Sightseeing and Purchasing Tour, 4 days Guangzhou Leisure Tour

Dear Nancy,

Thanks your e-mail and compliment. By and large, the tour guides, drivers and hotels were quite good and we enjoyed ourselves. However, a detailed assessment would be as follows:

1. Tour Guides: The best tour guide is, without a doubt, Diana in Shanghai. She took a keen and personal interest in showing us around, and we became friends.

2. Drivers: The better driver was the one in Xian- he drove safely and steadily.

3. Hotels: All had good breakfast- best was Howard Johnson & Les Suites. Dinner at Shang Palace Golden Flower and Howard Johnson was good, but the other restaurant at Golden Flower was not so good.Location of Golden Fower was not good as there is nothing near it and it is impossible to walk because of traffic and subway construction.Location of both hotels in Shanghai is very good.

Likewise, I have also enjoyed communicating with you and I look forward to meeting you in the future when I have the opportunity to visit Guangzhou.

Best regards.

Customer: Mr. ThamUpdate Date: Jul. 15, 2011

Destinations: Shanghai-Xi'an-Hangzhou

Related Tour: 12 Days China Signature Tour

Dear Sara,

I haven't answered you earlier because we were travelling in western Sichuan and had no internet.

We very much enjoyed our trip in the north west, and were impressed with our guides, both very dedicated and pleasant people. Our only negative comment would be about the hotel in Urumqi, a very run down Ramada hotel, where the bedsprings made it impossible to sleep well, as well as other defects. The Silk Road hotel in Dunhuang is lovely. Thank you again for your services.

Customer: Ms. HillUpdate Date: May 21, 2011


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Hi Michelle & Cherry,

Thank You for a wonderful trip through China, we had a great time meeting fantastic people and visiting some great sights like the Terra Cotta warriors and the Great Wall.

I will need to travel to China for business only last week of June or first week of July for four maybe five days, I will contact you.

Thanks Again.

Customer: Steve & SuziUpdate Date: May 12, 2011

Destinations:Guangzhou-Wuhan-Jinan-Tai'an-Beijing-Xi'an-Chongqing-Three Gorges-Yichang-Shanghai

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Hi Michelle,

We're writing our first email since returning from our wonderful month visiting your beautiful and exciting country.

We want to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful assistance and professionalism. We didn't think that such a complicated tour that we planned (with 20 different hotels, 6 flights, 2 trains, 2 buses, countless boats, 2 concerts, a major trek etc etc) would be possible without some serious hiccups - we were totally wrong!

This was, by far, the best organised holiday we've ever been on and we were delighted by your choice of hotels, local guides etc etc.

We would have no hesitation in recommending your company and, especially, yourself to any potential clients.

Again, many thanks and very best wishes.

Customer:Martin and ChristineUpdate Date: May 10, 2011

Destinations: Shanghai - Suzhou - Nanjing - Huangshan - Hangzhou - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking - Zhongdian (Shangri-la) - Kunming - Guilin - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai

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The trip was wonderful. Everything worked out perfectly. The tours, guide and driver were excellent. The hotel was great although it was a bit removed from the center of town. The food was fine. My only recommendation is that additional restaurants be available for the included lunches. Only 2 were approved for inclusion so we ate at the same one two days in a row. Thank you for all your help. It was a trip to remember!

I will definitely contact you again, and would love to visit and explore more of China with my friends in the future. Thank you very much.

Customer: Ms. KreuscherUpdate Date: Apr 22, 2011

Destinations: Lhasa

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Dear Sara,

Thanks. Enjoyed the experience, guide and driver very much.

I would strongly recommend Jerry the guide. He was great.

Customer: Mr. ColmanUpdate Date: Apr 12, 2011

Destinations: Mt. Huangshan

Related Tour: 3 Days Huangshan Mountain and Ancient Villages Tour, 3 Days 2 Nights Classic Huangshan Mountain Tour

Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me through the booking of our trip. We had a wonderful time. The hotel in Lijiang was one of the nicest I've stayed in. The guides were great. Jack/Jaques spoke excellent English and gave us plenty of information. Shau Yang was delightful too. Our train tickets turned up just as you planned and we really enjoyed the soft sleeper experience. If I can be of reference for anyone please use my name.

The only thing that went wrong was we didn't get our own bathroom at the Half Way Inn at Tiger Leaping Gorge. They gave it away to someone else in spite of shau Yang checking that morning.

Thanks again for smoothing our way

Customer: Ms. SkoylesUpdate Date: Apr 7, 2011

Destinations: Shanghai - Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking - Zhongdian - Kunming – Shanghai

Related Tour: 7 days Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Tour with Extension to Shangrila, 8 days Kunming – Dali – Lijiang – Shangri-la Tour

Dear Sara,

I would like to thank you on behalf of our small group for a wonderful trip in China. Everything was well planned, we had no problems, everywhere we were met with great care, everything was done in time. Everything(guides, drivers, hotels, food) were of good quality.

We have especially enjoyed our stay in Datong, Pingyao and Xian. All three guides in these cities were wonderfull.

If we go to China again, we will certainly use services of chinatourguide.com and we would recommend your agency to other tourist.

Thank you once again.

Customer: Mr. SekliuckisUpdate Date: Apr 3, 2011

Destinations: Beijing-Datong-Pingyao-Xi'an-Shanghai-Guilin

Related Tour: 14 days Imperial Cities Tour, 14 days Culture Explosion

Dear Sara,

Thanks for the email. Sorry, I didn't reply right away because since we got back from China I had been busy working. Anyway, we all had a wonderful time. Our tour guides were wonderful especially the one in Beijing as well as the driver. Every place was smooth except when we were going back from Xian to Bejing. There was an error on our passport numbers so we waited for at least forty five minutes. But that didn't bother us because our guide took care of everything. Once again, thanks for all the help and already have friends who will be contacting you soon! When I get a chance, I will write something on the link you gave me.

Thanks again and my warmest regards.

Customer: Ms. RoseteUpdate Date: Apr 2, 2011

Destinations: Shanghai-Xi'an

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights, 3 days Xi'an Family Tours

Dear Sara,

Thanks for your hospitality and co-operation. The trip was wonderful.

We also run a travel agncy in India HOLIDAYSCARE if you want any service from us in India, don`t hesitate to let me know. Also we can co-operate with each other for services in china and you can co-operate with us in services required in India.

Thanks and Regards.

Customer: Mr. AnsariUpdate Date: Mar 7, 2011

Destinations: Beijing – Xi'an

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Dear Michelle, I have just arrived home and I want to thank you sincerely for organizing such a wonderful tour for our party of four adults and three children. Your friendly guides and drivers were all excellent. We were always met on arrival and assisted on each departure for every stage of the tour, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the marvelous sights we were shown and the interesting commentary presented. The accommodation was always four star as promised, and the meals were tasty and satisfying.

I particularly want to thank you for arranging our Hong Kong accommodation. This service was not part of your obligation, but we are all very grateful for your time and efforts to do this for us. The hotel you chose was clean and comfortable, and was in a perfect location. As a result we all enjoyed our stay in Hong Kong immensely.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of our friends and acquaintances.

Customer: Mr. MoxeyUpdate Date: Jan 4, 2011

Destinations: Beijing-Xi'an-Chongqing-Three Gorges-Yichang-Shanghai

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruise

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