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With a wide range of flexible tour choices and professional guides and expert staff, China Tour Guide is dedicated to providing our customers a genuine experience during tours in China. Your feedback will be an attestation of our efforts as well as momentum of our progress. For people who are looking for a tour in China, the following reviews may be helpful for you to make choices.

Reviews of 2013

Hi Sara, thanks for your arrangement for Salina as our tour guide to serve and guiding us in Shanghai. Although she just a day with us but we are happy of her profession services. We absolutely satisfied her professional and friendly attitude.

Due to our hotel do not provide breakfast so I approach Salina share us some idea of where can let us have our breakfast tomorrow morning before our tour. So she is very helpful to help us check where to fill in our stomach on the beginning of the day. Finally she manage to suggest some idea and just somewhere near the restaurant we have our dinner tonight.

Thank you and happy new year to u!

Customer: Ms. Goh Update: Dec. 28, 2013 Tour Code: 26628

Destination: Shanghai

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Aloha Maggie,

I think I am back on my schedule now and can review the trip for you.

The two hotels-Amazing Bagan and Myanmar Treasure were both outstanding and recommend then highly.

The drivers were all great and the tour as you planned it was just perfect. We had the right amount of time touring and the rest just playing and shopping and looking around on our own.

The guides were all very nice and tried very hard to please us. Their English is soooo much better than my Burmese (NONE!) that I really hate to critique, but Americans are so spoiled and used to everything being perfect, so the best English is important. All of them were good except when it became a detailed explanation, then it got a bit foggy at times.

The only hitch in our trip was apparently the time was wrong for our flight from Heho to Yangon as we got to the airport at ten minutes to four for our five P.M. flight and they raced us on the plane. It was a 1600 time, instead of 1700. We made it just in the nick of time!

I really appreciate how well you did this and in such a short time. I look forward to working with you again on my next south east Asia adventure.

Happy Holidays.

Customer: Ms. Rogers Update: Dec. 18, 2013 Tour Code: 26502

Destination: Myanmar

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I came in China for work and only had 2 free day so I had arrange a custom tour of Beijing. I wanted to make the msot of it so I borrow China Tour Services. Guides were always on time and very helpful with any of our request. We had time to visit lots of famous attractions, and we even added night attractions ( theaters...). It was a very nice trip.!

Customer: Chii88 Update: Dec. 17, 2013 From TripAdvisor

Destination: Beijing

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We enjoyed our 11 days Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yichang - Shanghai - trip including 3 day Yangtzhe cruise trip from Chongqing to Yitchang to see the engineering masterpiece Three Gorges Dam.

We were very delighted with the service provided by our China Tour Guide Trip Advisor Sara Liu. She was very prompt in responding to our many queries before and during the trip and ensured that our trip proceeds with military precision.

We were welcomed by our English Tour Guides at each destination of our journey. All of them were speaking good English and would arrange our hotel accomodation and boarding pass for our plane / cruise trip to next destination. The hotels were comfortable and we did not face any problem during this trip exccept talking with helpful locals who were not very familiar with English.

We would recommend China Tour Guide to all intending visitors to China.

Customer: Inder K Update: Dec. 17, 2013 From TripAdvisor

Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruise

Photos of China Tour Guide, Guangzhou
This photo of China Tour Guide is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We had a great time taking the 5-day Panda Volunteer Program with China Tour Guide. I actually just found them on the internet as I was looking for a short volunteer opportunity (not the 1-2 week one) but also not just visiting a panda zoo where you can just watch them from afar. China Tour Guide offer this 1 day Chengdu city tour and 2 days volunteer at the Bifengxia Panda Reserve out near Yaan city.

I inquired quite early all via email, maybe more than 6 months before and I contacted quite a number of agencies like them and they were one of the most responsive and most clear with their offer, which made me decide to go with them. Their price was reasonable unlike some that would charge almost $300 more per pax for the same itinerary. Even though they had the 5-day itinerary already set, they were quite flexible with adjustments that we wanted. We wanted to drive back to Chengdu for the last evening instead of staying in Yaan as we had a really early flight. Yaan was 2-2.5 hours drive away from Chengdu and the airport. They help arrange for that. They were also helpful to arrange for the first group to wait at a comfortable coffee shop while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive on another flight just an hour later. We were 6 in the group.

When we were there and we wanted to change our city tour to skip one of the temples and instead go to the Chengdu Panda Research Centre, they were able to accommodate that without additional charges. Then Chengdu Centre wasn't part of the itinerary since we were already volunteering at the larger panda reserve in Yaan, but we didn't want to miss the recently born 14 baby pandas which are still kept at Chengdu. We always stretched our day and went back home late each day and we didn't hear a complaint from the tour guide or driver. I've been with some tour services that are very restricted, with time and even with the route/stops.

What I also like about this agency is that they are very clear from the start even prior to booking, with details all written with each communication they have with me. There is one assigned sales person always which made it easier, but when he was not around, another person would take over quickly and seamlessly. I really appreciated this efficiency especially since we're just communicating over email all this time.

They specialize in this type of trip, so the tour guide is very knowledgeable of the volunteer opportunity itself. She would go with us at every step and served as our translator too in case the staff have difficulty speaking in English. She even knew the names of the panda already and are familiar with the staff there, as she has made several trips already during the year.

The panda reserve staff/mentors were quite nice, contrary to some reviews. Although they couldn't speak English really well, they would make an effort. And since we knew a tiny bit of Mandarin, we also made an effort. I think it's important to establish that relationship with your mentor to make the most out of your experience. They were also young folks who are enthusiastic and maybe sometimes they are shy to talk much because of the language barrier and use gestures more, and thus may appear to be rude to some visitors.

