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Shazhou Night Market

Shazhou Night Market is the largest night market in Dunhuang, popular with tourists from all over the world, which is a wonderful place both to eat and to socialize. Dunhuang used to be called Shazhou. The market is divided into five zones - food & snacks, art crafts, Sanbaotai teahouses, agricultural products and souvenirs, which form a bustling night picture with unique folk customs.

Shazhou Night Market Shazhou Night Market
Night View of Shazhou Night Market Entrance of Shazhou Night Market

Both sides of Shazhou Night Market are lined with stalls of snacks, fruits, souvenirs, etc. Korean noodles, dumplings, claypot, Roujiamo (Chinese hamburger), apricot juice and other snacks are must-taste in the market. Clothing, footwear, textiles and furniture can be seen in it. As an evening-only open-air seating area, Shazhou Night Market also contains singing, music bands, which can enrich your nightlife in Dunhuang

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