Labrang Monastery

As one of the richest collections of Buddhist scriptures in the world, Labrang Monastery, located in southwestern Gansu province, with coverage of over 86 hectares and about 3.5 kilometers in circumference, is one of the great six Gelukpa sect monasteries. Constructed in 1709 by Ngawang Tsondru, Labrang Monastery houses a rich collection of Buddhist scriptures, about 65,000 of them in 18,200 volumes in various categories, including philosophy, collected works, medicine, sabda, history, biography and craftsmanship. There are also two volumes of Pattra-leaf sutras, and some 70,000 wood blocks for printing scriptures.

Labrang Monastery Labrang Monastery
Pray Wheels in Labrang Monastery Monks are Practicing Tibetan Long Horn

Standing at the strategic intersection of four major Asian cultures - Tibetan, Mongolian, Han Chinese, and Chinese Muslim, Labrang Monastery has six Buddhist institutes (the Institute of Esoteric Buddhism, Higher and Lower Institutes of Theology, the Institute of Medicine, Institute of Astrology and Institute of Law), regarded as one of the largest Buddhist monastic universities.

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