We get to meet and interact with other volunteers there too. We met a charming Australian couple who went there on their own, the husband was spending his 50th birthday there ;-) And we shared experiences too during our break times. There are a number of break times where you can visit other enclosures, we spent most of our time at the panda kindergarten ;-)

The panda volunteer opportunity is in itself a really unforgettable experience but the smooth arrangement and coordination of the tour agency and tour guide, made it extremely pleasant, giving us all the time to focus entirely on enjoying the experience.

For those not familiar with the places to see pandas in Sichuan, there are a couple of them. We did get confused too. Chengdu Panda Research Centre is just 30 minutes outside Chengdu city and it's where most people go to see the pandas. It's a zoo setting and you can't go near a panda. The Bifengxia Panda Reserve is in Yaan City, 2-2.5 hours from Chengdu where the international airport is. Most volunteer programs are here. The place is a lot bigger and the panda enclosures are more natural. You can get up close with them, and feed them, if you're part of the volunteer program. You can also just go to visit. Usually visitors that choose to go here, is visiting the Bifengxia Gorge then just pass by here because it is too far from the Chengdu to go for just that. Sometimes, you see the name Woolong, it's actually where the original and biggest panda reserve was and is up north of Sichuan province prior to the big earthquake. Like in our volunteer IDs, it still says Woolong but we were actually in Bifengxia, where all the pandas were transferred to at this time. Woolong is being renovated and there is a new one which is not yet open to public, so soon there will be 3 panda reserves in Sichuan on top of the panda research centre/zoo in Chengdu City.

Customer: kormensandiego  Update: Dec. 13, 2013 From TripAdvisor

Destination: Chengdu (Panda Volunteer Program)

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I spent 2 weeks on the program and our guides Gladys and Bloggs were both lovely - very helpful and always going out of their way to make the trip memorable. Can't praise them enough! Would fully recommend this trip to anyone wanting to see a glimpse of the real China whilst feeling safe and looked after along the way! :-)

Customer: Siobhan M  Update: Dec. 9, 2013 From TripAdvisor

Destination: Chengdu (Panda Volunteer Program)

Related Tour: Giant Panda Volunteer Tour, 1 Day Chengdu Panda and Leshan Buddha Tour

Our 9 days triangle tour was very well arranged with China Tour Guide.Hotels were nice, food pleasant and guides wonderful. They had a very strong knowledge of their city and their French was just perfect. Guides were always on time and very helpful with any of our request.Service was very professional. We enjoyed every minute of our trip.We had a crush of heart for Xian with its rich history, beautiful city walls , terracotta warriors and small goose pagoda. We want to express of many thanks to Allan who had it planned for us and all of our great guides: Yvey,Fanfan and Miranda.Looking forward to returning very soon.

Customer: minoufou  Update: Dec. 9, 2013 From TripAdvisor

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

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Photos of China Tour Guide, Guangzhou
This photo of China Tour Guide is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Hi Nancy:

Thank you so much for these pictures. Chase had a wonderful time! We appreciate everything that you did.


Customer: Mr. Mertz Update: Dec. 4, 2013 Tour Code: 26408

Destination: Guangzhou

Related Tour: 2 Days Guangzhou Classic Tour

Dear Sara

Kasper and I had a wonderful tour with you and still enjoy our memories from the trip. If we are going again we would certainly book with you.

We loved it all / the food, the accommodations, the tour and especially our wonderful guide!! He was very friendly, helpfully and a lovely person that we will never forget.

And thank you Sara very much for being so service mined and helpful. I would like to share some photos with you :) I have so many pictures of the beautiful sceneries and lovely moments.

We wish you all the best and enjoy everyday to :)

Customer: Ms. Jorgensen Update: Nov. 29, 2013 Tour Code: 10557

Destination: Guilin

Related Tour: 12 Days China Signature, 4 Days Guilin - Yangshuo Picturesque Tour

Dear Nancy,

Thank you very much for your planning trip for us and recommended us a good and responsible guider and driver. We are very satisfy.

Thanks & Regards.

Customer: Ms. Emily Update: Nov. 28, 2013 Tour Code: 23807

Destination: Guangzhou

Related Tour: 3 Days Guangzhou History and Culture Tour


Suki was very personable, helpful, and knowledgeable.

In addition, I would like to make two suggestions.

1) Suki took us into a Tea Shop on the way back to the hotel. At the tea shop, the owner explained to us about different teas (all with Suki translating) including Pureh tea. The owner then went through a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and had us taste different teas. The experience was wonderful. And one of the highlights of our tour. Please consider adding a traditional tea shop and tea ceremony to your literary.

2) On a different day, we visited Li Wan Lake Park. This would be a great place to add to your itineraries. I have included a photo.

Thank you

Customer: Mr. Selikoff Update: Nov. 5, 2013 Tour Code: 26279

Destination: Guangzhou

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Hello dear Sara

I am glad to hear that you made the same trip in Yunnan, than ours.

Yes it is a very beautiful part of China, and we also enjoyed the landscape, the friendly attitude of Yunann people etc…

We are back home since last Friday, a little tired but enthousiastic about the discover of Yunnan.

Most of all, I MUST to express our thanks for the « chinese words » you sent us. This piece of paper has been extremely precious in all parts of our travelling (by bus especially).

Accomodation organized by you went well without any problem. Hotel in Mengsi whas great and « gigantesque »…..a palace ! . Of course the price was higher.

Result of our trip : a charming trip, with charming inhabitants etc…

Thanks again for you help for travelling by bus. Without your translation we would have been in ….very difficult situation !!

I keep you contact in case we, or friends would need your service.

Elisabeth and I we wish you a lot of happiness. With my very best regards .

Customer: Mr. Reynies Update: Oct. 29, 2013 Tour Code: 23625

Destination: Yunnan

Related Tour: 16 Days Amazing Minority & Majestic Scenery Tour

Hi choury,

We had a great time at beijing! It was a great tour with very concerned and accomodating guide.

Wish you could allot longer time for the great wall tour but it was definitely a very good experience.

