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White Horse Pagoda

Located in the south of Dunhuang city, White Horse Pagoda was built in 386 AD to commemorate a white horse of kumorajivam, a revered monk and translator who carried Buddhist scriptures from Kucha to Dunhuang in China. Since it has been repaired all the time, n the Daoguang era (1821-1851) and again in 1992, White Horse Pagoda is well-preserved and keeps its original beauty, considered as one of the best attractions in Dunhuang.

White Horse Pagoda White Horse Pagoda
White Horse Pagoda White Horse Pagoda in Sunset

As an important sight in the Silk Road, White Horse Pagoda consists of 9 floors, about 12 meters (39 feet) high and 7 meters (23 feet) in diameter. Its exterior is made of adobe bricks, full of grass and mud mixed with lime. The base is in the form of an eight-spoked wheel, the 1st level has four sides, while levels 2 to 4 have folding corners, the 5th level is decorated with upturned lotuses, the 6th is in the shape of an overturned bowl, the 7th level is wheel-shaped, while the 8th level has a hexagonal plate at the top of the pagoda with big wind-bells hanging on every corner. Above that are three metal balls surmounted by a trident. It is said that the chime of the bells is an echo of the neighing of the horse.

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