Jiayuguan Pass

As one of the grandest ancient passes on Silk Road, Jiayuguan Pass, situated in the middle of Hexi Corridor (west of Yellow River and between Qilian Mountain and Mount North Mountain) in JIayuguan city, is an important fortification on the western section of the Great Wall, whose defense system consists of passes, ramparts and beacon towers. With a reputation as "First and Greatest Pass under Heaven" for its strategic command position and grand presence, Jiayuguan Pass is the most intact and the largest surviving ancient military castle, even though it has lost its defensive function and military significance.

Lying between two mountains which form a good defense against any would-be attackers, Jiayuguan Pass houses a long history of over 2,000 years and the vital hub of the ancient Silk Road that connected China with the West on culture and economy.

Jiayuguan Pass Jiayuguan Pass
Jiayuguan Pass Faces Qilian Snow Mountain Jiayuguan Pass in Sunlight

Due to the long time of disrepair, weathering and erosion, Jiayuguan Pass has shown varying degrees of foundation subsidence, wall cracking, paint stripping and other minor forms of damage. But it still remains a loyal and tough solder standing on the Gobi desert; travelers will be impressed by its grand presence and primitive simplicity when standing on the gate tower and looking around, which is decorated by the huge square bricks, crenels and square beacon towers, along with the dragon-like Overhanging Great Wall flickering in the boundless sea of sand and the waving mountains. If the weather is good and sunny, you may encounter the spectacular mirages and landscapes in border regions. Ancient charm and historical splendor give Jiayuguan Pass a sense of historical importance; it connects history with the present, and attracts numerous the worldwhile tourists to ponder and lament.

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