Will definitely recommend you to friends planning to go to beijing. Or will personally get your service once i go back to china in the future.

Again, thank you so much for the assistance! 'Til the next time.

Customer: Enry Update: Oct. 29, 2013 Tour Code: 25840

Destination: Beijing

Related Tour: 6 Days Beijing Xi'an Essence Tour by High Speed Train

Dear Choury and Billy,

Thank you soooooooooo much for the wonderful planning you have done for us. We have not had any problems with our trip, and we have been so grateful to you both for your kindness to us throughout the tour. We appreciated the messages your sent, and the way you responded so quickly to all the emails and texts.

When we arrived in Shanghai, we were upgraded to an executive suite. That was a real luxury for us, and a big surprise. We have enjoyed looking around this vibrant city and had a lovely meal on our second to last night at a place called M Restaurant on the Bund, with the spectacular views you can see below.

I do hope that we can keep in touch. You seem more like a friend to us than a guide planner! Bruce and I wish you and Billy all the best with your work, and we hope lots of other people get to hear of your thoughtfulness and care of people.

Goodbye for now, and thank you again, dear Choury and Billy. We will be off to New Zealand tomorrow, but will think of you often. This has been an amazing trip.

Customer: The Murrays Update: Oct. 28, 2013 Tour Code: 23536

Destinations: Yangtze River Cruise - Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days Shanghai and Yangtze Cruise Tour

Dear Sara

We enjoyed the trip very much, the guides were very helpful and we saw what we wanted.

I was not expecting such a developed country!! Everything runs as we see in Europe or United states where we were last year.

The train was quite full and a bit noisy because some young people were playing with computer games.

On the flight Xian to Shanghai also a guy was making much noise (not a child) and we spoke with the assistant and she told him to stop and he stopped immediately. It seems that people obey to the authorities, which is not the case in some countries.

Meals were also ok, I enjoyed the vegetables, which I cannot make so good at home. It was very different from what we expected, as chinese food that we eat in Europe, USA or in Mozambique in chinese restaurants, probably because is from another region, from Canton??.

The first days of the holidays, in fact, there was a lot of people in Tiannamen square and Forbidden city, but we managed to see most of the interesting things.

In Xian there was also a lot of people in the warriors place and the traffic was worse than in Beijing, we almost lost our dinner show if the driver was not clever to make some by-passes!!

The museum in Shanghai (in the tour) was wonderfull!!

Chinese people are very nice although some could not speak English!

We then went to Macau which was very nice and we could read everywhere because the official languages are chinese and portuguese!!

Thank you for your arrangements and sorry for my constant emails with questions!!

In future trips it would be good for China Tour Guide to include some items to visit like:
- Beijing metro
- Shanghai high rise buildings, those that can be visited like hotels, etc
- Xian street with the statues - it was a very nice extra tour that we requested the guide and it was worth to be seen!!


Customer: Ms. Vaz Update: Oct. 26, 2013 Tour Code: 21580

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights

Hi Choury!

It's been almost a year and I never had the chance to thank you. I have always thought of you and been wanting to show you how grateful we are for the excellent vacation that you have arranged for me and my husband. You have indeed made my husband's birthday a very memorable one. We celebrated his birthday on the Great Wall! Everyday was really exciting and we enjoyed every single activity! Both our tour guides, Woo in Beijing and Tony in Xian were awesome!

Attached are four of my favorite pictures taken during our China trip. I wish I could send every single photo but we took thousands! Just wanted to show you how very much we enjoyed our visit to China—walking, biking and hiking, you name it! I am sending a photo of me, with a smile, saying thanks so very much!!!

Let's keep in touch!

Customer: Ms. Chel  Update: Oct. 12, 2013 Tour Code: 16962

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruises, 15 Days China Paradise Tour

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for arranging our wonderful 28 day holiday to China in September. The blend of your arrangements and the few customised stops that we added with extra days, worked very well for us. All the agents did a good job and we thank them all.


Customer: Mr. Jones Update: Oct. 9, 2013 Tour Code: 22835

Destinations: Shanghai - Suzhou - Beijing - Datong - Pingyao - Xi'an - Yangtze River Cruise - Guilin - Yangshuo

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruises, 15 Days China Paradise Tour

Cory filled our tour time with shows (excellent seats = "Impression"), history, stories + humor. His English is "American" + very good! We highly recommend Cory.

Zoe was very knowledgeable. She is very warm and friendly and made us very welcome.
Mr. Yuan + Zoe made sure we did everything we wanted and that we were comfortable and secure. Thanks to both of them for making our trip to Xi'an so lovely!
We would recommend Zoe to everyone!

Customer: Ms. EbertUpdate: Oct. 8, 2013 Tour Code: 19742

Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai - Guilin - Hong Kong

Related Tour: 16 days China Odyssey and Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Dear Nancy,

Overall, we had an excellent trip, and we would certainly recommend your company to others. We were met at each airport or coach station as expected, helped to check in to our hotels, and met again the next morning as organised. We found the scenery around the Guilin area and at Huangshan spectacular and were very happy we had included both these areas in our visit to China.

The hotels were all excellent. The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat was outstanding, both for its service and the setting. The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is able to organise activities for English speaking tourists and we used them to arrange an evening watching comorant fishing which worked well.

The seats at the Shanghai Acrobatic show and Westlake Impression that you organised were excellent, thank you. Our guide at Yangshuo recommended we upgrade our seats for Impression Sanjie Liu, which we did and we were happy with the seats. I was left uncertain as to whether the original seats in Yangshuo were of a lower quality than those in Shanghai and Hangzhou. However, the seats we ended up with were good, though slightly farther back than at the other two performances we attended.

