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  • Thanks for arranging our wonderful 28 day holiday to China in September. The blend of your arrangements and the few customised stops that we added with extra days, worked very well for us. All the agents did a good job and we thank them all.
    -- From Mr. Jones, Oct. 9, 2013
  • Indeed we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to China and came back with very fond and delightful memories of the trip. We were very impressed with the quality of service provided by China Tour Guide. With military precision your English speaking Tour Guides and private car drivers were aavailable at each and every airport and cruise embark and disembark points, holding our names in their hands. They helped us at the airports by getting us boarding cards and at tourist sites by organising tickets etc.
    -- From Ms. Kirpalani, Sept. 14, 2013
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Yunnan Attractions

Gorgeous landscape as well as cultural relics in Yunnan is definitely worth visiting. Kunming is also known as "Spring City." Pleasant weather is the norm at all times of the year. In this city you can take a stroll along the Green Lake Park, visit the nearby Yuantong Temple or go to Bird-Flower Market for some good shopping. Field trips to nearby sites of interest go to the Stone Forest, Western Hills, and Bamboo Temple. Dianchi Lake also offers some different activities you can enjoy.

Lijiang Old Town should be on the top of you travel schedule. When night falls, you can enjoy the Naxi ancient music. Spend whole day on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which include Yak Meadow and Cloud Fir Meadow. On the following day, rent a bicycle in order to visit fascinating sights all together. If you have enough energy and willpower, hiking along the Tiger Leaping Gorge would be more challenging.

Shangri-La (Zhongdian) is home to remote thrilling scenery, Tibetan monasteries and the starting point of the Tibetan world. Its utopian world has got everyone from backpackers to tour groups interested in visiting. Pudacuo National Park, which consists of many scattered lakes, should visit first when you arrive upon Shangri-La. Then majestic Songzanlin Monastery and Dukezong Old Town are on your radar. Take a rest in local Tibetan house and drink buttered tea are awesome. If time permits, Baishuitai Terrace are worth your touring. Be sure to check out more of the local flavor of Kunming in our "Tour in Depth" section.

Top Attractions in Kunming

Kaili Museum
Stone Forest
-- Must see attraction for    Kunming tour
-- Stunning natural stone    masterpieces
Jidao Miao Village Women
Western Hills and Dragon Gate
-- Famous for spectacular   view & remarkable stone   carved architectures
Qingman Miao Village
Dianchi Lake
-- Reputed as the "Pearl of the Plateau"
-- Great place to relax and get close to nature
Qingman Miao Village
Green Lake Park
-- Known as "Jade in Kunming"
-- Top leisure and recreation urban park
Qingman Miao Village
Yunnan Ethnic Village
-- A microcosm of Yunnan's diverse ethnic culture
-- Architectural arts, live performance & local food park

Top Attractions in Dali

Dali Ancient Town
Dali Ancient Town
-- Backpackers' haven
-- Must see attraction in    Dali
Three Pagodas
Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple
-- One of the tallest pagodas ever built in China
-- Must see attraction in Dali
Cangshan Mountain
Cangshan Mountain
-- Rich and diverse flora
-- Interesting clouds
Erhai Lake
Erhai Lake
-- Enjoy riding a boat out on the water

Top Attractions in Lijiang

Biasha Miao village
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
-- Paradise for photograph
-- Must see attraction in Lijiang
Tangan Dong Village
Lijiang Old Town
-- UNESCO World Heritage
-- Must see attraction in Lijiang
Drum Tower of Dong Minority
Tiger Leaping Gorge
-- Beautiful landscape and    yak  
-- See the glaciers
Drum Tower of Dong Minority
Mu's residence
-- Experience the Naxi architecture
Drum Tower of Dong Minority
Yak Meadow
-- Symbol of the Dong    minority
-- Societal center of Dong    village
Drum Tower of Dong Minority
Baisha Mural Paintings
-- Reflect the different religious cultures

Top Attractions in Shangri-La (Zhongdian)

Huangguoshu Waterfall
Bita Lake
-- Wetland Park
-- Must see attractions in    Shangri-La
Dragon Palace Cave
Shudu Lake
-- Wetland Park
-- Paradise for photograph
Tunpu Villages
Songzanlin Monastery
-- Most important Tibetan monastery in Yunnan
-- Holy place for pilgrims
Di opera masks
Baishuitai Terrace
-- Natural Wonder
-- One of the biggest such    terraces in China
Di opera masks
Pudacuo National Park
-- Natural Reserve Area
Di opera masks
Dukezong Old Town
-- 1300-year-old Tibetan old town
-- White stone city

Tour in Depth

In addition to those must-see attractions on most of the tour itineraries, there are many other local activities or culture highlights that can provide a fun and educational cultural flair to your trip. Tell us if you have interest on these activities.

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