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Tombs of Wei and Jin Dynasties | Wei-Jin Art Gallery

Famous for the largest subterranean art gallery in the world, Tombs of Wei and Jin Dynasties houses many colorful murals. Located in 20km northeast of Jiayuguan city, it has attracted tourists from all over the world since 1972 when it was originally excavated.

With amazing engineering & layout design, every Wei-Jin tomb has two or three chambers, housing exquisite murals which tell of the master and mistresses, a contemporary carefree life, and the servant's hard working lifestyle. Others reflect the political, cultural, military, and scientific development of the Wei and Jin Dynasty age...an insight into this ancient Chinese feudal society. The chambers are connected by corridors paved with tiles in various flower patterns and other designs. The corridors and caves of the tombs are full of interesting sights: the gateway into the tombs were decorated with delicate patterns artistic lines symbolizing clouds, water, fire, gods and unique style strange animals of the past.etc.

Tombs of Wei and Jin Dynasties Tombs of Wei and Jin Dynasties
Murals in Wei and Jin Dynasty Tombs Murals on the brick wall in Wei-Jin Art Gallery

The sights have become a valuable reference for historical study of ideology, art, and music of Jin and Wei Dynasties and how it relates to cultures that followed.

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