The guides were of varying quality. They were all good in that they were willing to be flexible to accommodate our preferences. The first two guides (Ms Xiao in Shanghai and April in Huangshan) both had excellent English, able to understand and make jokes, and/or discuss subtleties of the language. The third guide (Wendy in Hangzhou) had good English. She was easy to understand, and could understand our questions and requests. The fourth guide (Sunny in Guilin) was unable to understand us a lot of the time (even if we tried to explain things several times) and we were often unable to understand her (again, even if she tried to explain something several times). However, we were impressed by Sunny's enthusiasm, friendliness and willingness to keep trying inspite of the difficulties with the communication. April (Huangshan) was the outstanding guide combining excellent English with enthusiasm, and explaining to us what to expect in terms of the weather, walking, carrying, timetables etc.

Regards, and thanks again for helping us with our memorable trip,

Customer: Mr. GriffithsUpdate: Sept. 27, 2013 Tour Code: 21674

Destinations: Shanghai - Huangshan - Hangzhou - Guilin

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruises

Hi Sara,

Thank you very much for your kind email.

Indeed we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to China and came back with very fond and delightful memories of the trip.

We were very impressed with the quality of service provided by China Tour Guide. With military precision your English speaking Tour Guides and private car drivers were aavailable at each and every airport and cruise embark and disembark points, holding our names in their hands. They helped us at the airports by getting us boarding cards and at tourist sites by organising tickets etc.

The Guides spoke good English which helped us understand the cultural, modern and historic significance of the site seen by us. Tony and his driver mate in Xian impressed us the most with their exceptional customer service and assistance and Tony's knowledge and English fluency about Xian.

Victoria Selina Cruise trip was the highlight of our tour and we will never forget that amazing experience of cruising through Yangtzhe river and seeing the masterpiece of engineering architecture called Three Gorges Dam and its five stage ship lock system. Our friends in Sydney are very excited and impressed to know about our trip itinerary and the quality of service provided by you and are tempted to make plans to see China.

I do use facebook, but from privacy point of view do not join public sites. But surely I have your details and will provide to any one who would like to see China through your company. You have my full reference in this regard.

Once again, thank you very much for your great service. I am glad I chose you as my Trip Advisor. It was sure pleasure to deal with you. Well done!


Customer: Ms. KirpalaniUpdate: Sept. 14, 2013Tour Code: 23992

Destinations: Beijing- Xi'an -Yangtze River - Shanghai - Beijing

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruises

Dear Sara,

Thank you for your mails.

Today we start to Shanghai in the evening and we are exiting to see your great country, its towns, people, arts, history and hopefully many wonderful Chinese gardens and landscapes. It will be a very interesting experience to get to know the arising new world.

You had a lot of work with planning and organisation AND conversations/discussions with us during the last months. Therefore I thank you very much for your great support!!! I think your boss should be very satisfied with your work. We are thankful to you.

Now we see forward how everything will work. You get a chinese telephone nnumber from us as soon as we bought a prepaid card. Our son Tilman will be contact with us anyhow and via him you can be in contact even with us.

Kind regards

Customer: Mr. Cristof Update: Sept. 11, 2013Tour Code: 23039

Destinations: Xi'an - Shangri-la - Lijiang - Dali- Guilin

Related Tour: 16 Days Amazing Minority & Majestic Scenery Tour

Hello Choury,

Thanks for everything, the trip was great. I would really like to thank you as you were very attentive and always took care of things very fast.

The accommodations were all good, the locations were great and we enjoyed them all, the only comment was that some of them only had wifi in the lobby and not the rooms which was kind of inconvenient.

The tours were good but we should have taken a few more free days as we felt really rushed in some places and did not get to see as much as we would have liked, but that was more on our part than yours.

Again i would like to thank you for everything, you did a wonderful job of coordinating everything,


Customer: Mr. JohnUpdate: Sept. 8, 2013Tour Code: 24257

Destinations: Beijing- Xi'an - Guilin - Shanghai - Hangzhou - Hongkong

Related Tour: 9 Days Golden Triangle Tour, 12 Days China Signature Tour

Tony Guide and Suen Driver are very professional. Tony's customer service is excellent. He is a very intelligent, knowledgable guide who knows a lot - about history and his profession. Suen Driver is a very helpful and good person. He gave us excellent service.

We recommend Tony and Suen for any tour. They are the best team. Fared and enjoyed travelling with them. Feel very delighted in this trip.

Customer: Mr. KirpalaniUpdate: Sept. 4, 2013 Tour Code: 23992

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer and Cruise

Dear Michelle,

On behalf of Mr. Gost and ourselves, we would like to thank you for the organization of the trip...According to Mr. Gost it all went perfect with also a very nice guide. So, here goes our thank you note...

And we will be in touch for future trips!

King regards,

Customer: Mr. VindelUpdate: Sept. 3, 2013Tour Code: 24578

Destination: Myanmar

Related Tour: 7 Days Myanmar Classic Tour

Hi Sara!

Thank you for everything!  We had a wonderful time in your 'Beautiful China'.  I am sending a few pictures from our stay in Hangzhou and Suzhou.  That's me with Daniel in Hangzhou at the Ling Yin Buddhist Temple site, the Impression West Lake Show:-) and Suzhou photos of Sebastian and me at the beautiful and serene Lingering Garden.  I wish I could have met you during our trip but I feel that I know you.

The coordination and efficiency of China Tour Guide was excellent.  The local guides were prompt and took care of us from start to finish.  We didn't experience any problems with the China Tour Guide travel plans.  Our only problem was with Air China and our luggage.  Our bags were delayed in Beijing and didn't connect with us on our flight to Shanghai.  We had to spend our first 2 days in the same clothes we wore on the flight from NY and we were hot.  Our bags arrived before we left Shanghai so it all turned out okay.

Here are a few comments about the services you provided: Tour guides and drivers were excellent!  All tour guides were very knowledgeable about their locations.  We loved meeting people, our tour guides, from the cities we toured.

