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Qiaowan Ancient City

Located in the north of Anxi County of Jiuquan city, Qiaowan Ancient City is one of the most important hubs in Silk Road, east to Jiayuguan, South to Qilian Mountain, North to Mongolia and West to Xinjing province. This ancient city was built along the winding Shule River, hence got the name.

Founded in 1732, and abandoned in 1862 because of Muslim riot, the remaining Qiaowan Ancient City houses some old building ruins, about 320 meters from east to west, and 122 meters from south to north. The loess wall is in a relatively complete state of preservation, about 5 to 8 meters high. There are some remains of the battlement, city tower at the south and north city gates, corner mounds at the four corner, the relics of temples, etc.

Qiaowan Ancient City Qiaowan Ancient City
Qiaowan Ancient City Fresco in Qiaowan Museum

Nowadays, tourists can take a break in Qiaowan Ancient City, catch a glimpse of the historical heritages and have a taste of fruits and melons in the way from Dunhuang to Jiayuguan. There is a museum in Qiaowan Ancient City, exhibiting a variety of specimens of the wild animals in Gobi desert, mummies and over 80 cultural relics, such asthe precious replicas of ivory Buddha.

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