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Yadan National Geological Park | Dunhuang Ghost City

Yadan National Geological Park, also called Ghost City, is one of the natural wonders, located 180km northwest away from in Dunhuang of Gansu Province, regarded as the largest Yadan landform discovered so far with a spectacular geological landscape and entertainment value.

As a rare natural sculpture museum of Yadan landform with hard and pale-red soil, Yadan National Geological Park features the unique and wonderful scenes and landscapes of Gobi Desert, which is very attractive against the blue sky and white clouds. Entering the Yadan National Geology Park and meeting wind, you can hear the spooky sound. The whole layout is like a medieval castle. Taken shape by the long-term erosion and constitution with ridges and grooves, it houses many marvelous miniature views resembling the world-famous architectures, such as Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Potala Palace in Tibet, Arabian mosque, Pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, the relics of ancient Roman, the beacon towers, etc., plus vivid walls, streets, squares and statues.

Dunhuang Yadan National Geological Park Dunhuang Yadan National Geological Park
Yadan Landform Unique Minature in Yadan Geological Park

In Yadan National Geological Park, you can enjoy a colorful world in different time. The whole vast city looks golden and grand in the morning, while shadows spread separately like smoke and fog. At dusk, the great sun sets down with cool wind and sky brilliant, which gives you a wonderful enjoyment.

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