Hangzhou--Daniel was exceptional, really smart and sweet.   Restaurant for lunch wasn't very good and we ordered extra food from the menu.  Dinner restaurant was better since we were allowed to order from the menu.   Hotel (West Lake Golden Plaza) was nice but the location was not convenient and took a long time in traffic.  

Suzhou--Mike was extremely knowledgeable and taught us a lot about Suzhou. We had lunch at the silk factory and didn't enjoy the food.  We ate in a separate room and Mike helped us order but the restaurant staff wasn't very friendly or helpful.

The train transportation went smoothly and it was a pleasant experience to ride with local people.  The most important thing is that we visited the main attractions which was the purpose of our trip.  My favorites were the Ling Yin Buddhist Temple park, the Impression West Lake Show and the Lingering Garden.

It's nice to have friends in China now.  I am on facebook and have visited your account.  I added a LIKE and viewed the beautiful photos.  I'm not sure how to add you as a friend on the company account but will try to send you a friend request.  I will definitely recommend your services to my friends who plan to visit China.  

Thank you again!

Customer: Mr. JoannUpdate: Sept. 3, 2013Tour Code: 23098

Destination: Hangzhou - Suzhou

Related Tour: 12 days China Signature, 12 days of Selected Picturesque China Tour

We enjoyed the trip. We have received a very good service from our guide. People of this country very friendly, and we expect to come back in the future

Customer: Mr. AungUpdate: Sept. 2, 2013

Destination: Myanmar

Related Tour: 13 Days Myanmar Exploration Tour

Good things:
- personal tour (not big group)
- friendly guide /driver
- flexible w/ schedule
- English tour guide speaks well
- punctual
- knowledgeable about different sites

Customer: Ms. CunninghamUpdate: Aug. 28, 2013Tour Code: 22730                                                 

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an

Related Tour: 6 Days Beijing Xi'an Essence Tour by High Speed Train

Hi Michelle

Many thanks for all your excellent help and support in planning this – you made life very easy for me to sort this all out in such a short time. I had an amazing time exploring and learning about an incredible country.

The quality of the hotels, food drivers etc was excellent, I felt very looked after all the time.

The guides in Yangon and Inle Lake were superb, very informative, friendly and spoke excellent English

The guide in Bagan was unfortunately not nearly as good – he knew a lot about the temples but struggled with the English language and so communication was not great. There was also a strangely over solicitous approach which made me feel about 80 (which I am not)!

Again thanks for your help and I am hoping to return to both work and travel more in Myanmar so will hopefully be in touch for your help again


Customer: Ms. EndericksUpdate: Aug. 22, 2013Tour Code: 12216

Destination: Myanmar

Related Tour: 7 Days Myanmar Classic Tour

We feel Tony put a lot of effort into making our visit interesting and very enjoyable. Thank you very much.

Customer: The O'BriensUpdate: Aug. 21, 2013Tour Code: 21169

Destination: Shanghai - Xi'an - Beijing

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights

We had some excellent days in Xi'an! Tony and Mr Sun make them perfect! Many thanks.                                            

Customer: Mr. StammbachUpdate: Aug. 19, 2013Tour Code: 23339

Destination: Xi'an

Related Tour: 2 Days Xi'an at a Glance

Excellent Trip .

Enjoyed every moment.

Very good arrangement by our travel Guide Choury. The visit to the ghost city , the five locks in the three Gorges dam, visit to the three Gorges dam, the latest hydro elétrica project in the workd, would say a whlosome treat and a must visit during the China Tour

Customer: Vadakamadam Update: Aug. 8, 2013From TripAdvisor

Destination: Yangtze River Cruise

Related Tour: Yangtze River Cruise, 11 Days China Explorer and Cruise

Dear Choury,

We had an excellent trip. The service in Victoria Grace is inexplicable and will recommend my friends to take the same. Thanks for all the arrangements. Could you similarly arrange a trip to Lhasa. I would prefer to take the train one way. Is it possible to see Manasarovar also. Would plan a trip in September. Thanks once again.


Customer: Ms. KrishUpdate: Aug. 8, 2013Tour Code: 24279

Destination: Chongqing

Related Tour: 2 Days Mountain City Tour, 1 day Essence of Chongqing Tour

Hi Nancy,

I could not thank you enough! I'm in tears while writing this email...

The reason i could not add on the show was the added expense. Please say a big thanks to your Manager and thank you for blessing my family.


Customer: Ms. MiraUpdate: Aug. 6, 2013Tour Code: 24683

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Guilin

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights, 15 days China's Best Treasure

Hello Nancy,

Judy and I would like to sincerely thank you for arranging a very enjoyable holiday for us.

We are safely home and thinking back on the many highlights of our trip to China as well as our time in Russia and Mongolia before we got to China.

This was the biggest trip I had booked for ourselves on the web and I was a little wary for that reason but I need not have worried as all your arrangements worked out well. Thank you also for arranging for our son and his partner to join us in our Shanghai tour.

All our guides were all very helpful and looked after us very well and we had very interesting and enjoyable excursions visiting the great sights of your country.

A special thanks to Arthur who helped us in Beijing when we were not feeling well. He also took photos of us when we forgot our camera and we look forward to receiving them from him as promised. You might like to remind him of our email address. The lunches were generally outstanding, although there may have been a misunderstanding in Guangzhou.

When Allen offered us real Cantonese style food we said yes, expecting it to be in the same standard of restaurants we had experienced in other cities.

Unfortunately we went to very basic restaurants and we struggled with the food chosen for us.

However this did not detract from a really enjoyable holiday.

Thanking you again.


Customer: Mr. JeffUpdate: Aug. 5, 2013Tour Code: 15284

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Yangtze River - Shanghai - Guangzhou

Related Tour: 9 Days Golden Triangle Tour

Hi Nancy,

The trip was fantastic, thank you so much for all of you help. Guides and drivers were all very nice and accommodation was in excellent locations. It would have been helpful to have had flight information prior to travel as the guides never seemed aware of flight details, only pick up times. Some days I was unsure whether it would be a morning or evening flight.

Thanks again

Warm regards

Customer: Ms. JodieUpdate: Aug. 1, 2013Tour Code: 23783

Destinations: Beijing - Shanghai - Xi'an - Lhasa - Chengdu - Guilin - Hongkong

Related Tour: 6 Days Beijing Shanghai Highlights by High-Speed Train , 15 Days China Best Treasure tour

Hello Choury,

Thanks for your note and interest.

Arthur, Chi (driver) and your agency have been very nice with my situation, which i thank all of you from my heart. I have felt much better today and could walk slowly with less pain.

The Tour: so far, very well. Will keep you informed and given what we have received in Beijing, i hope the standards are as good in the rest of the cities. And with people with same concept of hospitality and warmth, too.

Hong Kong:
Helen was very nice as a guide for us in Hong Kong. And good help in organizing other things. The car was the best of all the trip.

In general, we leave with a deep impression of the tour and the company. Everything very well organized, high quanlity, nice people and...

Thank you with all your help with my health condition. I will always appreciate what the team did, which was a step forward on simply a tour.

Angie was very nice, charming and knowledgable, as well as very helpful.

Will keep in touch.

Customer: Ms. AlhachUpdate: Jul. 29, 2013Tour Code: 23374

Destinations: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Shanghai-Suzhou-Shanghai-Hong Kong

Related Tour: 12 Days China Discovery, 9 Days Essential China Tour

Dear Sara,

The trip is going very well and we are very happy. We saw wonderful places. We will make a better report in the next days.

thank you a lot for your organization and assistance.

Customer: Mr. SpinoglioUpdate: Jul. 28, 2013Tour Code: 21820

Destinations: Beijing - Urumqi - Turpan - Dunghuang - Xian - Shanghai

Related Tour: 14 Days Silk Road Adventure

Thank you Nancy,

Our time in Beijing has been very interesting and we have been very impressed with the city and the tours organised.

Hopefully will be better soon and able to enjoy more of your fascinating country.


Customer: Mr. CarrUpdate: Jul. 24, 2013Tour Code: 15284

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai - Guangzhou

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruise, 3 Days Guangzhou History and Culture Tour

Very happy with the hotel. The car used for trips was excellent. The tour guide had excellent English and was very warm and friendly. A very good all round service here!

Customer: Ms. WillsUpdate: Jul. 22, 2013 Tour Code: 23783

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Lhasa - Shigatse - Chengdu - Shanghai

Related Tour: 15 Days China Best Treasure Tour

We would like to thank Nancy from 'China Tour Guide' for the professional job that she has done in organising our 12 day China Discovery tour of China and Hong Kong.

We travelled to many overseas destinations over the years and, with some apprehension, we contacted Nancy from 'China Tour Guide'. This was the first time we had ever booked a holiday online.

We were very impressed by the informative website and attracted to the 'China Discovery tour' because it included most of the 'must see' attractions in China. The quoted price was also very competitive. At the time I was an Australian Expat working in India. Nancy's help was invaluable in helping us obtain Visas for China from a 3rd country. She provided us with a Company Invitation letter and detailed tour itinerary officially stamped.

Paying for the tour was also easily and safely accomplished through Paypal.

Our final concerns disappeared when we were met by our tour guide at Beijing Airport who quickly helped us to the waiting vehicle. We chose the Private Deluxe tour which included 5 star hotels and personal vehicle, driver and guide in each city. The service we received in each city was excellent and the guides were very knowledgeable (one had a college degree in History). When transferred to the airport for the flight to our next destination our guides assisted with checking in and returned with our boarding passes, couldn't have been easier.

Our hotels were perfectly located in the centre of where we needed to be: Beijing was just down the road from Tiananmen Square; Shanghai, we stepped out of the hotel directly onto Nanjing Road, the main shopping area. The others were equally as conveniently located.

I would highly recommend Nancy and the China Tour Guide company to anyone considering a trip to China, they are the BEST.

Customer: PettoA Update: Jul. 21, 2013From TripAdvisor

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai - Guilin - Hong Kong

Related Tour: 12 Days China Discovery

Photos of China Tour Guide, Guangzhou
This photo of China Tour Guide is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Hi, Sara.

Thank you for your email. We had a wonderful time in China and were very pleased with the service we got from your company. We liked the food, accommodation, drivers and tour guides. I also want to say Thank you to you for your very efficient and friendly service.

Thank you kindly,

Customer: Ms. CunninghamUpdate: Jul. 20, 2013Tour Code: 22730

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an

Related Tour: 6 Days Beijing Xian Essence Tour by High Speed Train

Hi, Choury.

Thank you for all your help in making my Yangtze trip possible!

Shennong Stream was incredible with the Tujia people rowing boats and sharing a glimpse of their lives with us visitors. Then the Three Gorges Dam was pretty cool too. The cruise ship was OK – food was so so. But Shennong and Yichang area will be definitely worth visiting again.

Thanks again for all your help.

Customer: Ms. ChoUpdate: Jul. 16, 2013Tour Code: 23926

Destinations: Chongqing - Yangtze River - Yichang

Related Tour: Yangtze Cruise

Dear Nancy.

Thank you. Everything is working out perfect so far. Your guides are very nice and the program fine.

Customer: Ms. BiilUpdate: Jul. 8, 2013Tour Code: 19287

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Kunming - Shanghai                                 

Related Tour: 11 Days China Explorer & Cruise, 3 Days Kunming Essence Tour

Dear Sara,

thank you very much for your organization. We loved the tour and Tony as a tourguide. - He was the perfect guide for us.

The only thing to think about.. the lunch places. - They are easy and convenient to access, but I think you know "secret" places, where they have nicer food. - no worries, we will highly recommend you! Just to share.)

Have a good day and say hello to Tony.

Customer: Ms. SchweighauserUpdate: Jul. 3, 2013Tour Code: 22284

Destination: Xian

Related Tour: 3 Days Essence of Xi'an Tour

Thanks Sara,

We had a great time in China and most that is due to the great work done by you and the great guides and drivers that looked after us. We were fortunate enough to get an upgrade on the ship to the Presidents Suite, which was just fantastic!! The many activities that you recommended and showed us were just great. Thanks again.

If we hear of anyone who is thinking of visiting China we will surely recommend you (and ChinaTourGuide) to them.

Thanks Again

Customer: Mr. HubertUpdate: Jun. 27, 2013Tour Code: 21921

Destinations: Yichang - Yangtze Cruise - Chongqing

Related Tour: Yangtze Cruise

Dear Sara,

Nice to hear from you! I really appreciated your phone call at the hotel. I still don't know what precipitated it, but we were happy to have your help with our disappointing room. [The heat was remedied by installing an additional room key to keep the fan running in our absence.]

At this time, we don't see another trip to China in our future, but we tell everyone what a great time we had both with your agency, your country, and China's advancement in tourism. We are so grateful that your government has made China's long history and beautiful natural treasures available for the enjoyment of the rest of the world. And we have good reports of the wonderful Chinese people we've met.

Tony, our guide in Xian, is commended for meeting our last minute whim that turned out to be the unexpected delight of the visit to the Huaqing Hot Springs show "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow". Wow! I'm glad I wasn't dissuaded when I was told there wasn't enough to do in Xian to warrant a whole week's visit. We mentioned that we would've also liked to see the Xian Bell Tower performance, and even tour inside the China Post.

Thank you again.

Customer: Ms. DananUpdate: Jun. 20, 2013Tour Code: 21314

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an – Guilin - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai

Related Tour: 12 Days China Signature Tour, 9 Days Essential China Tour

Dear Sara,

Just a quick note, now that I am back at work, to thank you for all your help in arranging our transfers and our days outing in Guangzhou – it was truly a memorable visit [although I, personally, do not miss the heat or the humidity!]

You were an excellent guide and helped in our enjoyment of the day both with your lovely personality, your knowledge and your command of English – which made this all so much easier for Sari and I.

Very best regards,

Customer: Ms. CollinsUpdate: Jun. 16, 2013Tour Code: 23201

Destination: Guangzhou

Related Tour: 1 Day Guangzhou Shopping Tour by Subway

Hi billy,

Everything went well for my trip. İ guess the tour guide is good and informative. Overall, it was an exciting trip for me. Thank you for everything.

Customer: Ms. OsmanUpdate: Jun. 11, 2013Tour Code: 22283

Destination: Beijing

Related Tour: Underground Palace, Mutianyu Great Wall & Olympics' Venues Tour

Hi Choury,

Thank you for graciously refunding a portion of the cruise cost into my account. I know that Robert and his wife both enjoyed the trip. Thank you very much for your help along the way!

Customer: Mr. KenUpdate: Jun. 6, 2013Tour Code: 23516

Destination: Guangzhou

Related Tour: Pearl River Night Cruise

We had a lovely stay because our tour guide Sunny. She's very passionate about her work and was very helpful in giving info. THANK YOU!

Customer: Mr. ZeinounUpdate: May 12, 2013Tour Code: 20978

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

Related Tour: 8 Days China Highlights

- Super nice with the kids
- Flexible
- Good knowledge
- A PERFECT guide
- We loved him

Customer: Ms. SchweighauserUpdate: May 8, 2013Tour Code: 22284                                        

Destination: Xi'an

Related Tour: 4 Days Xi'an Funny Family Tour

Hi Nancy,

It was great but Bruce in Hangwhou is the best so far and his english is perfect, he has a lot of knowledge and is a very nice guy and funy. I gave him 10/10. Thank you.

Customer: Mr. DoumaiselleUpdate: Apr. 27, 2013Tour Code: 22281

Destinations: Guilin – Yangshuo – Shanghai – Suzhou – Hangzhou – Beijing – Tibet – Xian - Guangzhou

Related Tour: 12 Days Amazing China Tour , 12 Days of Selected Picturesque China Tour

Hi, Sara.

You have been so patient and kind with our decision making and I totally understand the consequences of a flight delay, immigration hang ups, etc. For that reason, my husband and I will take your advise and decline on leaving the airport enjoying the beautiful new terminal and the business class lounge.

I would love to keep your company in mind for our clients who in the future need independent tours if that is agreeable with you. You are so precise and reliable in communicating and, you have given me ideas on culinary markets and parts of the city for clients to enjoy.

Best regards,

Customer: Ms. UphamUpdate: Apr. 19, 2013Tour Code: 22595

Destination: Shanghai

Related Tour: Shanghai Shop All Day Tour, Shanghai Enchanting Nightlife Tour

Dear Libby!

We are in my house after the China and Vietnam. We were very happy for your help.

After few days i write everithing all China trip. Very nice that time in China. Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,

Customer: Ms. MohrezUpdate: Apr. 15, 2013Tour Code: 20970

Destinations: Beijing – Xian - Chongqing – Yangtze River Cruise – Yichang – Zhangjiajie - Guilin                                 

Related Tour: 4 Days Chongqing and Yangtze River Cruise Tour, 12 Days China Experience Tour

Vicky was wonderful! Very helpful and she was so nice and patient with our daughters. We would recommend her to others without any hesitation. We had a great time!

Customer: Mr. CramerUpdate: Apr. 9, 2013Tour Code: 21710

Destination: Hangzhou

Related Tour: 2 Days 1 Night Classic Hangzhou City Tour


The tour guides and your company a very big thank you for our most memorial vacation. We are currently in MyanMar. and will arrive home on May 6th. We plan to write a more detailed letter to you then expressing our gratitude for our extraordinary Tour of China. Our only regret was not meeting you!

Customer: Mr. BryantUpdate: Apr. 5, 2013

Destinations: Beijing – Xian – Guilin – Yangshuo – Hangzhou - Shanghai

Related Tour: 12 Days China Signature Tour

Hi Nancy,

I'm sure Alan has told you that we went on the tour on Sunday. The tour was very good although I was a little surprise that I was expected to pay for Alan's refreshments and lunch.

I look forward to visiting China again in the future, but next time for a more leisurely visit.


Customer: Ms. ParkerUpdate: Mar. 21, 2013

Destination: Guangzhou

Related Tour: 1 Day Guangzhou Culture Tour , 1 Day Essence Guangzhou Tour

Dear Nancy,

I came back to Thailand already. Have a nice trip in Xi’an, your guide, Mr.Tony is the good , polite, more knowledge for us. We’re happy at Xi’an and hope to come back in October and will go to Luo Yang as his recommend. We’re enjoyable by Mr.Tony and his driver.

Beside, I would like to thank you , Nancy, your arrangement is suitable for us. Next trip in October, we will come back to your service.

Best regards,

Customer: Ms. LeakhakaUpdate: Mar. 20, 2013Tour Code: 21499

Destination: Xi'an

Related Tour: 4 Days Xi'an Funny Family Tour

Dear Allan,

Hope you are well. We had an amazing visit to Beijing! Nancy was an excellent guide and the driver was always timely. We are looking forward to our next trip to the capital, maybe in a couple of years.

In Xi'an we have been greeted by Tony last evening and we're looking forward to see the museum today.

Thank you!

Customer: Ms. GabudeanUpdate: Mar. 7, 2013

Destinations: Beijing – Xi'an

Related Tour: 3 Days 2 Nights Beijing Popular Tour, 3 Days Xi'an Family Tour

Hi Sara,

Thank you for being so gracious. Not only will I contact you for our next trip, I will give your contact information to anyone I know who is planning a trip to China. You have been a wonderful friend and business partner!

All my best wishes and again my sincere thanks,

Customer: Ms. WendlerUpdate: Mar. 2, 2013Tour Code: 20388

Destinations: Chengdu - Tibet

Related Tour: 5 Days Panda Volunteer and Chengdu Highlights Tour, 8 Days Tibet Inspiring Tour to Mt. Everest Base Camp

Hi Libby,

Full trip over all was fine with me, accommodation and food and beverage was also all right.

For Grand Valley i never expect is about 4hrs to completed the Shaoguan Grand Valley journey, very very tired...     

May be in future if I am going to China again, i may contact you again. Thank you so much.

Best Rgds,

Customer: Ms. CynthiaUpdate: Feb. 28, 2013Tour Code: 21349

Destinations: Kaiping - Zhaoqing - Shaoguan - Guangzhou

Related Tour: 2 Days Guangzhou Classic Tour

Hi Nancy,

Just wanna to say thank you very much for your good service...we all really enjoy our trip especially with libby..she very kind and very friendly and really enjoy with her..so sad when we want back to malaysia..hope for the next time we can use your service again and libby is the our choice...send our regards to her with love...thank you.

Regards with love,

Customer: Nety and groupUpdate: Jan. 29, 2013Tour Code: 20691

Destination: Guangzhou

Related Tour: 4 Days Guangzhou Glossy Past and Present Tour

Hi Sara,

Thank you so much for the well organised trip.

The guides and driver in Beijing and Shanghai were the overall best. We think that the Beijing team was nr 1.

Hangzhou: The driver was so so and the guide was the best English speaking of them all but he appeared to be busy with his own business. Comparing with him all other guides paid more attention to us. The food at the tea plantation was excellent, the best.

We really loved Sunny, her driver did a great Job. Only her English was not that good.

Xian: Eric his English was hard to understand, the hotel was terrible, the food at the terracotta warrior complex was below standard.

The most beautiful place for us was Guilin area.

We would surely recommend you organisation, very professional, caring, flexible and thrustworthy.


Customer: Ms. BreinburgUpdate: Jan. 28, 2013Tour Code: 20542

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Hangzhou - Shanghai

Related Tour: 12 Days China Signature Tour

Hi Libby,

We have arrived home this morning tired but very happy to have visited your beauitiful country.

The level of service that was provided by Suky and Choury was excellent ,the drivers where very competant and we were all impressed with their courtesy and kindness, particularly to the older and younger members of our group, i know we were made to feel welcome andvery relaxed the whole time.


Customer: Mr. PeakeUpdate: Jan. 21, 2013 Tour Code: 19309

Destination: Beijing

Related Tour: 5 Days 4 Nights Beijing Family Tour with Mutianyu Great Wall

Dear Nancy,

My visit to Xi'an was great. Except for the pollution - it was terrible.

The guide, driver, accommodations, tour, and food all were as I expected. I have been amazed at China's history for some time and I it a real pleasure of mine to see some of it first hand.

I make trips to China every nine months or so and try to plan a short excursion every time. When I'm back, I will see if you have any other recommendations.

Thanks again for all your help,

Customer: Mr. SharrockUpdate: Jan. 14, 2013Tour Code: 19997

Destination: Xi'an

Related Tour: 2 Days Xi'an at a Glance

Hi Sara,

Marion and I would like to pass on our thanks for the way our city tour was organised and to sincerly thank Allan for the way he looked after us. Allan was able to answer all of our many questions and his pleasant manner ensured that we enjoyed the whole experiance. You can be assured that Allan was a fine ambassador for your company and we would not hesitate to recommend your services to other people who may wish to do the same as we did.

Kind Regards

Customer: Mr. DobsonUpdate: Jan. 5, 2013Tour Code: 17557

Destination: Guangzhou

Related Tour: 1 Day Guangzhou Shopping Tour by Subway

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